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Aug 28, 2014 - Home Again

After leaving Kalbarri, we travelled to a free camp at the Moore River. After a relaxing night we set off about 9.00am and headed to see T'Ann and our new grand daughter and catch up with T'Ann and son Lachie. Great morning and we left at 1.00pm and headed for home. This was Tuesday 26th August. Got home around 2.40pm, parked the 'van on the front lawn and started unloading. Fell into bed at 8.30pm. Spent the next day, Wednesday, cleaning the outside of the 'van while Di put through 8 loads of washing. Today I unloaded the car and...

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May 14, 2014 - Coffin Bay

Hi again. Well the fish tea was absolutely magnificent!!! All told 48 fillets of fish between the 6 of us. Just 1 left over. I don't know who wasn't holding their end up, but I know it wasn't me!! The the 3 men took on the 3 women at, you guessed it, Sequence. The women got us in the 1st game and started crowing. Especially when they led 2 / 1. But we men hung in there and managed to lead 3 / 2 before they started on about how tired they were and how it was going to be a long day tomorrow. It was only 9.00pm!!! We said goodbye to Ann and...

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May 11, 2014 - Fish for Tea

Great meal at the pub last night. Carvery for $20. 3 courses. Soup to start. Choice of 3 meats or a bit of all of them. Good choice of roast vegies + a salad bar, and then a choice of sweets. A great night was had by all. We returned home and the men promptly thrashed the women again at Sequence. Went fishing yesterday and I must admit that Harry Wilson would be the best fisherman I have ever been with. I caught 1, Ken caught 1, and Harry caught the rest. We went out again this morning, but the wind was up and from the wrong direction. Di...

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May 10, 2014 - Bowls Finished

Harry & I played with 2 guys from Ceduna. Ross and Wayne. Not a bad pair!!! They have won the District Pairs for the last 2 years and Wayne has won a District Singles. That still did not stop us from losing the first game. The next 2 games were very comfortable wins. Harry as usual was putting the mat down just in front of the Tee while we all kicked the bowls back, but I think Wayne (love him!! Great sense of humour) had had enough. He politely asked Harry if his husband played bowls too? After the game sitting in the clubhouse Harry got...

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May 8, 2014 - "What a Night"

Last night it BLEW!!! I slept 'till 12.30, and from then on the van shook so much it was impossible to sleep. Had to get up and retrieve the side wall, which had broken loose ans was about to visit the neighbours. The wind started to come up during the day, but there was no rain and we were able to play bowls all day. With disasterous results I might add. Flogged in the 1st game, won the 2nd after leading by 6 and dropping a 5 on the last end and managing a draw in the 3rd. The only positive was from the previous night when the men beat...

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May 5, 2014 - Results (For Real)

Hi Again I forgot to tell you about our "ooh ahh" moment last time. Daddy emu decided to stroll out of the bush and cross the road. All brakes on hard, and we managed to slow down enough to let him pass, but the three half grown chicks showed more sense and stayed where they were. I watched them go across in the rear view mirror. Sorry about that, but we were called away to go for a drive with Ann & Harry. And again this morning. It is now 3.45pm on Wed 7/5/14. Sequence results!!!! I think you know that us men got done 6/1 the 1st time....

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May 1, 2014 - Good News & Bad News

Hi All I know it has been a while, but it isn't because I slacked off. I actually haven't been all that well. But I will attempt to give you a brief overview of our journey so far. Joy 'o joy. Di was happy. I did make Esperance the next day, Sunday. But I am having trouble sleeping. Persistant headaches are very annoying. Especially at nighttime. Got to Norseman OK and while Di went to the loo, I managed to go A over T and barked my right shin. Peeled the skin back in 2 places. Bled like a stuck pig. By the time Di got back to me, I had it...

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Apr 26, 2014 - First Day

Today saw us leave home at 11.10am. Travelled through Pinjarra and Dwellingup to Williams where we stopped to have lunch. A bit of drizzly rain around Williams and on the way to Wagin. Carried on to Katanning where we set up for the night and watched the last half of the Eagles game. Disappointing!!! Just as we finished setting up the rain started and has been quite consistant from then on. Di says she hopes that I get to Esperance tomorrow.

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Apr 23, 2014 - Off Again

Di and I are busy packing the caravan and getting ready to start another trip. This time we going back to Streaky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia to play in a bowls carnival with Ann and Harry Wilson. We hope to catch up with Ann and Harry as we both meander around NSW & Qld. Another couple, Dot and Ken Mcphee, who we met in the Northern Territory on our last trip, are coming over to Streaky Bay to tour with us for a couple of weeks and then we hope to catch up with Cath and Phil Kelly. If all goes to plan, we hope to leave...

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Aug 31, 2012 - After more sunshine - Heading Home

We have decided to stay in Carnarvon for a few days. Mainly 'cause the weather is so darn nice. I have found it amazing, that we have travelled from the East Coast (Rockhampton) to the West Coast (Broome) and down as far as we are (Carnarvon) and haven't seen any sign of a rain cloud. I guess that will change the closer we get to home! We will be home next Wednesday 5th September. When we leave Carnarvon next Monday, it will be an overnight camp at Coronation Beach and Tuesday night, don't know yet. Maybe Jurien or Cervantes. Then Home. I...

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Apr 23, 2012 - Nearly Ready

We leave on Anzac Day. Heading to Esperence via Hyden and Ravensthorpe. From there it will be across the "Nullabor" and hopefully catch up with brother Greg and Noelene around Streaky Bay. Must say that now the time has come, we can hardly wait to get going. We will add more news and views as we get along the track....

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Mar 27, 2005 - Off to Rockingham!

We were transported back up North to Rockingham-very very long car ride. We were exhausted by the end. Jarrett and I are staying together at Ray & Greta Bath's house-who are wonderful. That night we had dinner with them and watched some Australian reality shows-X Factor-something like American Idol. We have a long week. What's so amazing is that we have only seen a very small bit of Australia-only a very small bit of Western Australia!

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