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Oct 14, 2008 - Vienna

Very quickly worked out that the bus at the end of our street led in 2 stops to the underground which took us direct into the centre of the old town. Soooo easy. Anna travels free on all transport and an adult pass for all trains, trams & buses for 3 days is only $ 50 for both of us Went into town for the morning, bought tickets to a new exhibition of Van Gogh for tomorrow, Anna had Burger king for morning tea !! (see picture). Ernst our host met us for lunch and took us on a guided walking tour of the inner city, then up to his offices for...

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Oct 13, 2008 - Vienna

Left Venice at about 10 after working out that we actually only needed to walk about 10mins to catch a Vaporetto (water taxi)for the ride to the train station. Picked up our car from near the station and on the road to Vienna. Turned out to be very stressful as for the whole time we were in Venice we had not been able to get money out of the Travelex card !!. So by the time we hit the motorway we were down to our last 30 euro. So no lunch and we had just enough money to pay the toll. Flight from Milan to Vienna was uneventful albeit 1 1/2...

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Oct 10, 2008 - The day in Vienna

O.K., Not sure what happened, but I think I forgot to send the message with the photos from Vienna. Let's just say Vienna is a beautiful city and I would love to go back. The only problem is that we quickly discovered how expensive Europe is right now and that the American dollar does not go far there! But..we experienced Austrian food, ice cream and pastries. Does it get any better than Austrian chocolate?

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Oct 10, 2008 - Back to Vienna

On the way to Salzburg we made a quick decision to revisit Vienna as the train was stopping. This means we ran through the whole train to get out bags and just made it off as the doors closed and took off for Salzburg. I enjoyed coming back because I had only seen a bed and a couch the last time I'd stayed. This time we went to the state opera house to see a Ballet by Tchaikovsky. It was actually very interesting and with music that would be expected from the capital of classical music. The center of the city is beautiful. The next morning...

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Oct 6, 2008 - Vienna

After leaving Munich we got a hostel in Vienna for the night. The next morning I woke up and was sick sick sick. I ended up sleeping on the couch at the hostel all day trying to get better. I'm pretty sure what I got was food poisoning from the place we ate the first night. I missed seeing the major sights in Vienna this day because I just slept at the hostel. Later that day we had to catch a 3 hour train to Budapest and I spent almost the whole ride in the bathroom. Finally in Budapest we found a hostel to stay for the night and I went...

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Sep 24, 2008 - Vienna, Austria

Monday morning we arrived at the Westbanoff station in Vienna, Austria after a miserable 10 hr overnight train ride from Zurich. All of the sleeper cars were full so we were stuck with regular seats. The train was crowded with loud, young kids and the bright lights stayed on in the car throughout the night. Upon calling Mirjam *our couch host* she gave us directions to her place *about a 15 min tram ride from Westbanoff* where we could drop our bags and leave her to work. Mirjam is a very generous 34 year old that we would learn just got...

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Sep 20, 2008 - Vienna

On our sightseeing tour see the fabulous Palace of the Hapsburgs, the State Opera House and fashionable Karntnerstrasse. In your free time try authentic apple straddle and Viennese coffee. Later why not sample some local schnapps and a traditional Viennese meal.

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Sep 15, 2008 - Runnin´ for the train

Yesterday was our last day in Prague. We did another walking tour of the other part of the city. We ended up having the same guide so we saw more "cute" and "interesting" things. This tour actually was really bad, but we felt bad leaving in the middle. We ended up meeting this nice German couple. It was the husbands birthday and after the tour we went to lunch together for traditional Czech food. (I had soup since I havent been feeling that good, but everyone else had Czech food). After that they invited Kathleen and I out for cake to...

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Sep 11, 2008 - guten tag from Vienna

So I'm here. I got this morning and went to the bookstore and stocked up then took a car from the hotel to the train station. I booked a car instead of just using a taxi because I was out of forints (extra wine tickets from the night before) and I could use my credit card for the car. Very nice guy, took my bag in for me, told me how to figure out the track. I'm glad I have travelled enough to figure out that just because Vienna wasn't posted didn't mean that the Munich train wasn't the one I wanted. So, a nice three hour train ride and I...

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Central Europe 2008

Sep 8, 2008 - Monday - Mozart & Wine Village

Continued on to Salzburg (Mozart’s birth place) and the city of the “Sound of Music”. Visited a couple of the film sites and went past Mozart’s birth place. I don’t think the Salzburgian’s remember that they drove Mozart away...... Arrived in Vienna and that night headed to the hill’s, two thirds of Vienna is surrounded by forested hills with lots of walking tracks and viewpoints. We then visited a Wine Village having a traditional meal, new wine, singing and dancing. A great night out.

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Aug 22, 2008 - Vienna, Austria

We booked an overnight sleeper train from Venice to Vienna…not cool…we got split up into different carriages and it was too noisy and bumpy to get any decent sleep…and there were no showers – so we weren’t exactly ‘primed’ for our first day in Vienna. Meanwhile R&K were living it up in a wicked ‘suite’ at the Marriott, so we spent a little bit there to refresh before setting off to see the sights (thankfully in a lot cooler temps than France & Italy). We visited many old buildings and churches including the big daddy: St Stephan’s...

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Aug 17, 2008 - Across the Atlantic

My flight on Austrian Airlines to Vienna didn’t leave until 1800 hour tonight so I had a leisurely morning and late checkout at the airport motel. I had one of those “be careful what you pray for” experiences on the outbound flight. I had an aisle seat reserved in the economy section and asked for a change to an emergency exit row where I would have more legroom. My wish was granted but when I took my seat I discovered that two other big strapping guys were beside me in the row. We fought politely but viciously for elbow space during the...

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