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May 8, 2018 - Exploring Pfander above Bregenz

After a day of rest, we headed a few miles across the border into Austria to go up the Pfander just behind Bregenz. On the way we stopped to get the Austrian Toll GoBox needed for the motorhome corrected for the correct vehicle registration and the Eco class of the vehicle. We also bought a toll vignette for the car. We had visited Bregenz two years ago but never went up the Pfander funicular. It was a lovely day. As well as views across Lake Constance or Bodensee there was a lot of walking trails through the area so we ended up walking to...

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Aug 17, 2016 - Bergnz

Today we headed into Austria to visit Bregenz which sits at the end of Lake Constance or Bodensee. We parked up on the west end of the town and walked the lakeside promenade. The major feature on the lakeside is the Festspielhaus. Each year there is the Bregenzer Festival classical music and opera festival. Each year an opera is staged on the open air Seebühne, a floating stage on the lake. This year they were doing Puccini’s Turandot. During the day there was open access to the seating area. The stage set was just magnificent and looking...

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May 20, 2006 - Fussen, Germany

After Austria we trucked back up to Fussen, Germany.. literally the foot of Germany, to see one of the worlds most spectacular castles. Unfortunately it was a fake medieval castle, built in 1860, but it was pretty spectacular. Was built by King Ludwig II, one of three that he built. He never got to build the fourth because they kicked him out of the throne for building too many castles, go figure. He was mysteriously killed a few weeks after that. This castle was never finished, but there were something like 13 completed rooms that we got...

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Feb 3, 2005 - Mittenwald, Germany

Thursday morning we were supposed to go on the bus tour to this fairytail castle made by crazy Ludwig. Well because of the weather that was cancelled. But since we lost Wednesday to hang out in Mittenwald, we took the opportunity to walk around town for a while and take some photos. Then we walked up to this lake. There was so much snow that some of the trails were closed but we made it. And this is where Lindsay expects me to tell you guys that I did fall a total of four times. Two face plants and two slides down to the knees. Luckily I...

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