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Mar 2, 2016 - Wednesday Karalee Rocks to Perth

5.30 wake up time,might as well put the kettle on. It becomes a bit of a routine, Mal makes breakfast while I make the bed, I suppose you have to do that while you in a small space so you don't get in each other's way. Mal opens the cupboard door looks inside and says,hey babe what's been spilt here? I replied not sure nothing that I new the only thing that's in there is the toaster maybe it's the crumbs from that? No! He said,so I had a look it was the bread I keep in there,Oh no! We have a mouse in the house and his had a party with the...

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2016 holiday

Apr 1, 2013 - Southern Cross - Monday 1/4/2013

Listening to the birds early in the morning,with one eye open, I gazed a look at the clock 5am,no wonder we go to bed early,to early to get up yet so thank god for the hard drive as we can watch a movie,which took us to 8 am,that's a better time to get up and have breaky. Back on the road again we got as far as Cunderdin which was about 200 Kms from where we slept, ahh!time for a coffee as Mal pulled in close to a coffee van which was parked next to the water pump museum,after we got the coffee which was really nice,we paid our $6 to get...

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Oct 4, 2012 - Superpit Tour and then on the road again

After leaving the caravan park, we headed into town for dad to get a haircut, to sign some papers at the ANZ bank and to do some shopping. Interesting that the ANZ bank has a computerised system whereby you select what service you want, the computer prints out an appropriate ticket and you wait for your ticket to be called/displayed on the screen. Very unusual and a little hard to get used to. We then went to do some shopping for supplies for the next week before heading to Centenary Park (free camp spot in town) for lunch where the boys...

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Oct 4, 2011 - Day Nine - Norseman to Southern Cross

With a wake up call at 5am via Bridget and the sun shining through the tent, it was time to get up and pack up for our drive to Southern Cross via Kalgoorlie. People are wondering what we do with Bridget whilst setting up/packing away, so......when we arrive at a camp site we put on her trusty parasilk style pants (thanks Kerri), an older jumper and shoes (thanks Katie) and we give her, her wooden trolley and off she goes exploring and or sometimes she just crawls around and trys putting as many things in her mouth as possible. She does so...

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May 4, 2009 - Day 1 - Southern Cross

Well we have finally done it - we have left Perth and are on our way. Albeit a bit later than we had hoped but we did eventually find our way out of Fremantle and along the Great Eastern Highway. We arrived in Southern Cross at 5.30 and not a minute too soon as we had just enough light left to get ourselves set up. Bessie (the car) coped very well given the weight she has to pull. Now sitting comfortably in Pumpkin with Ken watching Top Gear and me on the computer (yes the Virgin modem is still working!!!). No signal on my phone though and...

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