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Jul 19, 2016 - Savute Botswana - July 17-19

After two brief but great nights in Victoria Falls we were transported by van across the border and into Botswana, and then caught a light plane to Savute, the first Safari stop of our tour. I think that at this point our trip really came to life. The local people are really amazing. So warm and welcoming, really bright and engaging. And Botswana has a really interesting political history, having achieved independence from the British around 1966 without any of the violence that has plagued much of Africa. We have learned through reading...

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Jul 13, 2007 - Day 16 -- Safari Day 4

Day 16 -- Friday, July 13 -- Safari Day 4 This morning we left immediately after breakfast for the Savute area. It was planned as an all-day game drive. But, today lived up to the promise of being Friday the 13th. Our first problem was a flat tire. Fortunately, the vehicle had a spare tire, a jack, and a pump. Our guide set about changing the tire with a little help from us. We heard elephants in the distance, which would be a bad thing with us outside the vehicle and unable to move if we did get to the truck. Fortunately, we got underway...

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Jul 26, 2005 - Zambia - Savuti Camp, Botswana

This morning was our last morning here at the River Club in Livingstone, Zambia and QUITE an eventful morning it was. We awoke VERY Early this morning to the loud crashing sounds of Baboons jumping onto the roof of our chalet. A TIN roof mind you. So it sounded like a bomb went off 10 times because of the many times the 5 baboons jumped on our roof. We went outside to throw rocks at them and notified some staff of their presence. The baboons haven't been on this property in 8 years as they try to keep them off as much as they can. So the...

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Jul 3, 2005 - Botswana -- Savuti Camp

Day 91 - Sun Jul 3 Chitabe Camp, to Savuti Camp (Jen) This morning we did a combo driving and walking tour. We drove for about 30 minutes, parked the land rover, and go out and walked for just under an hour. Our guide took a rifle and a belt clip with a ton of ammo (he said he'd never had to use the rifle before). The goal of the tour was not to track down game, but rather to learn about animal poo (droppings) and tracks. Newman explained how to tell the difference between giraffe, impala, kudu, and spring hare poo. We also got an up-close...

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May 17, 2005 - Okavango Delta, Botswana

"With the aid of the tree....a climber makes contact with the sky." - ASHANTI PEOPLE - It was a jewel to view from above in a plane, and a privilege to stay in the Delta. We camped there for two nights, no fences around us, no luxuries such as toilets, showers and bars. There was in exchange for these things a quiet unheard of, a darkness never seen before and the constant knowledge that we were in someone else's backyard (with their untamed pets!). We were treated to local singing and dancing around the campfire at night, and the locals...

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