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Jun 3, 2014 - Gero

Monday night I stayed with Jarna and Matt and everyone came around for roast pork and sticky date pudding. Hopefully I haven't caught jarna's cold, but I stocked up on cold flu tablets today just in case. It was great to see the whole family again and I have finally given the girls their Xmas present. Tonight I'm staying at nicks and I love his new house ! Highlights: pork crackling; sticky date pudding; nicks front verandah- such a nice sunny spot with the sound of the waves

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Mar 22, 2014 - Geraldton

What a beautiful day. We drove into the town centre of Geraldton to do a few jobs parking at the visitor centre and cycling to the Main Street. We looked at the big catholic cathedral, St. Francis. A beautiful old building. The Catholics seemed to have made a big impression up the coast of Western Australia. Another Pope Francis friendly church. We cycled back to the visitor centre along the promenade and went to a nearby shopping centre to get a few things. I saw a pair of shoes which might go with the blue dress. We went back to look at...

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Mar 21, 2014 - Sunset Beach

The washing has to be done from time to time so it was an easy day to get things done. This evening we walked along the beach and then went to the viewing platform to watch the sunset. We met quite a few nice people there. Amongst them were Uli and Marion from Germany who we invited back to the Motorhome for a cup of tea. They came from near Cologne. They were very nice people. We had a lovely evening chatting about Germany and the places we've seen, and also their trip to Australia.

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Mar 20, 2014 - Shipwreck coast

Geraldton is quite a big city on the coast and quite pretty. We found our way to the Visitor Centre and heard of a tour at the museum. We went across to the museum and heard all about the shipwreck coast. We didn't realise that so many ships had gone down along this coast. The Batavia of the early 17th century and the Zuytdorp and lots of other shipwrecks. Also including a memorial to the HMAS Sydney sunk in 1941 along the West Australian coast by a disguised German battle ship. Both sunk but the HMAS Sydney had no survivors. The ship was...

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Oct 20, 2013 - Almost to Perth

7th October Left Denham today moving on towards Geraldton via Kalbarri and Northampton. It was a very slow stop start drive with both of us on the lookout for wildflowers. We saw lots of banksias and grevilleas and others we hadn't seen before. I think we're a bit late in the season so are thankful for what we see. The countryside is changing, we're in wheat country now. Our scenic drive through Kalbarri was delightful it is such a pretty spot and on the southern side of town we detoured a few times to a few signposted spots like Jakes...

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Feb 5, 2013 - Geraldton

We were looking forward to arriving in Geraldton but were slightly disappointed with what we found. We though we would probably spend a few nights there but ended up staying just two nights. Dylan was really hoping there would be some good waves for body boarding and was constantly checking the surf but all we got for the two nights we were there was choppy crap. It was really windy and not really all that hot, we didnt even swim in the ocean. Stocked up on more supplied from Woolworths and Coles! Boragain hunting on the cataloque sales....

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Sep 24, 2012 - Lazy day in Geraldton

Early start to get motorhome into the mechanic down near the harbour to do an oil change. We then walked the beach area with the boys playing on the large playground at Town Beach where the historical yellow submarine is (locally made 2 man sub for lobster fishing but it didn't really work - issues with batteries and electrical). We then went to the shopping centre and did some bits of shopping. On our way back to boys having lunch at KFC we found a 100 year old butcher shop near the harbour. Lovely people and some good looking meat - so we...

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Sep 23, 2012 - Around Geraldton

A lazy morning cleaning the motor home and doing the washing before we set off to have a look at Geraldton. Before we left, the boys went around the park looking at all the drop bear signs displayed and the 50 stuffed drop bears up in the trees. We drove the scenic route along the beaches through the main centre of town, down past the silos at the port to the lighthouse. We then drove back to the HMAS Sydney memorial up on the hill overlooking the town. A beautiful spot with symbolism to commemorate the 645 sailors lost. There is a statue...

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Sep 22, 2012 - Kalbarri to Geraldton

A cool but reasonably clear day, we decided to visit the pelican feeding again before we left Kalbarri. We arrived at the pelican feeding station as did a bus of tourists and many other people and we waited, waited but no pelicans turned up today! We then headed out along the coast road to the coastal lookouts of Kalbarri National Park - Eagle Gorge, Natural Bridge and Island Rock. Spectacular views from well maintained roads/parking and track areas. We then drove past the pink lake - Lake Hutt. The algae in the high concentration salt...

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Aug 24, 2012 - Last Day in Geraldton

After a restful morning we ventured off to see the Sydney memorial. A very evocative and emotional place and exceptionally well done. Centrepiece is a large dome made up of seagulls, one for every lost man on the Sydney. A moving experience for us. Then on to the famed CHISH & FIPS for lunch. Now this was excellent fish and chips, indeed it is award winning. Generous serves, superbly cooked in really hot oil. After we ate it our fingers were not greasy…. Tomorrow we are on the road again to Cervantes. Close to the famous Pinnacles and, AND...

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Aug 22, 2012 - 5 Days in Geraldton

19th- 24th After a slight delay to repair a slow leak in a tyre, Greg has discovered a screw in the tyre. We are on our way to Geraldton. Staying at Batavia Coast caravan park for five days. the park roads are very narrow with very high gutters, Greg has to use low range to place van on site. Around the park we have noticed signs posted on the trees warning us about the drop bears. While we are here the car is going to Ultratune for the 80,000 service. Weather has been a mixed bag with some warm days, windy and cloudy and rain. Geraldton...

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Aug 22, 2012 - Out and about in Geraldton

Had a nice day in Geraldton today, out and about took a few happy snaps, had the car serviced, Carol had a haircut and bought herself some Bras at the RED DOT SHOP and I thought that sounds familiar and worked out that Tram Crews stopped for snacks enroute at the Red Spot in Stuart St in Ballarat….. I can store some useless info…. Hopefully this “cold Front” we are enduring will move inland overnight as we are going to get “Chish & Frips” for luncheon tomorrow and eat on the foreshore and visit the memorial to HMAS Sydney. Talking to the...

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