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Aug 21, 2005 - Swimming with the Fishes

We had planned to spend Sunday travelling over to Sao Paulo but we didn't hear great reports about it and Pete found a little place in the Lonely Planet called Bonito that sounded pretty cool. Max and the Aussie guy confirmed that it really was worth a visit so we decided to change our plans - that's the nice thing about travelling by ourselves - we have the flexibility to change our plans and learn from other people's experiences. The only problem was Max then remembered that buses didn't go from Corumba, past the Pantanal, to Bonito on...

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Feb 25, 2005 - Bonito - the Eco-Tourism part of our trip!

Hello guys, I`m just back-tracking slightly to update you on our time in Bonito - i`ve figured out this map manager thing on the website and to be able to plot each location I need to write it as a separate entry each time! So, Bonito was where we did our canopy walk on top of the trees. I was hoping to be able to upload the photos from it on here today but the computer doesn`t have a CD drive! I haven`t even seen the photos they took myself!! Anyway, the canopy walk was fantastic but so scary!!! I hope the photos show the scale of it all....

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Dec 6, 2004 - Bonito. Okay something just flew out of my keyboard. Ew.

Hi All, we're in Igaucu Falls, Brazil and came here from a lovely town called Bonito. Bonito is a Brazilian resort town. The town is tiny, but the big draw is the natural rivers and pools around the area. They're formed by calcium deposits so the water is really clear and you can see all the fish and stuff in them. There's really no way to describe it, but it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and by far my favorite place we have visited thus far. It's like I would imagine a tropical paradise of streams and little...

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Jun 27, 2004 - Bonito, the eco-tourism capital of Brazil

We arrived in Bonito yesterday. It was quite a journey to get here, since we had to fly to Campo Grande from Cuiabá, then take a 5.5 hr bus ride to Bonito from Campo Grande. It is a short stay too, because tomorrow we go back to Campo Grande to fly to Foz do Igaçu at the border with Argentina. Bonito was not originally part of our plans for Brazil, but during the weekend before Ted left for Brazil, we came across a newspaper article about Bonito and decided we had to fit it in. Bonito is becomming known as the "eco-tourism capital of...

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