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Feb 4, 2006 - Mamsie!!

Daar is ze dan!!! Het is echt SUPER om haar weer te zien! (Ik moets wel helemaal naar het vliegveld komen om d'r op te halen..haha) De eerste twee nachten dat we samen in Melbourne waren was in een hostel in het midden van het centrum. Dat was een beetje TE luidruchtig voor madam... (en dat terwijl ze me altijd heeft gezegt dat het d'r niet uit maakte dat we in hostels zouden verblijven..) Je bent vergeven moeders! Wamt daardoor hebben we bijna de rest van de trip in hotels geslapen!! Dat was wel ff luxe na al die hostels voor zo lang!...

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Jan 31, 2006 - Melbourne

Arriving in the Melbourne area we stayed at Geelong right on the beach but the weather has been our worst in Australia cloud and rain. Had a drive through Melbourne and surrounding areas and a look round and Geelong town avoiding all the bush fires on the way, before deciding to give the van back early and have a 2 week stop in Thailand before flying home. We have lots of washing to do and are pretty tired from all the driving and exploring and not sleeping to well especially as it has been so hot, but have loved every minute of it.

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Jan 29, 2006 - Ken in Melbourne

Ken's ship, a freighter named the Baltrum Trader, has a Philipino crew and European, mostly German, officers. His cabin is a single cabin up four flights of stairs! However it has a bathroom and a fridge, so he was happy. He should be in Melbourne now. It does round trips of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Port Kelang (Kuala Lumpur) and Singapore. Because it stops in KL first we decided to forgo Singapore and start our trip in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia. Elaine's parents, brothers and sisters live there. We hope to catch up with them.

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Jan 25, 2006 - Victoria's secrets

So the plan was to pick up a hire car from kings cross at 11 am pack car full of surfboards etc ,drive to Shepparton in 2 hour shifts of driving, meet his mom and pop and go out for a few drinkies to meet the local wildlife. Half past 4 that avo we said our final goodbyes and drove off in the rush hour traffic the wrong way!By 5 we were finally out of Sydney with 600 k's ahead of us. We had 1 thing going for us . The car we had hired was a belter, Mitsubitshi Magna station wagon with all the mod cons, so good was this car it told you when...

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Jan 24, 2006 - Melbourne!

Back on the mainland! Eindelijk aangekomen met de boot. The "Spirit of Tasmania". Was eem reis van 11 uur, maar gelukkig heb ik er 8 van geslapen. Ik heb hier afgesproken met een paar meiden die ik ken van de Jackeroo/Jillaroo. Beide duits, en ik heb ongeveer een week met ze opgetrokken. Was erg gezellig! Hebben een beetje van de stad gezien, maar verder weinig ondernomen. Het enige dat we gedaan hebben is het aquarium. Dat was erg mooi, en nog leuk ook! Ze hadden zelfs een attractie, een visueel ding waar je wel alle g-krachten kon...

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Jan 23, 2006 - Arrived arrive-oh!

So here we are in sunny Melbourne after what seems like the longest most boring flight in the history of man.... It's really nice here, the sun is shining but it's not too hot (about 25C). We're desperately trying to stay awake though as it seems like a very long time since we last went to bed proper (I think it was Saturday and it's now Tuesday lunchtime!) Our mission is to try and stay awake until bedtime here which is proving very difficult. Several short naps under trees in the park have been essential so far! It's bizzare going...

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Jan 22, 2006 - Melbourne

So last night in Melbourne and it was spent doing laundry, packing and taking it easy. It's been hot as hell here over the last few days. Temps in the low and mid 40's (celcious folks) I was telling folks here that in Philly the summer's get hot enough where we lose a couple of old people every summer. It's kinda funny in a dark sarcastic way. but anywho, the Australian Open has been in Melbounre (tennis) and some around the world sailing competition is in port also. If anybody remembers my dive partner from Cairns her boyfriend is on the...

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Jan 19, 2006 - Melbourne

Well today we leave the unusual gloom and wetness of Sydney for the hot humid climes 'o Melbourne. The plane ride was good and we picked up a rental car so I needed to practice my drive on left stuff. Melbourne is a hard city to drive in as in order to make a left turn [on the wrong side of the road] you need to be in the far left lane....a bit confusing. The Park Hyatt is fabulous. Our room has a great view of Rod Laver Arena as well as the rest of the Melbourne Tennis Centre. Here are some pics. Ran into Brad Gilbert in the lobby. He said...

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Jan 17, 2006 - Melbourne

After spending more than 2 weeks in Tasmania, I am now back on the main land in Melbourne, back to civilisation! Tasmania was really great, I really enjoyed my few weeks over there, I definitely recommend it to anybody that comes to Oz! My friend Carole with whom I have been travelling since October is gone to Sydney and she is flying back to France next week, so for the first time since Byron Bay, I am on my own... It's strange feeling, I got used to travel with other people... I am not sure what I want to do now, I might just stay in...

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Jan 14, 2006 - Melbourne

Our journey to melbourne was by 'Bruce', the hi-top campervan that we were relocating for a car hire company. Compared to your bogstandard backpacker car this was HEAVEN.....fridge, microwave, cooker, sink, water, double bed....and a hobbit hole (for Jenna!) The two of us, plus two strays (only messing Lauran and Jenna) drove down over three days. First stop was at Canberra where the plan was for myself and James to get our Chinese visas. Unfortunately we forgot that these embassy people don't work weekends. Or afternoons on any day, so...

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Jan 10, 2006 - Australiƫ, Melbourne

Geland op Australische bodum! Maar helaas was ik hier al aangekomen om iets van 09:00h. En vertrekt m'n vlucht naar Tasmaniƫ pas om 19:40h...Dus dat was een lange zit op het vliegveld.. Beetje gelezen, muziek geluisterd, rondgebanjerd door het winkelgedeelte enz. Totdat ik eindelijk weer kon doorvliegen naar Hobart!

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Jan 7, 2006 - Melbourne

hallo ihr da draussen! ja, lange haben wir uns nicht so richtig gemeldet... aber wir sind immer noch frisch& munter! wir sind nun also von adelaide via great ocean road nach melbourne gefahren! zuerst haben wir in victor harbour gestoppt, wo wir die pinguine nach granite island nach hause kommen sehen haben! total mini viecher! so 30 cm gross.. die jungen die am festland gewartet haben waren natuerlich noch kleiner... der taschenpinguin schlechthin! uebernachtet haben wir dann in soner seitenstrasse am stadtrand die zu einem wanderweg...

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