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Jan 20, 2006 - Recife and beyond

Well, how about that Well, how about that--I sent out 6 photos with my last message and it doesn't look as tho they got to you. I don't have my camera with me, I shall try again the next dispatch. Did I tell you that we were suppose to go to Natal, Brazil, but we had to pass it up because the harbor was too shallow for the ship. So o o, no report on Natal. In Recife we got a free tour--You know what Great-Grandma Hulac used to say: "for free, take; for pay forget." And remember you get what you pay for. Our travel agent is a fellow of an...

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Jan 4, 2006 - recife

This entry was writen by janet...dez's (aka Bob) sister We were 1 more day on the river and 2 days at sea before reaching Recife, Brazil. It is called the Venice of Brazil because of some waterways with bridges and quite a few baroque churches. Really, there is no comparison. We were only allowed on shore for about 6 hours. Our group split up. Mom, Dad, Pam & I took a taxi ride to O Linda (Oh, beautiful), the neighboring city, that is about 4 miles away. I would have liked to spend more time walking around this charming city. The...

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Nov 16, 2005 - Recife, Brazil

Our ship's captain gets an A+ for punctuality. After steaming along for three days we arrived in the New World at 7am just as promised. The Recife harbor is very shallow and we will not be able to leave again until high tide at 11pm. If you've never heard of this city of 1.5 million, well neither had we. Although tourism is a major money maker, you can't take a plane from the US directly here. Instead, sun seekers from northern Europe, primarily Finland and Portugal, come here to enjoy the lovely beaches and soak up the sun ten degrees...

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Sep 9, 2005 - Olinda... don't come here!

Hi all, Hope everyone in London is well. We've made a bit of a mistake. We were so excited to get to Rio that we thought we'd head there early stopping off along the way at a little town called Olinda. Olinda is suppose to be there cultural capital of the north and is suppose to house a convent full of nuns! (very exciting as nuns are an endangered species!) However, the convent nuns appear to be hiding and the culture appears to be closed. The town's quaint little historic centre is pretty much deserted and there appears to be nothing to...

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Feb 3, 2005 - Olinda & Recife for Carnival 2005

We were somewhat nervous before we arrived at our hostel, Pousada d´Olinda, as to confirm our reservation we´d had to transfer cash into a spanish bank account. We´d reserved an aircon double room for the carnival period and we knew from previous experience the room could be on either side of the acceptable scale. Luckily for us the owners, an Algerian family, had everything organised and the room turned out to be our means of escaping the heat and intensity of the non-stop party. With a pool opened 24-7 and a huge breakfast available we...

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Jan 27, 2005 - Olinda, Brazil

in 2 words: VERY HOT! its about 40 degrees here everyday, and the humidity is about 70%. we need to take a shower every 3 hours! for now we didn´t find an apartment. the only places we saw were realy crappy houses (JIFA), and we want a good place. for now we are in a realy nice hotel, with a pool and airconditioning and everything. the problem is that it´s expensive. we pay 33 reals for night (about 10 dollars), and we don´t have a kitchen - so we have to eat out (the food here is more expensive than argentina - but better. we went to an...

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Jan 18, 2005 - Brazil - Recife

A quick whiz through the large city of Recife - probably the most memorable part was Dod´s impression of a chicken when ordering lunch - (portugese seems more like Basque Spanish) - but still no excuse for such outrageous behaviour! Still could be worse at least chicken turned up and not the men with white coats!!! We went to the shops which were in the cells of the old jail... very strange! The beach was amazing but unfortunately Dodley´s latest incident is going to cause problems with carrying the rucksacks (see photo!).

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