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Aug 7, 2005 - Slow boat through the Amazon, Brazil

After taking sometime trying to get a good price we eventually got a ticket for 60 reals - about 10 pounds! This includes all your food and drinking water so we were very pleased. We got on the boat which had 3 levels. The bottom level was for the cargo (onions), the second was for our hammocks and toilets (only 2) and the top was an open deck with bar and TV! The boat departed about 4 hours late, but we didn't mind as it was interesting watching them load up all the other boats. There were only about 60 people (predominatley men) on the...

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Gemma's RTW trip

Jun 20, 2005 - Manaus, Brazilian Amazon

All around, our time spent deep in the heart of the Amazon will forever remain unforgetable (for all the good times and the bad). We stayed 5 days in the jungle and 2 actually in the Amazon port city of Manaus. Manaus is a kind of jungle made up of crumbling concrete, metal, wires, cars, boats and people. It is unlike any other city we have ever visited. Somehow, even in the middle of down town, we did get the sense that we were in the middle of a jungle, isolated from the rest of the world. Manaus is the largest city in the Amazon with...

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Jun 19, 2005 - Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve

Liebe Freunde, Inzwischen bin ich zurueck aus dem "Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve", dem zweitgroessten Reserve in Peru und dem Amazonasgebiet. Die Wahl der Gegend und die Aufenthaltsdauer hat sich im Nachhinein als goldrichtig erwiesen. Einige Zeit sah es danach aus, als ob ich der Einzige waere der diese Tour mitmacht, doch Neil (ein Australier) und Drew (ein US-Amerikaner) konnten ebenfalls dafuer begeistert werden. So machte sich ein Grueppchen von 3 "Gringos" und unseren zwei Guides, Orlando und Moses auf den Weg. Nach einer Nacht auf...

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May 1, 2005 - Manaus to see the "Meeting of the waters"

Day 6 Had a day here before flying back to Rio at 3am, so caught a boat out to see the meeting of the waters. This is what happens when the dense Rio Solimoes meets the black water of the Rio Negro. The 2 rivers flow side by side for miles and miles without mingling. As well as density the non-mixing is also due to a temperature differential of 6 degrees (the black water being 28 and the muddy water 22 deg celcius) Not alot else to report on Manaus, except for the stunning opera house where we spent the evening watching a fabulous dance...

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Apr 10, 2005 - Jungle adventures and Lake Titicaca

Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon is a remote area which took a full days drive (on narrow, windy roads) and a full day boat trip in a motor boat (one which was not working very well) to get to the lodge in the jungle. We travelled on two rivers, which were flooded and full of floating logs. This was rather scary once it got dark! We were almost put off on the first night that we arrived at the lodge by the cockroaches, which crawled out from the plate of bread on the dinner table. After a long day of boat travel, if we had had...

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Apr 6, 2005 - Brasil - Manaus

The speedboat journey was good. We had two meals in the 14 hours both hot (and lots of videos). The scenery was really nice as well. When we got to Manaus we trudged around looking at lots of different hotels. We settled on one called the 10th Julio (R$60). It was ok, clean with tv. We woke up on the 7th and Nick sang happy birthday to Monica ! Presents were given and then unfortunately we had to arrange a visa by locating and going to the venezuelan consulate. After a lot of hassle we found it only to be told that we did not need a visa...

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Feb 12, 2005 - The Boys arrival in Manaus, Amazonia

Well, after Deeds and myself decided to stay up on the last night we made it onto our flights with ease, and despite the fact that I couldn´t sleep it went very smoothly. Nix was at the airport to meet us and got on the bus for 20p each aiiiigghhtt! We´re staying in what looks like the dodgiest area imaginable but hey after walking around Manaus it´s alright. We´ve booked our Jungle trip today with Green Planet (it´s reliably...cheap) but we´ll see all the expected things : Piranha, Jacare (gators), flora ,fauna, Tarantulas, sloths etc.)...

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Jan 16, 2005 - Into The Jungle

After another interesting flight (had to change planes on the runway as the first started mis-firing during take-off) to Santa Elena, we waved goodbye to Venezuela. The supposedly gruelling journey into the Amazon consisted of a short taxi ride, a quick chat with customs officials, another taxi and a 12 hour air-con sleeper bus. We are now hiding from a tropical deluge, and will be heading off for a bit of monkey spotting in a day or two.

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Jun 12, 2004 - Manaus and the Amazon

Ted and I arrived in Manaus on June 11, and set out for the jungle on the 12th. We had booked a package tour for 7 days/6 nights that was based out of a "jungle lodge" for most of the trip, but also with an extension further upstream where we stayed in a pousada (low-key bed and breakfast) one night, and in the jungle camping one night. We had a great time, but we figured out that we should not have booked our tour the way we did (we used a company called Eco Planet Turismo who overcharged us and didn't deliver on things that were promised...

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