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Apr 24, 2014 - The Longest Day

What a day. Finally got here at 1:00 this afternoon. Walked all around Ieper. Aussies & Kiwis evrywhere. Went to Menin Gate for the daily last post, WOW. I am not sure how I will handle Tyne Cot service tonorrow. Real men aren't sposed to cry. Anyway i will post more tomorrow, but summary of the trip over:- Sydney Singapore A380 hardly any people plenty of room and heaps of food and red wine!! Soothest flight I've ever had. Singapore Zurich. A340, full we were inthe very back row, not a lot of leg room but after 13 1/2 hrs you got used to...

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Jul 31, 2013 - Fromelles & Yper(Belgium!)

Josh: Today we left the caravan park and took a long drive to a little place called Belgium. The first thing we did was go to Fromelles. They were obsessed with Aussies. They had the Aussie flags, kangaroos, kolas, and even ANZAC biscuits. We left there and went to a cemetery. It was sad to see all these Australians who died protecting France. We left that small cemetery and went to a much bigger one. It was huge. It was really touching and really sad to see all the deaths of Aussies, British, Americans, and Canadians. We decided it was...

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Apr 26, 2012 - The Ieper Salient & The Somme

24/4: Nigel, Dad and I went to Railway Wood where Captain Chevasse(Medical captain) got his Military Cross. Then we went to Sanctuary Wood cemetery where Lieutenant Talbot is buried - he was killed in action and his body wasn't found until his brother said he was going to look for him - and he found his body out on the field close to where a battle was happening. After that we went to Hill 62 and saw the Canadian memorial. The Canadians fought along side the Australians, British, Belgians, French and some other small countries. After that...

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Apr 24, 2012 - Battle fields update

Dear Readers, 16/4: We walked from the market square where our apartment is, along a road which led us to the Menin Gate (a memorial to all the soldiers whose bodies weren't found). Just outside the Menin Gate there's steps to the Ramparts which is a garden walk up high on the top of the walls of the city overlooking the moat. The walk took us along a few sites of the first world war ( an old chimney and freezer) to the Ramparts Cemetry which didn't really have that many people compared to Tyne Cot Cemetry,but there was still lots. Each...

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Apr 15, 2012 - Ieper (Ypres) Belgium

Hi Readers, We have arrived in Belgium (Mum, Dad, Ethan, John & I). The flight to Singapore was quite good because it was quite short and we had movies on the back of the chair- I watched Road Runner and played games. At Singapore we went to the airport pool which was really refreshing and then we had to get on another plane which was an A380- it was very big and double decker. The trip from Singapore to Paris was very long and it was hard to sleep, because Ethan had his legs on me and it is hard to sleep in a chair. On that plane I watched...

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Mar 31, 2012 - Ieper (Ypres)

Our apartment in Ieper (Ypres) was modern but with old décor and furnishings and lots of World War One info and memorabilia (and lots of Poppies on things!) It was ground floor on the street but double glazed and cosy. Which was a godsend as on several days of our stay in Ieper the temp didn’t get over 12C. We did a morning tour with a very interesting chap, of the surrounding area with its battlefields and cemeteries. We visited the dressing station used by the Doctor who wrote “In Flanders Fields”. And also Sanctury Wood at Hill 62 with...

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Europe 2012

Jun 21, 2008 - Belgium Day Trip to Flanders Fields

Today was easier in terms of travelling – our destination was a mere 45 minutes from Lille – but it was somewhat harder on the emotions. It was perhaps appropriate that we entered Belgium through a misty haze, and the spires of village churches were almost lost in the low cloud. We drove the short distance across the border into Belgium, to Flanders Fields. Stops were made in Oosttaverne (a small Commonwealth War Graves (CWG) cemetery), Ypres (In Flanders Field Museum and Menin Gate, which has 55,000 names of soldiers on the monument),...

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Nov 10, 2007 - adios

het is bijna zover. Binnen 37 uurtjes stijgen we op van Zavemtem en begint onze tocht echt. Gisteren hebben in afscheid genomen van praktisch iedereen middels een klein feestje. Ik denk dat er toch een 50 - 60 man aanwezig was. Alleszins een grote merci aan iedereen die er was en nogmaals bedankt voor jullie cadeaus. Het was de bedoeling om alle flessen en zo uit te krijgen maar in de plaats kregen we nog zo'n 18 flessen drank erbij. Nu, we kunnen dan misschien een feestje geven als we terug zijn. Alle voorbereidingen zitten er nu op (en...

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Nov 2, 2007 - Voorbereiding

Voor 't moment zijn we nog bezig met de laatste voorbereidingen. Sedert een week weten we dat we niet op 13 november vertrekken maar op 12 november (vlucht gecanceled van TAP). Dat is niet zo erg, want onze terugreis was ook al een dag vervroegd (van 14 feb naar 13 feb). Nu komen we in de laatste rechte lijn : nog eens naar de dokter, wat kopies maken, een feestje geven,... We hopen alleszins om jullie in grote getale aanwezig te zien op ons afscheidsfeestje op 9 november rond 19u30-20u00 bij ons thuis. 't Zal vrij eenvoudig zijn (drank +...

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Oct 7, 2007 - Begin

Hallo iedereen, We hebben deze blog aangemaakt zodat iedereen ons kan volgen op onze drie maand durende trip. een bijkomend voordeel is dat we dan geen kaartjes hoeven te versturen en dus ook niemand kunnen vergeten. Kom hier gerust nu en dan een kijkje nemen want we zullen proberen deze site om de paar dagen up te daten zodat jullie ons kunnen volgen. Petra en Harald

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