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Feb 19, 2007 - Dirty, greasy and happy!

Yeah!!!! Our first true expedition is complete! Now sitting in a small, hot and dirty internet cafe in Puerto Quijarro (our first Bolivian stop) waiting to get the hell out of here on the night train to Santa Cruz! The last few days have been fantastic! After stopping in Bonito and spending the day at a "natural pool" in Bonito we were pumped for the wetland area of the Pantanal! The Pantanal is the worlds largest wetland and houses tons and tons of animals! We took a four hour transfer to the a bus stop in the middle of no-where and were...

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Mar 24, 2006 - Journey into the Pantanal - Part II

The next day, I woke just after sunrise and joined Joel and a few other travelers for breakfast in his shady backyard. As elsewhere in Brazil, breakfast consisted of fresh papaya, bananas, watermelon, rolls and hot coffee with milk. I met Mohammed, from Morocco, and Ingo, a German traveler who would join me on this four-day trek. While we ate, Joel played guitar, as chickens scampered about the yard. A large turkey also joined in the song/gobbling at one point, adding bit of improvisation (or perhaps critique of Joel's singing). We were off...

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Mar 23, 2006 - Journey into the Pantanal

I had dreamed about visiting the Pantanal ever since I first heard about this ecological gem in the central west of Brazil. The word "pantanal," which literally means "swamp," doesn't do justice the region's outstanding biodiversity (in fact, thinking of it as a swamp is about as mistaken as calling Australia a desert). In actuality, the Pantanal is a vast alluvial plain, with elements of marsh, savannah, rain forest, meadow and even caatinga (semiarid land with scrub - including cacti). Inside its 230,000 square kilometers, the Pantanal...

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Sep 25, 2005 - Chapada Dos Guimaráes

We hired a taxi for the day to see the sights of the National Park of Chapada Dos Guimaraes', about 1 hour bus journey from Cuiaba. Our first stop was described in our guide book as the 'Stupendous Mirante de Geodesia' Unfortunately were were unable to see the stupendous views and the view back to Cuiaba due to the cloud. However, we did see some macaws and also the geographical centre point of South America! We next drove along a dirt road, stopping to admire 2 owls which were next to their burrow on the side of the road. Our destination...

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Sep 21, 2005 - Pantanal - Day 1

We left Cuiaba in the morning and our guide/driver Ailton drove us to Libramento, a small town, for a delicious breakfast of fresh bread and cheese. We then drove further to Pocone, the start of the Transpantaneria Road. The road is a dirt track and an amazing amount of wildlife was seen from inside the bus, Birds seen on the drive from Pocone to our first night's accommodation at Fazenda Rio Clarinho (meaning clear water river, but if you saw the river you would be concerned about who named it!): (To be Typed up) In terms of wildlife, from...

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Jul 31, 2005 - A long day travelling from Santa Rosa to Peurto Velho, Brazil

Instead of going back to Rurrenabaque then back on the same road (taking 8 hours in total), we left the tour at a dusty town called Santa Rosa, just outside the Pampas. We said goodbye to everyone and I gave anti-British a piece of my mind. I won't be missing him. 99% of the time you meet the most amazing people while travelling, but there is always a black sheep in the pack. We were told there is 1 bus a day that never leaves at a particular time. When we got to Santa Rosa, however, there was one already waiting - but it was full. We tried...

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Gemma's RTW trip

Sep 8, 2004 - Pantanal, Brazil

Decided to do a 3night / 4day Pantanal Tour with "Cuatro Cantos Farm" (cost 90USD each) PANTANAL is an amazing place. Its basically a huge open swampland in South Brazil which is bigger than France in size !!, it covers 230,000 sq km. In wet season over half of it is flooded. We went in dry season which means better chance of seeing animals. Only 4 of us; Marc the Frenchman who actually seems more English than French (lived in England for years) and Mark who is definitely English. Had a fantastic 4 days. Drive through the Pantanal swamps in...

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Jun 20, 2004 - Cuiába and Chapada

From Manaus, we flew to the city of Cuiabá, population 800,000 and the capital of Mato Grosso. It is known as the hottest city in Brazil (over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer), but is not too bad now that it is winter. Actually, the drier air made it a relief compared to the Amazon. We stayed at the EcoVerde Pousada, which is run by Joel Souza out of his family's house. Joel also organizes tours to the Pantanal (the largest wetland in the world), and is highly recommended by several guidebooks, which is why we chose to stay there. The...

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