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Feb 28, 2007 - New Norcia to Cervantes, the Pinnacles and Jurien Bay Western Australia

Jeff The visit to New Norcia will have lasting memories for many reasons. One minor one was a conversation between Sylvia and the tour guide. The guide, "The ants here bite". Sylvia, "I know, one just climbed on my foot and it bit me". The guide, "Well they don't eat much". So that's all right then. After spending most of our spare money on the monks produce, we drove the 25 miles north to Moora. I don't know if I mentioned the Nationwide Building Society cancelled our credit card because someone had been using it in South Africa and...

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Dec 23, 2006 - Australia - Pinnacles

We had covered pretty much all we wanted to do on the south coast so figured it was time to head back to some sunshine and one other natural phenonemum 800km back north of Perth so we decided that we would pack up the tent and set off as quick as we could as it started raining. Soon enough we were back in stinking hot sunshine and reached Perth in a few hours. We drove into some pretty big bugs on the way and later found out they were locusts that had recently been through the area. We still had another three hours to go to our destination...

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