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Jun 14, 2014 - Broome 2

Well today we went into broome again and got a charger for my new light because I have looked high and low and can't find it in the car . Bet it turns up now . Then I took panda for a lap around the oval and she thought rolling in the grass was ace. We went to the visitor center and china town window shopping. The photo is of the old corrugated iron Sun Cinema which opened in 1933 and still has the same deck chairs. It's an open air cinema in china town. There's a few long grassers around but they give panda a wide berth which is just as...

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Jun 13, 2014 - Barn hill 2

So on day 2 at barn hill I went fishing after breakfast at high tide. There was a great gutter just within casting range. It took me a while to rig up as someone had raided my fishing box and all the rigs I had made up had vanished- that's the last time I leave my gear at wedge. If anyone reading this feels guilty, a big box of dark chocolates should ease that guilt feeling. Anyway I was pretty impressed with what I taught especially since a $5 pkt of bait at barn Hill only got me 7 mulies. And really lucky I didn't get snagged since there...

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Jun 13, 2014 - Broome

I got to broome and found a vet at 10.30 but they had closed for surgery. She rang the other vet for me and it was the same deal there. So we got an appointment for 315pm after they finished surgery. In the meantime I went to woollies and did some shopping and used my fuel voucher to fill up. Then we went to gantheume point and looked around the rocks and went to the beach. The racecourse is across the road and there are signs everywhere warning drivers to watch out for horses. I guess the beach is the perfect place to exercise horses. I...

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Jun 10, 2014 - Barn hill station

Well this place is amazing. The views and weather fantastic. Friendly relaxed people. Less than half the cost of being in broome. I'm paying $22 a night for an unpowered site on the cliff with beautiful ocean views. I have paid for 3 nights but might extend it. The beach is magnificent and goes for miles. This morning I took panda for a long walk on the beach. It was high tide when we got down there and I saw a dozen or so big trevally caught off the beach. Apparently there were mackerel and salmon being caught on the next beach south, but...

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Jun 10, 2014 - Sand fire roadhouse

After leaving de grey river the next morning, I continued north and stopped at lunch time at sand fire roadhouse for a break. After taking panda for walk to stretch her legs I tied her in the shade of the troopy with a bowl of water. To get to the loo you have to pass the outdoor bar area and I got chatting to some other travellers and decided to have a beer with them. Then they bought me another beer ..... It was nice sitting in the shade with the warm breeze and the peacocks strolling around looking for crumbs. I didn't leave until 2pm,...

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Jun 3, 2014 - Back to Broome

After a brief visit to Melbourne Melbourne for a wedding we returned to Broome today. We got up at 4.45 am and crept out of the house with the luggage going to Andrews Airport parking to leave the car then taking their shuttle to the airport for check in. We are leaving the cold and going back to the warmth of Broome. We got into Broome just after midday. We took a taxi to the air conditioning place to pick up the Motorhome then arrange Palm Grove CP for a few more days Tonight we drove down to the Cable Beach carpark to meet up with Rex...

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May 19, 2014 - Gantheume Point

We packed a lunch and went to Gantheume Point and Anastasia's pool. Some young people were jumping off the rocks into the swell. Not for the faint hearted. The crocodile park is a few kilometers out of town and we drove out there. There are some amazing and very dangerous crocodiles. All crocodiles have the potential to be dangerous. There were also some alligators from Miami which they said if they got into Victorian waters no one would be able to swim in those waters as they don't mind the cold. We watched the sunset and then had our...

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May 18, 2014 - Saying goodbye

We all met together on the beach for a warm, sunny, relaxed morning. We went back to the airport to see off those who were going today. We enjoyed a late lunch barbecue with those who were still here. Later we went down to the beach to watch the sunset with Louise and Aaron. What a beautiful sunset it was and the water was so warm.

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May 17, 2014 - The big 70!

Tonight is a wonderful night of celebration with family and friends for David's big birthday. We met tonight at the Sunset bar and grill, Cable Beach Resort, to watch the sunset on a perfect evening sipping cool drinks. David and I both dressed up for the evening. I was wearing the royal blue fitted dress and the shoes I'd bought to match with some bling and David wore a lovely striped shirt, tailor made from India. We moved into our own area for the meal as there were quite a number of us. It was a very lovely evening and the entree was...

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May 16, 2014 - The Camel Safari

We met everyone on the beach and Adam was off racing to the water with the boys. Sue and Trevor arrived in from Perth and it was great to see them. We met up with everyone at Zanders and then back to the airport to meet more family and friends. We had just a short time before we were heading to Cable beach for the camel ride. What an amazing experience. Everyone loved it. We had fifteen adults and three children plus a lap sitter. It was so much fun. Even though today had a lot of clouds the reflections of the setting sun on the water was...

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May 15, 2014 - Staircase to the Moon

We welcomed more family and friends to Broome today and tonight we all met at the Town Beach to watch the staircase to the moon. The Staircase to the moon is a natural phenomena that happens three times a month during April to October. We went to the markets at Town Beach and all enjoyed the cuisine and market fare. Then we went out on to the wharf to watch the moon rise over Roebuck Bay. As it does it sheds it's light on the water creating a staircase effect. It is very lovely and unique. It's so lovely to catch up with friends and family...

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May 14, 2014 - Hospital

We got to the beach early and Adam and Lisa were loving it. The surf was so amazing. The boys were being shown by Adam how to body surf. Moses came the full length of a wave and when he got to the beach Adam popped his head up. Moses had been on his back. As David was body surfing the wave dumped him head first on to the sand giving him a very nasty graze on the head. With blood running down his face he visited the surf life saving and they doctored the graze. He went back in but then an almighty wave hit him with the boogie board under...

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