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Dec 18, 2014 - A Barbecue

Today the weather wasn't quite as nice but still warm. David and Shane went out this morning for a bike ride to Paynesville and back. This afternoon Courtney and the girls went out canoeing on the river. Tonight we had a roast dinner. David cooked the meat on the baby webber and I cooked the veggies in my oven and the Yorkshire puddings in Kathy's oven. They turned out okay except that all the non stick came off on the bottom of the puddings and Kathy had to cut them off. We had a lovely night and after dinner we watched photos on the TV...

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Dec 17, 2014 - Immense sorrow

Immense sorrow and condolences at Martin Place in Sydney for the dead. Many people queued up for hours to lay flowers at the site which is cordoned off. All of Australia is so sad over this unfolding event. Terrorism has touched us. Also in Pakistan a school was targeted by Islamic terrorists and more than 120 children and teachers were killed. It's a sad, cruel and angry world at times and we have to keep our focus on the goodness of God and people who do good and not on evil senseless angry people. We place ourselves in. God's hands. The...

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Dec 16, 2014 - SYDNEY Seige

We are in Bairnsdale having just left Lakes Entrance and are at Shane and Kathy's place. It's so lovely here and we are parked next to the garden beds and the gazebo and the river is about ten meters away. It is so good to BME here and we are having a lovely time here. The weather is very nice and we are looking forward to getting back to Melbourne to see the family. We had a good drive from Lakes Entrance to Bairnsdale. It is so lovely to be back in Victoria and we both felt that we should be extra careful on the roads as they say many...

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Sep 20, 2013 - Our First Trip In Our Caravan

Day 1 - Date: Friday 20/9/2013 Packed up the caravan hooked on to car and off we went. Left home at 1pm. Arrived at 6.30pm at our friends place at Sarsfield just outside of Bairnsdale. We meet Sandy and Less on a cruise, and now we call them one of our best friends. We had a good trip up to Bairnsdale no dramas thank God. Sandy had dinner ready for us so nice of her. Day 2 - Date: Saturday 21/9/2013 got up had showers and breakfast with them out in there big out door area it was beautiful full of ferns and other plants all so healthy. Then...

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Mar 3, 2013 - Launching the boat

Another hot day! We walked up the road to the Baptist church where Shane and Kathy go. They made us feel very welcome. We enjoyed the service and there were a lot of people there. The pastor David Sharman spoke on 'The outworking of inworking.' With a title like that you'll have to go to the pod message to hear it. The scripture he used was 1 Corinthians 6 : 9-11. It is well worth a read. The Bible is such an amazing book. Not only is it history but it gives examples of how to live life (or not to.) I call it the handbook for life. If...

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Mar 2, 2013 - A lazy day

Shane and Kathy went off to Melbourne and we had a relaxing day reading and enjoying the sunshine. In the afternoon we set off on our bikes to go into town. I am very rusty on my bike riding and was wobbling everywhere. After getting a few more things from the supermarket we stopped to have a McD coffee and muffin and afterwards a cone and flake. They are so cheap compared to buying them elsewhere. On the way back we were flying along we went down a dip and everything flew out of the basket. We had fish for dinner.

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Mar 1, 2013 - Relaxing by the river

We were very slow to get up this morning. Shane and Kathy came down to the 'truck' for coffee and we had a very relaxing time. What a lovely spot by the river. Everything is so tranquil. Shane keeps the grass beautifully with a little green for Courtney's golf. We went over to the Pearson Institute to have a look around then headed into town to do some shopping. The four of us went out to the Mercure for dinner. Isn't it lovely to spend time with friends? Good food and good conversation.

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Oct 12, 2011 - Aus - Day 161 - Camping on the world's longest silt jetty

Woke up on the world's longest silt jetty to begin another day of travel. We made our way through the towns of Bairnsdale, Orbost, and Marlo, to spend a bit of time at Cape Conran Foreshore reserve. Beautiful beaches line the coast here, and next thing I knew, Dawnie was once again on the hunt for seashells. This area seems to have some really neat shells with different colors and formations... Dawnie's hit treasure! LOL. We then made our way back inland, where after stopping in for a short hike at Cabbage Tree Creek Flora Reserve, we...

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May 3, 2011 - Bairnsdale

Bairnsdale – 16 April to 27 April (11 nights) The 217km drive from Inverloch to Bairnsdale was hilly, with mostly farmland and we passed through the town of Leongatha, which is home to the Devondale Long Life milk factory and lies in a magnificent green valley, which stretches for ever – bet not one of you knew that!!!! Bairnsdale is situated 294km SE of Melbourne and has a population of about 11,300. The town is sited on a bend of the Mitchell River, with the river flowing in along the northern edge of the town, before turning south to...

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Trip Journal

Living the Dream

Oct 6, 2010 - Day 1

So today on day one, we made it down to Bairnsdale in Victoria. An easy ride, we didnt want to push it and just enjoy the day. The riding was great, th road from Nimitabell down to Cann River is a brilliant bike road and we just took it easy and enjoyed every bend. We got rained on after Cann River and Orbost and had to get the wet weather gear out... All for 14 drops, until Lakes Entrance.. But it did look like we were gonna get drenched.. Heh.. The bikes are going great and th new bike-travelling set-up we have been each working on is...

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Mar 14, 2009 - Catching up on the journal and Paynesville ferry to Raymond Island

Well, I am still awake at 12.15am on Sunday Morning trying to catch up on the journal. Planet of the Apes is on TV!!! It is blowing a storm and we had to bring in the awning. The Sheltons may be home already and snug in their beds but if they are still driving I hope they take it easy. Today, I took Miranda and Sara into the town to buy a new crate for Liam as his has a huge crack in the lid and some other bits and pieces. Sean stayed behind to do his work and allow Rhiannon and Liam to do their diaries etc. We took longer than we thought...

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Mar 13, 2009 - Lakes Entrance and Paul and Corrina

Liam joined Tim to attend Elijah's assembly. While Michelle packed and got ready for their trip to Avalon, which is near Geelong. We left at the same time they did. We drove into town and Sean tried to get his internet usb fixed but it has to be sent to Canada. We went to the Tourist Info centre and booked our boat tour of the area for 2pm, we had to be at the Lakes Entrance at 1.30pm. We had some breakfast in a cafe and then bought some more books to read.....We need a trailer to just carry all the novels we are reading!!! Sean ended up...

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