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May 11, 2008 - Lake Titicaca (Bolivian-Peruvian border)

Currently in Copacabana (Lake Titicaca). The lake is phenomenal, really beautiful and so unimaginably huge. The water is so clear and blue. We went to the island in the middle (Isla Del Sol) where we stayed last night and there was a thunderstorm so we stayed inside and played charades. We also saw some Inca ruins (it´s apparently the birthplace of the Incas and there´s this sacred rock where they used to sacriface beautiful women and children). The ´restaurants´we went to on the island were people´s own houses with very limited menus with...

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South America baby!

May 10, 2008 - Copacabana

Spent two days cycling to Copacabana on the shore of lake Titicaca,the world´s highest navigable lake. We got a taxi to the city limits of La Paz (trying to cycle out would have been suicidal as the drivers are all loco!).We had been expecting a van, however being bolivia an estate turned up so we had to share the passanger seat-normal for bolivia but a little hair raising for us! At the city limits we were filmed by a tv crew(we think it was road safety publicity stunt)accepting a phone number from the police to call when we had an...

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May 8, 2008 - Lake Titicaca

Realizing we only had a few days until we met Jeff and Claire in Puno, Peru, we had to leave La Paz as soon as I felt well enough to leave the hotel. Eventually, I felt better; we took a day in La Paz and went to a nice museum about the Tiwanaku culture which predates the Incas. Actually, the Incans used quite a bit of the technology, farming, and cultural aspects of the Tihuanaco era (another way of saying it). We left La Paz the next day and while getting to the bus, always a fun/interesting enterprise, I met a small kid, about 12 years...

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Apr 28, 2008 - Lake Titicaca - Island of the Sun, Bolivia

The next day, we took a ferry to the Island of the Sun. The Island of the Sun is the supposed birthplace of the Inca culture and religion. At the northside of the island, there is a rock where supposely the Sun God used to create the heavens and the earth. It is also where the first Inca man and women made their first appearance. Afterwards, they founded Cuzco in Peru as the first Inca city. The ride was quite slow and long as it took close to 2.5 hours each way. So we played guessing games, where we think of an object and another person...

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Apr 27, 2008 - Arriving in Lake Titicaca - Copacabana, Bolivia

After a time of family Sunday worship in the morning and a delightful Isrealie meal for lunch, we set off for Lake Titicaca at 1PM. The ride took 3.5 hours and costed 15B per seat. There are many buses leaving for Copacabana at the Cementary Terminal. The ride from La Paz to Copacabana was beautiful as you see Lake Titicaca with the snow mountain on one side. We can see the mountain Potosi that we had just climbed previously clearly high above the field and lake. The ride also involved crossing a lake channel. We were surprised that an...

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Apr 25, 2008 - Goodbye Peru, hello Bolivia (and the other side of Lake Titicaca!)

The border crossing was easy, the bus journeys short, and Copacabana very relaxed and with gorgeous lake views - getting here was a pleasure! It's definitely tourist-ready, but we didn't mind at all - we loved eating trout, watching the local ladies playing football in their full skirts, drinking fresh juices as the sun set over the lake, and relaxing in the laid-back hippy atmosphere. Not a bad start to Bolivia!!

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Apr 11, 2008 - Barry Manilow's in town at the Copacabana

Monday 7th April 2008 After hanging out for a couple more days in La Paz, getting to know our cosy GAP group of ten, we woke early in the morning to board the bus to Puno in Peru, via the rather cooly named Copacabana in Bolivia. Once again we realised we had landed on our feet with our group as everyone was easy to talk to and some of the stronger personalities (in particular our French friend John) were already starting to make jokes about Stuart (aka Mr Tesco), with a little gentle, friendly push from Ian (or Iron as our aimable GAP...

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Mar 13, 2008 - Copacabana

Spent a day in Copacabana, the last town before the Peruvian border on the shores of Lake Titcaca. A pleasant, small and quiet town but with a noticeable gringo presence. Took a boat trip out to the Isla del Sol which is the fabled birthplace of the Incas. It is still the home to several small communities who live a traditional way of life fishing and growing potatoes, quinoa and beans on terraced fields dating from pre Incan times. Some of the communities alo make money from tourism whilst others shun tourism and prefer to maintain their...

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Dec 30, 2007 - copacabana en isla del sol

Gisterenmiddag in Copacabana aangekomen en na een vluchtig rondkijken beslist om naar het Isla del sol in het Titicaca meer te varen. Het eiland van de zon is heel populair, niet enkel om er een dag of 2 door te brengen maar ook om een daguitstap vanuit Copacabana te maken en er wat te gaan bezichtigen naast enkele andere eilandjes zoals het Isla de la luna. Ben er 1 dag gebleven en heb wat ruïnes van de inca's gezien en eens van zuid naar noord op het eiland gewandeld. Het is er erg rustig en de lokale bevolking leeft er van het toerisme...

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Dec 10, 2007 - BOLIVIA - Lake Titicaca

After a final night in Cusco, we took an overnight bus to Copacabana across the border in Bolivia. The town sits right on Lake Titicaca which for those of you who don't know (Geography teachers, say) is 240km long and 100km wide, and at 3800m above sea level is the world's highest major lake. Fact. Crossing the Peru-Bolivia border was interesting. The highlight being when a 9 year old with mud all over himself, demanded our passports at the immigration desk and looked disgusted when we handed him the wrong immigration form. He'll be a good...

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Oct 28, 2007 - On To Peru

We spent Saturday in Copacabana, Bolivia, with a great view of the immense Lake Titacaca. We had hotel accommodations with meals included and a guide named Roger who took us on a very hike to Cerro Calvario. With the high altitude, it was especially taxing for me but it was a crisp sunny day and since it was a weekend there were lots of Bolivians on the trail. Copacabana is a town with a famous Virgen del Candelario and people visit from all over Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. We saw a wedding of an indigenous couple and later the tractor of...

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Oct 19, 2007 - Copacabana / Titicaca-See

Nach einer kurzen Busfahrt und einem etwas laengeren buerokratischen Geplaenkel an der Grenze zwischen Peru und Bolivien sind wir in Copacabana am Titicaca-See angelangt. Die kleine Stadt ist ein bedeutender Wallfahrtsort in Bolivien und besitzt eine dementsprechend grosse Kathedrale. Dank dem Tip von Alex haben wir ein gemuetliches Hotel mit Blick auf den See und einem fantastischen Restaurant gefunden. Entsprechend haben wir es uns die letzten Tage kulinarisch gut gehen lassen (keine Ahnung wie wir die Kilos wieder wegbringen sollen :-))....

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