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Feb 22, 2010 - Lamanai Ruins River Trip

Took river trip to Lamanai Maya ruins (14 in boat incl good lunch and rum cocktails after...$40 US ea). Saw crocs, GBH, egrits, kingfishers, howler & spider monkeys, iguanas, gila monster, and much more. Great REAL jungle (huge trees) in a reserve. Hot & humid. 3 guys from WI, one living in Belize now, bought land 25 yrs ago, living in Belize for 16 yrs. Two folks from VT, Stuart & Sue, had dinner w/, great...amazing the parallels and similarities in lives (kids, land, housing, gardening, retire). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamanai"...

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Feb 24, 2009 - Belize

Today we took a day trip into Belize. Our bus resembled an old school bus with small seats, and the trip was lengthy. We cleared customs into Belize, then drove through the town of Corozol. Our destination was a river trip to the ruins of Lamanai. The drive took us through sugar cane country, and it is harvest time. This cane is going to produce rum, a major local product. At one point we passed a line of trucks that seemingly went on forever, all in line at the rum plant. On our return at dusk, half were still in line, waiting until...

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Aug 26, 2006 - On the road to BELIZE

Hallo inzwischen aus Belize! Nach einer sehr feucht froehlichen letzten Nacht mit unserer Trek Gruppe sind Betina, Nick und ich am Samstag morgen ein wenig verkatert aufgebrochen: Adios Mexico, hello Belize! Schon bald war klar, dass der Tag mit viel Warterei und Rumsitzerei verbunden sein wuerde - zu langweilig fuer Nick, der sich ganz spontan per Tramper auf den Weg ins Neuland machte. Nix fuer mich - Betina und ich hatten also lieber einen laaaangen und vor allem weiligen Weg. Von Tulum nach Chetumal, dort in den Bus nach Belize (ein...

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Jan 22, 2005 - Orange Walk, Belize

Ah, Belize! I've spent a while on the Carribean coast of Mexico and a whole month in Cuba, but this is the first time I've felt like I've been in the Carribean. This place is unbelievably laid back and reggae beats follow you everywhere. I went for my evening meal in a great little place which consisted of a few tables under someone's carport and a sign outside saying "Bar and Grill". As the waitress brought me my second beer, she told me they didn't have a liquor license so if any police should happen along, I should tell them we'd given...

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