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Jan 18, 2010 - Belem

Ok, so as it can well be imagined, we were ecstatic to be done with the ferry boat down the Amazon trip. The first thing we did was get ripped off by the nearest taxi driver, in order to arrive at Belém´s very own hostel international, which was recommended by our trusty Lonely Planet guide book. What a disappointment! We thought it could only get better with a rise in price, however this was not the case. You got a bedroom with no bathroom with two beds in it covered with a sheet and that was about it. It did have air conditioning though,...

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Feb 23, 2008 - Belem, Brazil

2/23 – 2/24 After another day of sailing we reached the city of Belem, Brazil. Belem is not located on the Atlantic Ocean, instead it is on the Rio Tocatins (a river) that empties into the Amazon basin. We actually docked at a small fishing village called Icoaracy. The ship provided a bus to take us into Belem (about an hour trip) but we decided to just walk around the village and then spend the rest of the day relaxing on board our ship.

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Nov 24, 2007 - Belem, which we wanted to leave sooner!!

Belem is not a pretty city! But, since we had to stay the weekend while we waited for our boat, we visited the city's three forest parks, which were lovely (apart from the big cats in cages). We especially loved seeing the (very slowly!) free-roaming sloths in the trees, and the many varieties of birds, hummingbirds and butterflies.

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Mar 19, 2007 - Belem, Brazil

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007. BELEM, BRAZIL. I caught a one hour flight to Belem from Sao Luis mid-day today. (Jeff has remained behind in Sao Luis with a Brazilian friend and will catch up with me). The one-way fare on GOL Airlines was R$118 ($56), which isn't much more than the 12-hour bus ride for about R$100. Given the long distances and competitive pricing of Brazilian airlines, it makes sense to consider flying when travelling within Brazil. At the moment, GOL Airlines doesn't permit you to purchase your ticket online without a Brazilian...

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Jun 20, 2006 - Santarem-Belem

El ultimo barco! 2 dias mas! No esta tan mal, pero ya 9 dias en total en estos barcos cansa un poco. Esta vez fue simpatico, porque eramos como 9 mochileros., todos de diferentes partes, y a varios ya los conocia de antes. Vimos el partido de Brasil en el barco, los brasileros estan locos. Durante los partidos todo el pais para, nadie se mueve, 180 millones de personas paradas......el PBI mundial debe bajar un par de puntos durante cada partido!......Como era de esperarse, el barco no salió hasta que no acabó el partido, aun cuando ya...

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Mar 14, 2006 - Belém

I was happy someone finally robbed me. I could even feel the guy's hand reaching into my pocket to takeout the money, and still I did nothing. The woman on the bus was yelling, making big scene about it too. That guy just stuck his hand in that gringo's pocket and took his money! Did you see that! Hey, he took your money! Shhh, quite, lady, Brazil is supposed to be dangerous, I need this experience. At the ver-o-peso market in Belém a person can find just about anything he could imagine. Exotic fruits, cheap clothing, colorful hammocks,...

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Sam Guevara '05-'06

Apr 2, 2005 - Brasil - Belem

We had a hell of a night journey which should of taken 12 hours and actually took 16 hours. The road was bumpy all the way (no sleep) and someone threw up three seats behind us and their sick made it's way forward to under our seats...... oh and it was freezing cold as the a/c must have been set to 10 degrees !!!! We had reserved a hotel in advance, hotel Unidos. It was fine and had a tv with english channels, what a luxury ! We had a walk around town but everything was shut and we were told it was all shut until Monday. We had some food...

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