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Oct 4, 2016 - Perth

Today was a ‘settling in’ to Perth day. My first job was to catch up on nearly 2 weeks worth of washing (had only washed some smalls at Gina’s), then this afternoon I had to go and do a major grocery shop as we were just about out of everything! Luckily there is quite a big Woolies about 5 minutes drive down the road, so will be very handy for the next couple of weeks. Ian went out to buy another front stay for the van and to sort out a couple of other repairs. However, the damaged side panel, where Ian collected a tree branch earlier in...

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Oct 3, 2016 - Dardanup to Perth

Was a bit wet again this morning, so things were a bit damp to pack up – probably the main downside for this type of life. However, we have a pretty good routine going so wasn’t too bad. We said our final goodbyes to Gina about 8am when she left for work (Grant had long gone) and we finally got on the road about 10.30am. It was pretty well highway and freeway all the way through to Kingsway Tourist Park at Medeley, about 18ks from Perth on the north side of town where we have booked in for 2 weeks. The park is quite well established with...

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Sep 21, 2016 - Bali and Kalgoorlie

Today we camped at a free spot next to a fire. We are going to Perth for 1 night then we are heading off to Bali for eight nights. The flight took 3 hours and thirty minutes. When we first got in Bali it was VERY hot.We stayed in a hotel named Melasti Beach Bungalow and Spa. It has two deep swimming pools and we got to choose our own breakfast. Waterbom Park is the second best water park in the world. There is one slide that you stand straight and then it counts down 1,2,3 then you drop and it only takes 3 seconds then you are at the...

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Sep 17, 2016 - Time to go home

Hi everybody , our holiday has come to the end . We have had a lovely few days in Perth even though the wind has been freezing here ( I can't remember Perth weather like this in September ) anyway the sun has shined through and the days have been quite nice . It's been nice being with the kids for a few days , they look tall to me . We took them to a movie yesterday and then to the park , today we are going to swimming lessons and then we'll have lunch , we don't have to be at the airport until 7 pm , our flight goes via Melbourne and...

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Aug 24, 2016 - Perth - various, August 11 to August 24

Thursday August 11 to Wednesday August 24 Armadale (Perth) – August 11 to August 12 A couple of great days with our friends Lyn and Pete Tothill – ate and drank too much of course. The weather has hit us like a storm and the suitcase is now full of summer clothes and the Tardis wardrobe full of winter clothes – yuk! Because we only stayed 2 nights we slept in the van – being connected to 240 power meant that we could put the heater on! Almost bought a new (well, second-hand) van after we spent an afternoon trolling van sales yards. The...

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Tardis Travels 2016

Dec 29, 2015 - Albany to Perth

Hi there! Before we left Albany we saw a mob of wild kangaroos that reside in a nearby park. We took a walk along Corinn and Darryl's favorite beach, absolutely beautiful. (dogs allowed) We drove to Perth yesterday, in what eventually became 100 F degree heat. We took a brief side trip to the Stirling Range, a strip of ancient mountains in the middle of the plains. Corinn did the interpretive panels for the site, when she worked for CALM. FYI she worked for Western AU's Conservation and Land Management agency for 20 odd years, and has done...

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Dec 18, 2015 - Rottnest Island And Dinner

This morning we were up early to walk to the wharf and catch the ferry to Rottnest Island (Rotto). Rottnest island was originally named "Ratsnest" Island by Captain James Cook (explored Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania - "OH MY"). It was named Ratsnest due to the the Quokkas. They are a very gentle marsupials that stand a foot tall with a rat like tail. You can pet them, pick them up and they are very cute - in fact I have arranged for each and everyone you readers to receive a live Quokka - they will be delivered on your doorstep soon....

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Dec 17, 2015 - Exploring Perth Redox

We again had a bit of a late start catching up on sleep. When we did get going we had some breakfast/brunch and started away. Our operational mode for breakfast, brunch and/or lunch is generally a quick sandwich (that we split) from a deli. It is usually brunch, We do not spend the $30 each for breakfast since we consider breakfast or lunch sustanence only, but will enjoy nice dinners. As a matter of fact, we generally we go to the grocery store, buy meats, spinach and tortillas and make our own and storing in the hotel fridge. We also...

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Dec 16, 2015 - Exploring Perth

PLEASE REVIEW THE LAST UPDATE TO DECEMBER 15TH AS I UPDATEDTHIS SEVERAL TIMES UNLESS YOU HAVE THE AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION OF AN UPDATES (WHICH YOU CAN SELECT). We had a late start from the hotel as we caught up on sleep and both dealt with some work, personal business and credit card fraud issues. We then started exploring the CBD, bought our ferry tickets for Rottnest Island ("Rotto"-the Aussies abbreviate everything) and proceeded down to the wharf, then went back to the CBD, walked to and checked out the "mall" (like the 16th street mall...

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Dec 15, 2015 - Travel Day - to Perth

We traveled from Queenstown to Christchurch and then another 7.5 hour flight to Perth (on the Western edge of Australia). We picked up the rental car and this had a GPS (our first one). We started to follow the GPS, but due to a closed road the GPS kept us going around in circles - after a few choice words, I turned it off and went with the RPS (Reaka Positioning System) which is more accurate - she is an amazing map reader. We drove to Jessica (stepdaughter) and Scott's house who had dinner ready to go other than "throwing a couple of...

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Nov 8, 2015 - Fremantle/Perth

A train ride from Fremantle put us in the CBD (central business district) of Perth to check out the Hop On/Hop Off bus to see the sights. We have had varying degrees of success in other towns with this tour option (great in London, very mediocre in Athens) and this one was more the later than the former. We did have a great stop in Kings Park-a beautiful garden with a botanical garden within. It would have taken hours to see the entire park, but the few paths we walked were spectacular. With a snack break in the restaurant (we had to order...

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Oct 22, 2015 - Wattle Grove until Monday

Arrived here in Wattle Grove Thurs 22nd ...rang Dee for her birthday (Pete spoke to her when we were in Brett's house!!!). Spent Friday at Sandi's, catching up with Kathy, and, of course, Nick and Tim, who had returned from Canada whilst we were away. Kath looking very well, we were very relieved to see. Once Sandi was home from work, it was a pizza meal with them all.

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