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May 16, 2016 - On the road again

Had a perfect run up the freeway...even Cockburn Gateway was clear!!!! Arrived at pretty Jurien, only to find our not-so-friendly neighbours from home were only one bay up from us. Luckily new travellers arrived to fill the gap!!! Had a very interesting day in Stockman's Gully and Lesueur National Park. The cave at the former is at the end of a very rough, very narrow, sandy and/or rocky 5km track...tested my 4wd skills to the max (for us, anyway. Lovers of that sort of driving would probably call it tame!) The cave is very wide, very dry...

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Mar 17, 2014 - A nasty surprise

Today we were going to leave but we first went for a lovely beach walk. We saw a dolphin playing in the harbour, tantalising, but not near enough to get a photo quickly. We paddled in the water as we made our way along the beach and we decided to wade through the water which was quite shallow around to the boat ramp, but unfortunately David slipped on the slippery rocks, cutting his feet. I made my way back to the beach and then 'Doctor Pam' tended the wounded back at the Motorhome. We went out to the shops to do a few things and again...

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Mar 16, 2014 - A walk on the beach

What a beautiful day. I went for a walk round the beach and the harbour. It was lovely. I love the beauty of the sea and sand on a sunny day, watching the boats come in and out of the harbour. We are parked in an inconspicuous spot and have enjoyed it here. We met a lady who was sleeping in her car and there were also some other guys doing the same.

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Mar 15, 2014 - Jurien Bay

We woke up to a beautiful but windy day. We had parked overnight at the harbour in a large carpark with toilets nearby. When we woke up it was to discover Ute's were parked all around us. Obviously men going out early morning fishing. There are plenty of boats nearby in the marina. The lights in the carpark were bright orange all night and it makes it hard to sleep. Jurien Bay is a lovely place. We went for a long bike ride along the bike track by the beach. The sand is so beautiful and golden and the sea is the most beautiful aqua. There...

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Sep 17, 2013 - Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay 17 - 19/09/13 Our first night in Jurien Bay we got blown away and it poured rain so we spent the night watching movies in the tent. Then the next day my friends Alisha, Ella and I made rocky road ice-cream for all our families. While Curtis and his friends Rohan and Patrick made a mars bar and marshmallow concoction. It was a bit like a farewell dessert. We also visited the 'Pinnacles' a type of rock formation - they look a little like ant mounds. The pinnacles are a type of limestone in all sorts of formations. Z

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Stringers Go West

May 13, 2013 - Jurien Bay - Monday 13/5/2013

Getting down to business mal wanted to do some wiring to the van which he new was going to take all day,that's ok,as I will do the washing and some shopping in the local IGA store for ingredients for the Indian curry I decided to make. Yummo the vindaloo was good especially with garlic Nann bread. We both had a successful day ,while i got all the washing done and put away, mal finished off another part of the wiring,i think he has still got more to do. We watched a little bit of TV then fell asleep.

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May 12, 2013 - Jurien Bay - Sunday 12/5/2013

Mother's Day A light breakfast of toast and tea and we were off again as we were meeting Hayley's friends Matt and Alisha who were driving from Perth to spend the day with us.We met them at Rosies cafe in Cervantes for coffee and Rosie's famous chicken and chips,then they followed us to Jurien Bay where we booked into a Top tourist park for 2 nights at $26 a night. Quickly getting settled and clearing out our car so we could all go together,off to the Pinnicles which are rock formations that stick out of the ground that go for miles you...

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Jun 21, 2009 - HMAS Sydney II Memorial at Geraldton

We wanted to look at a couple of memorable items whilst visiting Geraldton, so we spent the morning looking around, and learning lots. As with today's title - Geraldton has a memorial for the HMAS Sydney II, and a great tribute to the loss of 645 sailors. What was even better, was that the museum at Geraldton, which we also visited, had a whole room of information since the discovery of the wreckage last year. It was found approx 150km from Shark bay. A little about the memorial - it's design features a silver dome of 645 seagulls to...

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Jun 12, 2006 - The Birth of The Lady C

A Bit Of Background The First Lady C In Feb - April 2002, Ron and I spent 6 weeks going up the coast of WA in an old tub called The Lady C. Her original name was The Woodpecker. We bought her on the hardstand at the Fremantle Sailing Club in August 2001. She needed a lot of work, which Ron is very good at and never afraid of. She was built in 1932 in Tasmania, starting out as a fishing boat. Eventually, she became privately owned and was used as a mode of transport to get her owner from Melbourne to Tasmania. A doctor used her in...

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