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Sep 6, 2013 - 40 Mile Beach

Today we packed up from Cleaverville and oops there is /a problem with the plastic locking strip on the awning, so we will not be putting the awning out for the next week or so. Dave is going to order the part online (a make sure we have a spare as this is the second time we have had to replace this piece since having the van) and pick it up in Exmouth. As we have been told that no Caravan spare parts place in Karratha. Headed into Karratha to top up fuel, water and a small shop as we were heading down to 40 Mile Beach which is a free camp...

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Sep 2, 2013 - Still in the North West

Hopefully I will get through this entry without too much internet problem. 8th August Another holiday for the dogs today so we could go for a cruise on Lake Argyle. The kennels up here are certainly nothing special and I would not leave the dogs for anything more than a day or so. Back at the park we were picked up about 11am by the shuttle bus and delivered to Lake Argyle. It turned out that the bus driver's name was John and about 1/3 of the men were John as well so all the men became John and the ladies Johnette for the day. Before we...

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Sep 1, 2013 - Cleaverville

We have been having a very relaxing time up here at Cleaverville, very easy to do. Yesterday we did a bit of fishing at the mouth of a creek and we (Steph) caught a few fish, a bit small so we threw them back. Today we again went to the Port Walcott Yacht Club for lunch as it was our anniversary as well as Fathers Day ($10 fish & chips, Last of the big spenders !!!) We will probably be leaving up here later this week and start heading a bit south for a while as we wait until later next month to catch up with Tash, Mike and the boys at...

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Aug 26, 2013 - More touring around

At the end of last week the wind has come up and sorted a number of the campers out so the area has thinned out a bit since last Saturday. A number of the campers have also had to leave to return back to work (including Bob & Julie). Yesterday we started the day by walking out over the exposed rock in front of our area and out near the edge there is a lot of coral formations, it is good to be able to walk over the reef and check all these formations out without having to walk through the water. The tides over the last few days have been...

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Aug 22, 2013 - Sightseeing in the area

Yesterday we did not have a very good start to the day, we were hoping to be on the road sightseeing early but when I went to start the car IT WOULDN'T START, flat battery :( Got a jump start and headed off about an hour later than we wanted. Headed of to and area called 40 Mile Beach which is a free camp area south of Karratha to have a look. This area is OK and it was very full. We spoke to a couple who gave us a few tips for the area about water etc. Drove through a lot of the sights and checked it out as we may stay a night or two when...

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Aug 17, 2013 - Finally a few fish

Well yesterday there was FINALLY a few little fish caught, we caught 3 Bream (I know only 3, but it was fish) We caught them out at some mud flats. In the afternoon bob & I went to another creek entry and the spot looked ideal, the only problem was the fish didn't think the same. I have put up another couple of photos of the amazing sunrises and sunsets we are getting up here, some of the colours are spectacular. Even though I couldn't get any photos, the other day we saw a whale having a ball breaching and crashing its tail on the water,...

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Aug 13, 2013 - Relaxing in Cleaverville

Starting to settle in now, we are all set up on our bay. Went into Karratha for a bit of shopping and picking up some water this morning. There is no wind and it is very calm and peaceful ( time for a PA nap !!!) Well it is very tiring this holidaying !!!! I have taken a few photos of the beach and our set up. Enjoy

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Aug 11, 2013 - Settled in at Cleaverville

Well this could be a lengthy update.We left home on Tuesday 6th August at 12.30 in the arvo, not sure where we would get to but just took off. We arrived at the bridge over the Murchison River (Galena Bridge) at 8 pm. We were not sure where we could park up for the night as it was dark so we went for a walk towards some lights we could see and meet a couple who were going for a walk. They told us there was plenty of parking available so in we went. This is a nice area next to the river, there was water in the river and some swans and ducks...

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Aug 8, 2013 - Karratha

Karratha has changed so much since we were last here. There are even high rise apartment blocks, about 6-7 storeys. New housing estates with some pretty big houses on them. Big industry everywhere and very very busy. Here at the caravan park, it may look like shanty town but they are driving some pretty impressive cars. We took a drive down to Dampier and there is a different story, the town is very neglected, the shopping centre that used to be full of life has virtually closed down except for the IGA and the bottle shop. The Dampier beach...

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Aug 7, 2013 - Karratha

No photos today. We were sorry to leave Onslow, such a nice place. Our plan was to by pass Karratha but we were having trouble with our car fridge, so we thought we better call into an auto sparky to check it over that took the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully its all fixed now so we have booked 2 nights at the Karratha Caravan Park but when the tourist parks are asking $54 per night, this will do at $45. This park is full of workers, facilities are a little outdated and it is in the industrial estate, not the nicest parks we have stayed...

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Sep 7, 2012 - Relaxing

Lie in and relaxing breakfast. Mum and Dad did some planning for our trip to the Kurajini National Park near Tom Price while the boys did some school work. Into town for some supplies and fuel and McDonalds for lunch. Boys went swimming and watched a movie for the afternoon while Mum and Dad read and relaxed.

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Sep 6, 2012 - Red Dog Country

A little sleep in today before driving back to Roeburne and the main highway to Karratha. This was an interesting and pleasant drive through the ranges and quite flat landscape in between. Lovely Stuart Desert Peas and otehr wildflowers dotted the side of the road. We drove through Karratha to Dampier - past the large salt mines (2 lane highway to Dampier). The town of Karratha seems to be growing in every direction - there are new schools, hundreds of new houses going up. It certainly is a very busy town. We pulled into the Home Hardware...

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