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Sep 15, 2010 - Manaus, Brazil - UPDATE 1-1-2020

Arr 'early' at midnight, the 14th, but stay on ferry the night getting a taxi to IH Hostel Manaus arr about 7 am...very tired! Together w/ Italian friend, Enrico (70 yr young, lives in S. foot of Italy on family 'farm'), we took taxis to Hostel Manaus where we stayed 'til 11 am resting and waiting until they knew they had room in dorms for us. They had a 5r. breakfast of much fruit, bread, coffee/tea, chez and meat. Afterward Bon & I headed for bus station 20 min. away by city bus...tho we had to hunt down where to get it...the city center...

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Apr 21, 2010 - Manaus

Today is our last day on the Otter so packed my bags getting ready to head back to Manaus. After breakfast we head to the area called the meeting of the waters this where the Amazon and the Rio Negro meet can see the different color water one black and one brown then back to the dock ending this part of the trip. Back in Manaus get checked into my hotel and out exploring more of the city then back to hotel getting some dinner and off to bed early as it is a early morning heading off to the airport.

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Apr 20, 2010 - Amazon River

Today we head out for another trip in the small boat then back to the Otter for breakfast, the off for a walk in the rain forest just missing a big rain storm, haha getting back to the Otter we take a short swim in the black water of the Amazon River, taking a time for some down time before heading back out for our fishing trip for Piranhas, I got a small one and our boat guide got about 12 more said we could have them for dinner back on the boat. The cook fixed our fish for dinner was pretty good eating, then after dinner it was a small...

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Apr 19, 2010 - Amazon River cruise

Slept in a bit this morning got some breakfast then off for a walk about the city of Manaus it is the largest city on the Amazon River over a million people. Back to hotel checked out and took a taxi to the hotel Tropical Manaus where I meet with the rest of the group for a trip on the Amazon river on board the small boat the Otter. There are 13 people for this trip a 3 day adventure on the Amazon River, the Otter is a 3 deck boat with ac in each room. We leave the dock at 3:00pm heading down the Rio Negro River (black water)to where it...

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Apr 18, 2010 - Manaus

I pack my bags and check out of the hotel storing my bags at the front desk the off exploring the beaches, A walk to Ipanema beach and a stop at Forte de Copacabana then on to Copacabana beach getting some lunch there and relaxing on the beach for a while then back to hotel picked up my bags and off to the airport for my flight to Manaus. My flight left at 8:00pm a 4 hour flight to Manaus at 11:50 a hour change of time getting to my hotel after midnight got checked in and off to bed.

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Jan 5, 2010 - Away to Brazil

So we took an overnight bus to the border. Starting at 6am we started having to go through security checks. The first one was fairly thorough, they made us take everything out of our suitcases and put it back. This was applied to every passenger on the bus so we didn´t feel very discriminated against. The second one was at the bus station in Maceio,the border town, where, for some reason, they figured Brad and I were smuggling drugs. They practically took our suitcase apart looking for drugs. Who knows why they chose us over the foreigners...

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Dec 5, 2009 - Manausecours!

Arrivant à l´aéroport de Manaus à minuit, nous avons dû réserver à l´avance une auberge de jeunesse, et leur demander de nous envoyer un taxi. Déjà victimes du Coup du Brésilien, on comprend rapidement que le chauffeur ne viendra jamais. Par chance, nous ne sommes pas les seuls oubliés, nous rencontrons 2 Danoises qui ont réservé dans la même auberge, nous partageons un taxi. Arrivés à une heure du matin à l´auberge, un peu agacés, nous sommes accueillis par un étudiant brésilien, désagréable, qui fait office de réceptionniste. Avec un air...

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Mar 29, 2008 - The Amazing Amazon Jungle Tour

Finally, on our way to Amazon jungle. As a child, Jonathan dreamed of being a zoologist in Amazon. For the past year, as a family, we´ve been reading books and CDs about the Amazon, from Magic Treehouse to Magic School Bus CD. After two hours on a slow ferry boat, we arrived at Ariau Amazon Towers, built as many wooden towers with high catwalks right at and above the jungle forest connecting the towers, it allows one to feel like living in the midst of the jungle with still all the luxuries of riverside pool, beautiful vistas, all you can...

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Mar 28, 2008 - Touring around Manaus

After 14 hours and two police checks, we arrived at the bus terminal of Manaus. A friend of my father, Mr. Tsai, picked us up from the terminal and brought us to a hotel and arranged a 3 day/2 night jungle tour for the family. We asked Mr. Tsai to find some low budget hotel and tour for us. He assured us that these are ones used by those tourists that came from mainland China so the price should be low. Unfortunately, those tourists from mainland China are mostly government officials so their standard is not low! We stayed in a 5 star hotel...

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Feb 28, 2008 - Manaus, Brazil

2/28 – 2/29 Manaus, Brazil was the last stop we had on the Amazon River before the ship turned around and made its way back to the Atlantic. Since we were staying in Manaus for two days we decided to make an overnight adventure out of the stop and try to learn a little about life along the Amazon. The adventure started with a boat trip (no roads) lasting about 3 hours and bringing us to the remote Amazon Village (which has been in existence for 22 years). This “hotel” has about 20 duplex cabins. Each one provides two beds, bathroom with...

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Feb 27, 2008 - the last jaunt

the leg into manaus was dreamy, in that we were floating about with our eyes half closed. forget that we were on a plane and james drooled on my head. we took part in some therapeutic face slapping before disembarking in the hope that we would not forget our own names and steal someone elses luggage. luckily we had made it through brazilian customs in sao paulo when conscious and had only to make it to a hotel with ourselves and our stuff. the night was warm and muggy. even in the tall open airport waiting area. we needed money for...

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Aug 11, 2007 - creuant brasil des de l'aire

estem creuant Brasil, i lo més xulo, és que ho estem fent des de l'aire (ara sempre ens demanem finestra!!). La veritat és que és increible veure l'amazones, fent tantes S S S, amb una selva tant espesa al voltant. Bé, a brasil només hi passem de puntetes, hem parat a la triple frontera i ara a Manaus. A Manaus, hem fet cas a a Lonely i hem creuat mitja ciutat desde l'aeroport, per anar a buscar "la punta do Catalao" (??), des d'on surten les balses (cargueros) pels locals, gratuita, que creua el Gran Amazones (45 minuts de banda a banda...

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