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Oct 28, 2018 - Crystal Brook to Woolshed Flat south of Quorn

28/10/2018. Sunday. Warm, some light rain Crystal Brook to Woolshed Flat south of Quorn Numerous trains passed during the night, but we were all able to go back to sleep without too much bother. We left our camp about 9.30 and drove through Gladstone to Laura where we had coffee at a small shop recommended by a passing traveller, and Ron had one of the towns famous ice creams. He said it was nice but Drumsticks are just as good - and we’ve had a few of those! There were big red plastic bows on the trees, so Ron asked about them at our...

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Jun 27, 2017 - The Flinders Ranges

15 June - The Flinders Ranges Ok, so we did hear a kookaburra, and cockerels and other birds this morning, but it was way before sunrise. So, up and ready to go, we planned to do a circular sort of route through the Flinders. We headed north along the Flinders Way across the Willockra Plain with the Elders Ranges to the left and the Horseshoe Ranges to the right. The plain was just wild, saltbush and blue bush; it has been sheep pasture once in a big way but 90% of stock were lost in the great drought in the 1860s. We did see a few sheep...

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Oz and the Big Lap

Oct 7, 2016 - Down time in Quorn

A sleep in and then washing time for the morning. The washing machine got stuck and our towels had 3 washes in total and the owners hung them out after they fixed the machine. Dad and Brenton walked into town to get the paper and have a look around. We all then went in at about lunch time for some supplies we forgot yesterday at the supermarket and to look at the art galleries. However they were closed until after lunch. After lunch we did a dump point run in the motorhome and fuelled up before going to the Outback Colours Art gallery which...

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Oct 6, 2016 - Pichi Richi Railway

Didn't all the people come out of the wood work when the train departure time arrived. We thought there would be a dozen or so people on the old steam train but over 100 people were on it! The train takes us from Quorn down to Wool Shed Flats about 45 min ride away through the mountain passes. We had morning tea at Wool Shed before the return trip at about 1pm. When for a walk around the town and picked up some supplies from the IGA and bakery before retiring to a lazy afternoon in the park.

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Oct 5, 2016 - Woomera and the Flinders Ranges

Early start to leave Coober Pedy and head south with a bit of a tail wind. 7.5 hours of driving all up with stops for lunch at Glendambo and then a tourist stop at Woomera where we went to the 2 museums in town. What an interesting place - a town built for 5000 now having 125 people. Just like mining towns, this government town has all these facilities - a beautiful theatre that are now going to waste as the town is basically no more. Even though there is testing of rockets still happening it is not at the levels it was in the 50'and 60's...

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Aug 7, 2011 - We must like Quorn

Sunday, day of rest and cooked breakfast…. We wandered over to Emily’s bistro for breaky then wandered back to the railway station to buy our tickets. Gracie was issued with a free ticket, mauve in colour with a red stripe No 3 (I wonder what it would bring on EBay?). We had an hour to fill before departure so we returned to the van to stow some groceries then back to the train…. An enjoyable trip but it does cost AU$42 (I thought I’d better put the AU in as I now have overseas readers) return and the refreshments at Woolshed Flat are not...

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Aug 6, 2011 - Quorn (still)

Shades of the beige Corolla….. I went train chasing this morning. The subject was the Ghan on the Pichi Richi pass. Very scenic countryside too but there are steep grades and sharp curves. Very photogenic but you have to enjoy that sort of thing, fortunately we didn’t have to organise an official photo line the only problem was some guy in Camo pants driving like this was the TGV and wanted to get to the next good location in time to beat the train so we let him drive at breakneck speed while we went at a gentle 80 or so we still kept well...

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Aug 5, 2011 - Quorn

Here we are in Quorn. Quite a change from Streaky Bay - no wind or rain and a nice quiet park just across from the railway station so we can keep an eye on the trains. I hope they don’t shunt all night!!!! The town of Quorn began with the surveying of the railways. It would eventually become the junction of the Sydney-Perth and Adelaide-Darwin railway systems. When a hundred years later it lost the railway traffic it had to rely on its other services to farmers and pastoralists. As the gateway to the Flinders Ranges, the tourist industry...

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Mar 10, 2009 - Quorn

First thing in the morning it was noodling for opals after about 30 mins looking around the various 'slag' heaps that had been dropped over several decades by miners it began to feel like a lost cause until someone in the car park had found one. once you knew what you were looking for it became quite addictive our guide had a healthy supply of opals he had found in the car park! He told us that miners didn't realise how rare the dark opal was so disregarded it when they were looking for opals and most of it was in them there 'slag heaps'....

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Jun 2, 2008 - 2nd June, Quorn

Woke up to a bloody cold morning, certainly back in the south now....pretty noisy night, we were camped quite near the Stuart Hwy, lots of trucks. Actually saw the Ghan for the 1st time last night about 100 metres away in the bush. The railway line can be seen at various places all the way down from Darwin but till now havn't spotted the train. Terri was up at 1st light with the video camera and filmed a goods train heading north...got a honk from the driver. Our plan today was to head to a national park north east of Port Augusta to camp...

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