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May 9, 2010 - OH yeah! if you want to come party in the carribbean, im having my birthday party on Caye Caulker!!1

WE are all still in succotz and livin the lyfe! Today we planned on going to Xunantunich the mayan ruin, whose name translates into Stone Lady. It is a temple to the goddess of healing and fertility whose name escapes me at the moment! So we spent many hours getting prepared for this moment.. first we decided to make peanut butter and jam sandwiches to have a picnic. SO we got to making them but realized that we were out of jam! Me and Hayley meanwhile, were planning on visiting my friend who usually has some weed! so we offered to get some...

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May 8, 2010 - chillin in soccutz

We are back in soccutz mate! livin the life with my good friend Hayley. an tings de never be bettah Yesterday, after spending five nights on the breezy beautiful caye caulker island, Hayley and i convinced everyone to come with us to the Belize Zoo! we woke up kinda early and got packed up and out of our hotel at 9:55am. The day before was my mom's birthday! We spent it mostly relaxed, as the day before we had exerted ourselves by snorkeling, and we were all a bit more than a little bit sunburned! WE did however do a bit of wandering...

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Apr 27, 2010 - Deffinitely a spiritual Being living a human experience

OK so its only 2 days till i must venture off and meet Hayley in Cancun! yup, i got a cell phone so that i cant stay in contact with people such as my family. I am debating on whether i should take my tent or not. We should be staying in hostels but as a backpacker i feel neked without it. Devon tells me that my horoscope predicts a great change in my life so there is another thing to look forward too! Also i discovered a copy of GULLIVER'S Travels in my house today which is fuckin awesome cause i love that movie. i used to watch it over...

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Mar 1, 2009 - San Ignacio

This morning we really wanted coffee ice cream for breakfast but Siritis wasn't open and didn't open before we had to leave at 10. What a bummer. The road from Flores to the border was one of the worst we've seen. Costa Rican roads are as bad but they don't drive so nuts. Here they drive in the ditches to avoid crater sized pot holes. There is no way to read or puzzle or even sleep on the van. A Sunday morning drive is nice though as people are out and about. It looked like some were celebrating the first Sunday in lent with crowds...

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Feb 28, 2009 - Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal is ...... beyond words. We were on the road at 4.30 am to arrive when the park opened so we could beat the crowds. It was SOOOO worth it! The sun was barely up. The mist was covering the rain forest and ruins. The birds were not chirping. They were squawking and screaming. There were parrots EVERYWHERE as well as Oro something Montezuma which means Montezuma´s golden tail or something. Our guide was awesome. He took us through the jungle through the trails behind the main trails. We felt like we were the only ones there. Tikal is...

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Feb 27, 2009 - Flores and Lake Petén Itzá

After a very interesting bus ride where armed men made us get off the bus twice, we arrived in Flores. I´m not feeling well at all but the group has been so nice to me, bringing me buns and offering chicken soup, very sweet. I´m thinking I got arrogant and ate too much salad. It was soooo good but.....invisible bugs hide on it. Bummer. I took Lillian and Elly´s advice and had chicken soup for dinner. I´ve given that advice many times. It worked! Our hotel is right on lake Peten Itza and we´re looking forward to an early start and seeing...

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Dec 29, 2008 - San Ignacio

I arrived in Belize today. No worries getting across the border , but it cost 10Q (I guess they don't want people to leave... Ha ha ha.... went tubing this afternoon down the river, there were tons of Iguanas that just started falling out of trees, and not small ones either, we're talking like 4 foot long ones! One almost hit one of the guys. Tonight we're going into town to try out this curry place, and then the plan for tomorrow is caving. I think I'm going to miss Guatemala and it's cheapness. Belize is way more expensive, and only has...

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Dec 27, 2008 - Flores / Lake Petén Itzá

I'm in Flores now after a 5 hour drive from Rio Dulce.The ride wasn't too bad, but I was doped up on Gravol (my roomies a walking pharmacy which is very nice). It's kinda touristy here and its my last day in Guatemala so I'm picking up all my Guatamalan tourist crap now. Tim I just bought you a beer t shirt, don't worry it's XL which is extemely hard to find here. Anyways text me if anyone wants anything! I'm in Belize tomorrow.

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Nov 14, 2008 - Guatemala - Tikal

Tikal: Tikal was the largest (and tallest) known Maya city in Central America. It dates back to 700bc. Towering pyramids peek out of the jungle canopy while sounds of angry howler monkeys and chirping birds fill the air. There Jaguars, howler and spider monkeys, crocodiles and giant Guinea pigs roam wild. The site at one point spread well into Belize and Mexico. A few Maya rules: do not be good looking, do not be a virgin, do not be the captain of the sports team...or you get sacraficed. Also, do not be the king. you have to bleed our your...

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Jul 27, 2008 - San Ignacio

So I am nearing the end of the trip now. passed through 6 countries so far and one to go. i have re read my blog and it hasnt been as inspiring as i had hoped nor is it a true reflection of my journey, it doenst feel very personal. but thats my opinion. the crossing into Belize was smooth as, no hiccups or anything its nice to have the queen back on the money - even if they do call it the dollar. my phone works again, which is nice as it hasnt done squat since panama. The orange service is appallingly bad considering they market their...

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Jul 25, 2008 - Flores, Guatemala

the news from the americas, whilst travelling between Antigua and Rio Dulce, we ran over a dog. as we did so the driver closed his eyes, the dog yelped, the bus bounced, but the bus didnt break not even slow down! i went to tikal, a mayan temple, very nice place. in the jungle. you will recognise it as the enemy base in the first star wars film! it was so cool, its right in the middle of dense jungle so seeing toucans and howler monkeys made getting up at 3 in the morning well worth it. going to san ignacio tomorrow for some caving and...

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Jun 30, 2008 - Belize

I had intended to spend two or three days in Belize. In 2004 I spend several days there and I hoped to look up some people I met then. However, with the monsoon, it was raining heavily every hour. When I got to Belize City, the streets were full of water and it was very difficult to get around. So I decided that it was best to move on. Between Belize City and the Mexican border, I pulled over three times due to heavy rain. Since I had kept my Mexican vehicle import documentation, getting back into Mexico was very easy.

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