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May 21, 2016 - Into the Pound

The best $3 I have ever spent was the Shuttle bus trip into the Pound. From the bus terminus it was about a 1Km walk into the original homestead then a 500m walk (read climb) up to the lookout. It’s actually quite a pleasant walk and 2 hours is about right by the time you walk in, have a wander around and climb up to the lookout. It doesn’t look as dramatic from the inside looking out yet it’s hard to imagine that until 1917 it was all farmland… We packed a picnic lunch which we devoured after the hike and were joined by carolling Magpies...

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May 19, 2016 - Wilpena

It was an easy drive today to Rawnsley Station at the southern end of Wilpena Pound. The Flinders look stunning with the colours in the rocks. Very rugged and grand… There are several walks around here most of which involve climbing steep hills, we chose a level walk this arvo after the washing had been done and lunch consumed, not sure who was the most tired, me or Gracie, she got back to camp and was very lethargic but has perked up now after a rest and dinner…. We tried to tune in for TV and somehow managed to get a message displayed on...

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Jul 24, 2011 - Magical Wilpena Pound

Up a little later than usual and over to the dining room for a good brekky of cereal and toast. Back to our cabin to pack and then a walk to take some photos of the hotel and also the rusted train engines on the old sidings. Maureen only poked her head out of the cabin when we were leaving. The smell and the prospect of mice were a little confronting for her. Made our way over to the general store where we found a medium sized ladies bush hat that we have been trying to buy for Maureen since we saw them in Alice Springs at the RFDS. Only...

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Apr 28, 2011 - A slight change of plan

When we left Lake Bonney we were headed to Wilpena Pound,travelling via Morgan, Burra, a very old mining town with lots of lovely stone buildings; Peterborough, where we had a wander through their Saturday market, Orroroo and Carrieton. Along the way we saw lots of ruins of stone buildings and in Terowie some very quirky art in the paddocks. Unfortunately there were lots of wind generators on the ridges which are a real blot on the landscape. We intended leaving the van at Wilpena and then driving to Marree for my flight over Lake Eyre....

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Over the Horizon

Aug 9, 2009 - Flinders ranges Day 28

Well, the big off-road adventure begins. Despite being hopelessly "un-ready for 4x4'ing" Kenny Kia and Big Ugly Bety headded for the Gravel today into Buneroo and Brachina Gorges for bush camping. We saw some spectactular scenery (must get that jolly card-reader for Laptop, but sadly no JB HI-FI in William Creek, SA. population 16.) Managed a lenghty 55km for the day! Camped in the bush at "Teamsters campsite" (named after a bloke whose grave is there ) in Brachina Gorge, and it was the most picturesque setting. Kids made a huge fire and we...

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Aug 7, 2009 - Wilpena Pound Days 26-27

Based at the very picturesque Wilpena Pound Bush Caravan Park. The kids had a ball playing in the dirt and making "rock cities" and Riding their bikes up and down the bush trails. Elijah grabbed some superb photographs of an Emu that went strutting by with 5 chicks in tow. (can't get photos off big camera yet, need card reader. ) Finally I can report that the weather has turned sunny and fine and very pleasant 25 degrees. So pleasant in fact that we packed a hiking lunch and walked up to a look out with the kids. The Wilpena Pound is...

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Aug 6, 2009 - Flinders Ranges Day 25

Its an easy drive from Peterborough to the Flinders although with a howling head wind and bikes and hills, poor old Kenny Kia is just managing to beat 30 litre per 100k. No that's not a misprint. The country has really turned arid and "outbacky" as Elijah puts it. Red dust and brilliant sunsets. We took the luxury of a powered site in a real caravan park for a shower and to do some washing. We spent $15 on a load (read 5 bits!) of fire wood, and had a candle-lit dinner under the stars by the camp fire. It's no longer raining, but the wind...

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Apr 20, 2007 - Angorichina

The first day of my outback tour was a super early start at a 6:30am pickup. We drove north through the Flinders Ranges and stopped at these cool caves to see Aboriginal cave drawings. We also stopped at Wilpena Pound and ended for the night in Angorichina where we stayed at an old WWII hospital for tuberculosis patients.

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Mar 7, 2007 - Flinders Ranges - erste 4WD Erfahrungen und dem Himmel ganz nah

Nachdem wir Jon und Natalie ein letztes Mal getroffen hatten (sie mussten zurueck nach Melbourne, um ihren Flieger nach Neuseeland nicht zu verpassen) waren wir ploetzlich ganz allein. Das fuehlte sich recht eigenartig, ja fast ein wenig gruselig und tatsaechlich traurig an. Einerseits waren wir nun vor dem Eintritt in die Wueste ganz auf uns gestellt, andererseits wuerde eine lange Zeit vergehen bis wir die beiden wiedersehen. Aber schon ein Tag spaeter war die Trauer verflogen - man sagt ja wohl, das beste gegen Reisedepression sei das...

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Feb 4, 2007 - Outback here we come!

Yesterday it was up very early (5.30 am) in order to get onto the tour bus heading up on a 6 day trip to Alice Springs! Since it was so early, most of us slept through the next 2 hours of wine region of the Clara Valley, from the under the cracks in my eyelids it looked very nice but couldn't really deal with the morning yet!! Stopped for some breakfast before continuing to head north. Ended up stopping at various places to do some sightseeing and late in the afternoon a very cool (as in interesting since it was more than 40 degrees...

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Dec 12, 2006 - Angorichina

A 6.30am pick up by the Groovy Grape tour bus signalled the start of a 1,740 mile journey from Adelaide to Alice Springs over 7 days. The actual shortest distance via the Stuart Highway is 995 miles so the additional miles were made up of the use of alternative dirt track routes, diversions to sights, camping grounds, etc. Kev the driver had 14 of us on board and there was a feeling of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" about the trip as we headed north towards the red centre knowing we would be spending the next week touring...

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Mar 4, 2006 - Flinders Ranges

An 8-day / 7-night trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs via lots was about to begin with the Wayward Bus. This overland journey from the Southern Ocean to the Centre follows the trails of Aboriginal culture, European exploration, camel caravans led by Afghan traders, miners gambling their lives with picks and shovels and the original Ghan Railway. I was one of the first to be picked up from my accommodation which had the advantage of being an even earlier start, but the advantage of getting a good seat! From Adelaide, our way north weaved...

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