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Jan 2, 2006 - Venice to Vienna...

Vienna was absolutely fantastic for funky, street wear clothing - right up my alley. By this stage, Day 14, we'd seen a fair bit of snow and spent two days with wet feet so when your staying across the road from one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe, well, it had to be done. Around 70% of the tour purchased some form of snow boot. Me and Haydes included. You may note, scrolling through the photo's that I started our day in Vienna in black snow boots, purchased the previous evening. By the end of the, note the different boots,...

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Dec 24, 2005 - Week Twenty Five

December 18th (Gary) A late start due to a night out having the odd drink in Sibiu, a great town with a very pleasant atmosphere, the two slightly annoying features were that the best bars only sold bland imported beer like Stella or Peroni and that everyone smokes. Having devoured a fry up breakfast we left Sibiu and wound our way through the snow covered hills and charming villages to the medieval hilltop town of Sighisoara. Picture postcard pretty and small enough to wander round within an hour the historic old town was a real delight,...

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Nov 29, 2005 - I arrived in Vienna!

Hi Eveyone! I made it here ok. My flight from Chicago was delayed on the runway an hour and then I missed my connection in Frankfurt so I was rebooked and didn't get to Vienna until about 4pm yesterday. I went to my youth hostel and in my room, I met 2 girls who are sophomores at Carleton! I didn't know them but they were really friendly and we all went to see Harry Potter, which I definitly liked. I went to sleep around 8:30 and got up at 8:30 this morning. I went to the hotel we are all staying at which turns out to be fairly nice in a...

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Nov 22, 2005 - M: Vienna, a trip to Christmas Land

No Grinch can touch the Viennese, who are welcoming the cold and festive season like no one else I've seen. Delightfully elegant, Vienna's charm lies also in its cheery attitude, and despite the temperature, it melts your heart just as the hot punch warms you from the inside. We stop at every Christmas Market to claim our hot and slightly alcoholic beverage. For the winterland crossings between markets, we have a little bottle of schnapps inside our fleece, and ever so often we sip from the fiery concoction to keep ourselves warm.

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Skipping Stones

Nov 19, 2005 - Ah Vienna...Why did I decide to come here again?

Well I knew I was in trouble when I woke up at about 6:30am and looked out the train window and saw snow. I instantly regretted my decision to come to Austria just because my other options didn't involve snow. I could have gone south to the Italian coast and taken a ferry to Sicily, or even taken a ferry over to Greece if I wanted to. I know those places don't haev snow. But no, I had to go north. I should have expected it. Luckily my cold is almost gone or I'd be in big trouble. I managed to get to the hostel alright. It's called Wombat's...

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Nov 17, 2005 - Tamara's Birthday Weekend! Vienna, Austria

When in Rome do as the Romans. So Tamara figured when in Vienna do as the Viennese and tried to incorporate Austrian food into all her meals. For her birthday breakfast she ate Apple Strudel. The following night she ate Wiener Schnitzel. At the Christmas Market she sipped on hot mulled wine, munched on a frankfurter sausage, and sampled one of Vienna's vanilla crème doughnuts. It was a very tasty weekend. Tamara's brother and sister-in-law, Curtis and Valerie, live in Vienna. Their home is in the heart of the Old District so all the sites...

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Nov 16, 2005 - Vienna, Austria

November 16 - We took a 4 hour train to Vienna, Austria - home of the Vienna Boys Choir, which we never got to see because they only like to sing on the weekends. Those Vienna boys actually go to school during the week! As soon as we arrived, we got on a jerky tram ride to take us to our hostel. Unfortunately, we got in it going the wrong way and wasted half an hour trying to get back. After checking into our hostel Ruthesteiner (we are back in hostels), we took the subway into town to explore the city. As soon as we climbled up the stairs...

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Oct 28, 2005 - Vienna, Austria

Vienna turned out to be another one of those quick stops on the way to Hungary....got in too late to do much other than check in and walk around the city....had to catch an early train into Hungary the next morning..... (FYI History) Settlements along the Danube, near what is now the City of Vienna, can be traced back to the 5th century before Christ. These were of Celtic origin as is the name Wien derived from the Celtic "Vedunia" for river in the woods. The Romans established the garrison camp Vindobona in the 1st century A.D. Remainders...

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Oct 15, 2005 - Vienna

Although we thought Prague was a much more beautiful city to travel to than Vienna we had sooo much fun in Vienna. Will try to write more details later when we get a chance to catch up a bit. www.carlhenderson.ca www.imagestoframe.com

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Oct 6, 2005 - Vienna and Salzburg

Hey y'all. This might be the last entry with photos, since our digital camera has died, it's prohibitively expensive to digitize out film pictures here, and the computer time has gotten a little difficult to arrange in many of the cities. We had a great time camping outside of Vienna and taking the bus into the city. We stood in line for a couple of hours in order to see the opera Carmen at the Vienna state opera house -- even Wade enjoyed it! Sometimes it seemed like Vienna was one big shopping mall, but the history and richness of the...

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Oct 2, 2005 - Day 36: Budapest to Vienna.

We started today with a sightseeing tour of Budapest. We went up to the Citadel and enjoyed the panoramic views, drove past Parliament and then up to Castle Hill to see more views and Matthias Church. Then back down. We had an hour and a half to wander. I just strolled, used the internet and had something to eat with Nicole and Megan. Then we were on our way to Vienna, Austria. When we arrived at our hotel, Sel and I found someone else's stuff in our room so we had to change and then change again. There was quite a lot of mix-ups with other...

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Sep 25, 2005 - Vienna, Austria.

Driving into Austria the landscape changed hugely. Much greener, more mountains and so much colder at night!! We drove through the rolling hills of the Sound of Music! Arrived in Vienna and set up camp, dinner then we went to Prata -A theme park. Just like the easter show but no animals and it was bigger and better! We had so much fun here and went crazy on all the rides. We both went on the bungy ball. It sent us up 50m in 1 second! Bigger than the one in town. Pip was quite relaxed but I was just a tad nervous and holding on sooooo tight...

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