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Apr 27, 2014 - Resource City

We have had a great day today starting off with Annabell picking us up for church. David was speaking and gave a great message on how God wants us to do our bit in our allotted lifespan. It was nice to meet the people in the church with an Aboriginal family from Carnarvon and others joining. Afterwards we went for lunch with Allan and Annabell and a few others, Heather and Tony, and Carol and Glen. Glen had the most amazing American cowboy boots on. Tonight we rode back to town to meet Don and Victoria at Vicky's Curry house. We got...

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Apr 25, 2014 - Leaving Cleaverville

The sea was so warm that during our beach walk we decided to go in for a swim. Eventually we left Cleaverville and headed back to Karratha dragging ourselves away from such a relaxing place. We said goodbye to Brett and Helen the camp hosts and also another couple a Canadian Aussie fisherman and his wife Robyn who were camped there. Robyn had been mercilessly bitten by sand flies. In the evening we went to have dinner with Brigitte and Charles who are friends of our friend Susan. Such lovely people and we were able to encourage them in...

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Apr 24, 2014 - Bath water

We're staying out at the beach at Cleaverville, a little bush camp on the coast. David got talking to Brett who is the camp host from 1st May, and he and his wife Helen came over for a cup of coffee and Brett showed David how to rig his fishing lines. Today was a relaxing day and the sea was like bath water, so warm. After a few hours in the water it makes for smooth pink healing skin. The tide turned and came in pretty fast, so eventually it was time to head back along the beach. In the season October to April turtles nest here, although...

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Apr 23, 2014 - The Premier drops in

We were supposed to go to Karijini National Park today but both of us felt it was too far for such a short time as David has been asked to speak at the church on Sunday. We came to this out of the way beach area called Cleaverville near Karratha and who should rock up but the Premier and his entourage and Aboriginal elders doing a deal. We watched in amazement as all these cars turned up at this quiet beach plus a bus full of Aboriginal elders. It turned out to be the WA premier Colin Barnett. After all the pictures and the signing the...

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Apr 22, 2014 - Last day and decisions

We woke up about 6 a.m. while it is cool and not quite light and went off for a bike ride to the town and back. Peter and Glenys packed up and left for the Karijini National Park this morning. David has to have his ultrasound today so we'll leave tomorrow. Up here it is always good weather for the washing and a swim. I biked along to the town and David was given the all clear from the hospital. Nothing to worry about. We came back from town with supplies and a new non stick frying pan and straight away went for a swim to cool off, then...

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Apr 21, 2014 - Easter Monday

We went for an early morning bike ride while it is still cool but there is not a lot going on today as it is a public holiday. Still hot at 35oC. The swimming pool was out of action yesterday because some kids blocked up the filter with stones. Allan the pastor from the church came over to get some advice on a computer program and he and David watched the Geelong Hawthorn match on TV. There seemed to be a lot of shouting coming from inside. The pool was being used this afternoon so I went for a dip while David was getting his injection at...

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Apr 20, 2014 - Easter Sunday

We were picked up this morning by Tony and Heather and taken to Dampier for an Easter service there. Sarai, a Torres Strait Islander led the singing playing a guitar, Pam led communion and Allan Smith the pastor preached. It was a lovely service and a lot of older choruses were sung. Not your sophisticated city church but with the spirit of God just the same. We enjoyed a lunch afterwards with barbecued sausages & onions in bread and casserole and rice which we all enjoyed. On the way back we stopped at the red dog statue made famous by the...

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Apr 19, 2014 - Hot day cool swim

As we wanted to go to a church service on Easter Sunday we looked up the nearest ACC church and David gave the pastor a call. Allan and his wife Annabelle invited us out for lunch and we spent three hours chatting at Jamaica Blue in town with Chicken caesar salad for lunch. We had a lovely lunch and conversation. They dropped us at the hospital and David went for his injection and then we walked back to the Caravan park in the hot sun for a lovely cool swim. Later getting in another swim before the day cooled down.

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Apr 18, 2014 - Good Friday

This morning we had a walk along the banks of the river. We would have gone the other way but all the cattle were making their way to the river to drink and some of them were quite big. On the ACC channel we watched a Good Friday re-enactment of the disciples anecdotes of their time with Jesus and their reactions to Jesus being captured and crucified. Then Charles Price a great Welsh preacher from Peoples Church in Toronto gave a good message on Justice And Mercy. Which he says are opposites and can never come together, but God declares...

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Sep 6, 2013 - 40 Mile Beach

Today we packed up from Cleaverville and oops there is /a problem with the plastic locking strip on the awning, so we will not be putting the awning out for the next week or so. Dave is going to order the part online (a make sure we have a spare as this is the second time we have had to replace this piece since having the van) and pick it up in Exmouth. As we have been told that no Caravan spare parts place in Karratha. Headed into Karratha to top up fuel, water and a small shop as we were heading down to 40 Mile Beach which is a free camp...

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Sep 2, 2013 - Still in the North West

Hopefully I will get through this entry without too much internet problem. 8th August Another holiday for the dogs today so we could go for a cruise on Lake Argyle. The kennels up here are certainly nothing special and I would not leave the dogs for anything more than a day or so. Back at the park we were picked up about 11am by the shuttle bus and delivered to Lake Argyle. It turned out that the bus driver's name was John and about 1/3 of the men were John as well so all the men became John and the ladies Johnette for the day. Before we...

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Sep 1, 2013 - Cleaverville

We have been having a very relaxing time up here at Cleaverville, very easy to do. Yesterday we did a bit of fishing at the mouth of a creek and we (Steph) caught a few fish, a bit small so we threw them back. Today we again went to the Port Walcott Yacht Club for lunch as it was our anniversary as well as Fathers Day ($10 fish & chips, Last of the big spenders !!!) We will probably be leaving up here later this week and start heading a bit south for a while as we wait until later next month to catch up with Tash, Mike and the boys at...

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