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Feb 10, 2007 - Pantanal

¨Swamp¨ is not exactly the most glamourous of words in the English language. As a verb it means to overwhelm with something unwanted. As a noun it conjures up images of unpassable terrain in which gangsters dump bodies, a huge pond inhabited by mutant creatures that feast on human flesh. Although not technically a swamp, the Pantanal, as the world's biggest wetland area, certainly shares some of the main characteristics of one. It's wet, muddy and full of nature's nasties - alligators, anacondas and all manner of flying, biting and...

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Dec 23, 2005 - Pantanel

'There are very few places on earth where it is so easy to see so much wildlife as in the Pantene, which occupies an arguably unique ecological niche as an unparalleled biogenetic reservoir. An open swampland larger than France, extending deep into the states of Mato Grosso and Mate Grosso del Sul. It is the biggest inland swamp in the world, covering some 200,000km² of upper Rio Paraguai basin. It acts as an immense sponge, seasonally absorbing the swollen waters of 3 large rivers - the Paraguai, Taquari and Guiaba.' All that said, the...

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