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Aug 5, 2013 - Tunnel Creek & Windjana Gorge

05/08/13 & 06/08/13 Tunnel Creek & Windjana Today we first went to Tunnel Creek it was so dark there that we had to wear a head torch. It was like a 800metre long cave. In the creek that runs through it we used the spotlight and saw prawns, catfish and a freshie. Then we went to Windjana Gorge. We went on a walk through the Gorge. It was amazing how many fresh water crocs we saw (we counted nearly a hundred). From a distance they all looked like sticks but up close they looked a little scary (and we got really close!) Z

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Stringers Go West

Aug 22, 2012 - Kimberley: Windjana National Park & Tunnel Creek

Kimberley: Windjana National Park and Tunnel Creek 22-23 August 2012 As we sadly said goodbye to the Gibb River Road we headed east to check out Windjana National Park for a couple of days. So far we have only spotted a few freshwater crocs at night at Manning River, so we were very excited to walk through Windjana Gorge, home to a mass of freshies. While they don’t quite possess the same notoriety and appetitie for human’s as their saltwater cousins, we didn’t take the chance and swim in the river. Further down the walking track we came...

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Aug 30, 2010 - Gibb River Road - Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek

The Gibb River Road had always been touted as the last frontier as far as outback roads go, but in recent years it has become such a popular shortcut through the Kimberley, that although still remote it is frequented by every man and his dog and the occasional road train every day. Despite all of this, we still felt a sense of adventure heading off onto this great Aussie track through the Kimberley. We didn’t really know how long we wanted to spend on the Gibb or even what it would be like, but we stocked up to the brim with as much fresh...

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Jul 17, 2010 - Windjana gorge

Last night the boys went fishing off the big jetty - unsuccessful - while I went to check out the lots in an art auction - which proved too rich for our tastes. When I went out to the auction I saw a basketball tournament on and they said the One Arm girls were playing at 6.30, so we returned to search for them. It took a while of looking - and lookin pretty out-of-place - but then we saw them in bright yellow uniforms. Jackie Hunter and Rowena Mouda were there - two very special girls I had taught in One Arm. We watched them play - for a...

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Jun 22, 2010 - Day 35: Lennard Gorge, Bell Gorge, Galvins Gorge, Barnett River

Despite the temptation to stay longer at Windjana we forged ahead with our itinerary and what a tremendous day it was - another highlight. Lennard Gorge was an unexpected surprise - the walk in was hot and a little rugged; we had to follow the occasional arrow on a post. It is a narrow gorge with pools and a waterfall; we tried to see it lengthways to get a better idea of what it was like but our way was blocked - hence the unsatisfactory photos - it was just impossible to get the full picture. Most of the track was unfenced; just the...

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Jun 21, 2010 - Day 34: Windjana Gorge, the Kimberley

Day 34: The Kimberleys - AT LAST!!! This is the part I have been looking forward to the most. The Kimberleys have always seemed to me to be Australia's frontier land (even though in my head I know there are so many other places that fit this description)as well as being a place of stunning natural beauty. The drive to Derby was mostly over road we have already travelled - past countless cattle, including the fearsome brahman bulls, and a myriad of boab trees (so many different shapes: short and stumpy, tall and lean, split personalities,...

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Jun 18, 2010 - Gibb River Gorges

The Gibb River Road seemed like a super highway again after the roughness of the Mitchell Plateau and the next stage of the trip was all about the famous gorges of the Kimberley. First stop was Manning Gorge. We pulled in after a relatively easy trip and although the camp ground had nothing to be desired, the swimming area adjacent to it was magic, super refreshing and pretty with rocks, but some deep areas too. We didn't actually go to the gorge itself, having seen the faces of the walkers, young and old returning from Manning Gorge. So we...

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Jul 14, 2009 - Monday 13th July

JULY 13th Moving day today, Terri was up at 6 for her bike ride, I was up shortly after, thought I’d have a quick breakfast and beat the other 200 blokes to the ablutions…..no such luck…..all full. Can’t wait to get back to the bush camping and no queueing. Got a bit to do so got into it, 1st up the blog from the previous day and check emails….be back in the bush tonight so no internet. Next task, fill the water tank and then race down to the shops and buy a new 20 litre water container….we carry 2 of these to supplement the 130 litre...

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