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Jul 21, 2011 - Kalbarri

Kalbarri is a gorgeous little holiday town. We had reached the end of WA school holidays here, so the crowds had cleared out a bit! The main drawcard is Kalbarri National Park which has great scenery and the amazing rock formation (in the photo with Sophie & Angus), like a picture frame for the gorge (yes, another one!). The coastline is also fantastic, enormous cliffs and we saw whales passing by out to sea from the lookout!

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Oct 22, 2010 - Kalbarri

Click on an image to enlarge it. Kalbarri 22nd to 26th October 2010 (temp 21 – 27 degrees) We were hoping to see a lot of wildflowers in WA but so far there has been a scattering along the roadside. I have been told we are a little late plus there has been very little rain this year. Hopefully down the coast there will be more wildflowers to see. Kalbarri was another place we both enjoyed on our last trip and we wanted to revisit. It is a very nice place on the coast where the Murchison River meets the sea. We stayed at the same caravan...

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Sep 16, 2010 - Day 81 - Denham to Kalbarri

356kms today. Well, here we are with only a day to go before we land back in Walkaway. What a wonderful holiday/trip we have had - weather has been superb, company at all times even better, and we are STILL keen on heading off next year on an extended tour around our beautiful, stunning, spectacular Australia!! Went back out to the Kalbarri Cliffs to take Kath out to see the sights - dolphin pod of about 40 were there - of course, just before we were - and whales had been sighted, but they all stayed out of sight for the duration of our...

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Aug 2, 2010 - Kalbarri

On Saturday we took off early to Kalbarri to see Sue’s sister and brother in-law (Tracy and James) and stayed with them for 3 nights, on Saturday we went 4 wheel driving up the river to see some beautiful camp sites and the Murchison River Station. That afternoon we went to the big football annual games that were held at Kalbarri, we left them there after a while and caught up with Uncle Adam and Kay who were up visiting friends. On Sunday we went for a drive out of town along the beach to Waego for some sun and lunch and Sue got car sick...

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Jul 7, 2010 - Kalbarri - Day 10

What a beautiful day we awoke to..... jeans and trackies now packed away and 3/4s and shorts are clothing of the day!!! Pete and I did a load of washing and Josh headed to the beach - returned 5 hours later looking rather lobster-ish!! Really does not believe our warnings on the Aussie sun and what sunstroke can do...... Pete and I went for a 20km tour around the gorges and coastal lookouts before having some of the best fish and chips for lunch on the shore front - it really is a wonderful spot here and the reefy entrance to the beach area...

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Jul 6, 2010 - Kalbarri - Day 9

471 kms today - Mt Magnet to Kalbarri. Not too sure what to make about Josh's decision to travel with us - he is asleep in the car within minutes of getting in, on every leg of our trip so far. Today, he awoke for a pit-stop at Mullewa when we changed drivers, then slept to Kalbarri Cliffs - 5+1/2 hours later!! We arrived at the Kalbarri Cliffs and Pete and I walked the 250mtrs down to the magnificent cliff face but Josh wanted to stay in the car. We arrived at our lovely holiday house, Josh got his bags out then headed for the beach. He...

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May 14, 2010 - Gorgeous gorges of Kalbarri

It’s always fun to plan our next destination. We gather around the huge map of Australia and debate it as a family. There is so much to see. Turn right and you miss what is on the left. Turn left and you miss what is on the right. We have become so familiar with distances, that one glance at the map will tell the kids roughly how long the travel time will be. Once a destination is agreed upon, the Atlas comes out and we plan our route. Surprisingly, we love to travel. I always thought I would hate having to spend hours in the car, with the...

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May 9, 2010 - Kalbarri

Through to Kalbarri via Geraldton, Northampton and Pt Gregory. Lovely drive, although very dry at this time of year. Would be a lot nicer during the winter months. The pink lake at Pt Gregory was well worth the 5km diversion. The pics attached really don't do it justice. The road entrance to Kalbarri, where the Murchison River joins the ocean, is quite spectacular. Arrived at Tudor caravan park and found out where we had to park the van. "What's the big deal in that" I hear you saying. Well, after reversing into position at the first...

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Living the Dream

Oct 22, 2009 - Exmouth to Kalbarri

Tuesday 13th October Lorraine: Exmouth is situated on the eastern side of a peninsula that stretches north off the mainland like a big thumb. Our destination today is Cape Range National Park on the western side of the peninsula. Since we left Broome a week ago each night we’ve spent on the West coast has found us and our poor tent buffeted by south westerly winds that locals tell us is quite normal for this time of year. So we knew by driving around to the western side of the peninsula we would be in for a bit of a battering but the lure...

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Oct 1, 2009 - Kalbarri

Further south again and Kalbarri was our next stop. Famous for the wild flower displays in the Spring, the Kalbarri National Park was in full flower as we drove through on our way to the seaside town. The National Park consists mostly of coastal heathland and it seemed to us passing by that every shrub was in flower. It really was a wonderful display. Kalbarri is a pleasant seaside town with all the usual tourist accommodation and attractions and a popular holiday destination for families – very busy when we were there as it was school...

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Nov 19, 2008 - Geraldton to Kalbarri, WA - Day 3 in Metallica + SCUBA time

Woke up early to prepare for our days diving but were forced to make a rapid de-camp as the camp caretaker was cycling round checking number plates...we sort of abused the honest box system slightly at this one...We made a rapid exit from the site (cups of tea in hand) and parked up round the corner to brush our teeth and finish breakfast. We then drove back to Geraldton & headed to the dive shop to collect our hire kit and receive a dive briefing. We drive to Point Moore, met the Dutch windurfers again, kitted up, and headed for the water....

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