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Nov 4, 2017 - Corumba

Wen we got to Corumba the first thing we saw was a pool with massive water slide that went round and round and we swam and swam for ages. Then in the afternoon we went to the museum the museum was about the old war in the pantanal. Just before Dinner we stopped before dinner to have a cool drink but it got to late so we just had dinner. we woke up in the morning there was more time to swim after swimming we went to a big statue of Jesus on a hill and looked at the view. After that we drove to Bonito

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Feb 23, 2013 - Checkpoint #1 - Corumba

This post is just a checkpoint so that our map will show where we've been. Apparently you can't have multiple map points in an entry. Through our travels we've realized Canadians are just about the friendliest and most polite people you can hope to meet. Here's a joke we've been telling when we meet fellow Canucks. How do you make a Canadian apologize? Step on his foot! Sorry for the fake entry, the next one will have Corumba and Santa Cruz included :)

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Aug 28, 2012 - Corumba

Final day in Brazil. it is well and truely time to get out of here while we can still button our pants over our boldging bellies. We were hoping for a big night for our final night here but Corumba had other options so we had a couple of beers and a pizza and called it a night. Caught bus to boarder and lined up for about three hours. just scrapped in before they closed for a three hour lunch. hooked up with a couple of germans, grabbed a taxi and headed into boliva, to Quajjaro to be precise. whats there....fuck all. bought a train...

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Feb 23, 2010 - Corumba, Brasil

After our bus ride through the Pantanal, we arrived at the border town of Corumba. We decided to stay there since it was late in the day instead of crossing into Bolivia to stay overnight. Big mistake. I saw a hotel near the bus terminal that looked OK and since they were cabs to take us to the border the next day, it seemed ideal. We checked in without looking at the room, second mistake. I never thought I´d say that the worst hotel we would stay in would be in Brasil, but this was definitely it. The manager showed us the room, which was...

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Dec 5, 2005 - Corumba

Departure from Santa Cruz airport was a bit of a challenge. Check in only progressed after our guides took the initiative and it turned out that we did not go through the national gate as indicated, since we were on an internal flight, but through the international gate, it was however a flight that went on to Sao Paulo in Brazil. Only when the internal flight from our gate had left we were guided through a maze of corridors from the international part back to the national part. The officials at Porto Suarez had their own scam in operation....

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Oct 14, 2005 - Corumba/Pantanal

Oct 10: After a surprisingly restful 14hr train ride, we arrived this morning in Puerto Suarez, on the border between Bolivia and Brazil. It is 0900 and already hot and sticky. We jump into three cabs to the actual border crossing, where we then walk across into Brazil, and change our bolivianos for reals on the street- best exchange deal, apparently! Then it's another minibus for the three hour trip into the Panatanal, the largest inland swamp in the world...larger than France! It is considered to be the best area of it's kind for viewing...

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Dec 4, 2004 - Poopoo in the Pantanal

Hi All, We just hadn't had enough of the wilderness, so after our Sojourn in Santa Cruz, we headed right back out to the life of few showers and wild animals. The Pantanal is an area 5 times the size of France. We did however manage to meet a lovely French couple there. We had a great time. We stayed on a farm with cows, horses, and chickens. All the palm trees were full of parrots and I found a pair of hyacinth macaws (very rare) while running by one tree. I accidentally scared them out while going to see an armadillo. We also saw a...

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