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Dec 22, 2017 - Great Ocean Road to Melbourne

On 19th Dec we continued our journey down the Great Ocean Road heading from Port Campbell to Apollo Bay. Stopped at all the tourist spots along the way. When we got to the Twelve Apostles, of which there are only 7 still standing, we decided to splash out on a helicopter flight along the coast. Amazing views and well worth it. We were going to do a few other attractions on the way by we were running critically short of fuel as the garage we planned to fill up at had no diesel! We were running on fumes by the time we got to Apollo Bay. The...

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Oct 30, 2017 - Colac to Apollo Bay

Hi All, Janet here today - Robyn just soooo busy with work!!!! Well what an exciting day today. Started off as a normal morning, waking Robyn up with the bright sunshine in the room at around 8.30am, listen to her complain for around 10 mins and then push her out of bed for her shower. Great start, then the 'hottie' got sick. Unsure why, but she just didn't want to leave the car park. Even the Dr made a house call and couldn't fix her, so it was off to the hospital in Geelong for her this arvo. This left us in a little dilemma! Yes, that's...

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Sep 16, 2017 - First official day of Tour

First day of the official tour. 7 of us on this first leg of tour... all females. The tour guide is a female and even the bus is called Annie! We were all exhausted, but once started the Great Ocean Road in Torquay... we all woke right up! Such beautiful sights! We stopped all along the way at different look out spots, including London Arch, Apollo Bay, 12 Apostles, & Loch ard Gorge. So many pics, ill try to keep adding more... Tonight we are staying in a hostel in Port Campbell. It's the only hostel in Australia! Delicous beer!! Only bad...

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Feb 24, 2013 - Torquay

Today we started our journey down the Great Ocean Road. We had a nice breakfast at the b&b overlooking the valley in Torquay. Once we finished breakfast the temperature was in the high 20's and there wasn't a cloud in the shy so it was a perfect start for our scenic drive. All in all the drive was very impressive! Very amazing formations of land along the drive. There wasn't as much coast line as I expected, but the scenery and views made it all worth while. And being Kara's second trip on the road, she had full sunshine on this trip...

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Engagement honeymoon

Jul 1, 2012 - Torquay and Melbourne

Well last day on the Great Ocean Rd and what a trip it has been. The weather has not been the best. Left Torquay this morning after a cooked breakfast at the Wyndham. Once again it was embarrassing for the men, Michele and Trish loaded up their bags with cheese and muffins for the trip. If you did that in a shop you would be busted for shop lifting!!! Off to Queenscliff to catch the ferry across the bay to Sorrento. It is a very wealthy area with some magnificent houses on the way in. Once docked we headed up the edge of the bay to...

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Feb 15, 2009 - Traveling again

Today we flew back to Melboune and hung out at the airport for lunch.. they have good food. We picked up our car that we left at thet Formula One Motel and off down town to the Queen Victoria Market. We could have spent 3 days shopping there. We loaded up on food and some clothes. We head to the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. We got a place for the night at Torquay.

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Apr 29, 2008 - Sovereign Hill

Great dinner and drinks last night in the bistro. Freezing this morning as Todd got up to go to golf. While Todd was at golf the kids and I caught up; exciting stuff like homework, washing, cooking dinner etc!! Off to Sovereign Hill after lunch with a planned afternoon because we couldn't fit a whole day in the itinerary. The hit of the day was panning for gold. Once we worked out how to do it, the kids spent ages finding tiny pieces of gold which they have proudly kept in a jar. We toured a mine shaft (a bit claustaphobic but we...

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Dec 26, 2007 - Free-falling!

Samantha bought a tandem skydive for us for Christmas so we headed off today to jump out of a plane. The day was fantastic, hot and sunny with clear skies. We both got our harnesses on and spent about 2 mins learning the few things you need to know doing a tandem jump. It's mostly down to the person your strapped to so it's easy! The jump was great. It was pretty scary once the plane door opened and the moment before we fell was scary! Once the free-fall started it was bloody cold but a big rush. Then the parachute opened and we got a...

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