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Dec 1, 2016 - Farm Beach

Ian’s birthday today, so it was his choice as to what we were going to do today. First choice was for him to spend the morning fishing, so after he went off to do that I took the dogs for a walk up on the cliffs. It was a really calm morning, but thunder was in the air. Back at the van I made a cake to share with the other campers at happy hour, caught up with my diary, then started reading one of my newly acquired books. We did have a bit of a storm before lunch, though hardly any rain, and the day cleared from then. We took the dogs for...

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Nov 30, 2016 - Farm Beach

We drove into Coffin Bay after breakfast to have a look around. Apparently the normal population is about 650 but that this swells to over 4,000 during the summer holidays. It is easy to see why it would be a popular holiday destination as Coffin Bay itself is one of a number of protected bays in an inland water system and the surrounding countryside is quite pretty.. The main wharf in Coffin Bay is 21k from the open ocean. I can imagine the bays would be perfect for sailing, boating, fishing, etc, etc, We made our way to the main boat...

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Nov 29, 2016 - Walkers Rocks to Farm Beach (about 30k from Coffin Bay)

As it was such a beautiful morning we took the dogs for a final walk/run on our own private piece of beach before we packed up camp. Once on the road we stopped briefly at Lock Wells Beach- or more correctly, at the top of the cliffs. As we were towing the van we were only able to go so far before the steep descent that then took you to the 120 metres stairs that go down to the beach. Needless to say, we passed on the stairs (apparently stom damaged but still able to be climbed) and continued on down the coast. We had selected a couple of...

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May 15, 2014 - Oysters

Stopping in Coffin Bay another night to take advantage of the great weather. 26 degrees and not too cold at night. Ken and I tried a bit of fishing yesterday with no results. Bought some oysters instead. $7 a dozen, so 2 dozen = 27, and after talking to him about what used to be the local oysters, he told us that he was trying to grow them again. ABC's Landline were out doing a program on it last week and will be broadcast in 3-4 weeks. He donated 4 of them for us to try as well. I borrowed a shucking knife from a neighbour in the C/park...

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Nov 9, 2013 - Coffin Bay National Park

We drove into the Coffin Bay National Park and went first to look at Almonti Beach. We went up this dirt. Track and then walked over sand dunes to get to the beach. Not a soul about. Absolutely beautiful. No-one around. Amazing. We drove to some of the lookouts and the views are amazing. We spent the night at the Yangi campground when the rain came in. The motto is if the weather is nice go and see the sights as you don't know what it will do tomorrow.

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Nov 8, 2013 - The Oyster Bay Walk

We stayed at the lookout overnight and as we are self sufficient it makes it easy to stop anywhere. We woke up to a brighter sky and decided to take the walk through the bush to the town of Coffin Bay. There is a lovely walk all along the water's edge right around the bay to the boat ramp. We met a lady who had a galah in a tree nesting box with babies in it. The walk is called the Oyster Bay walk. Coffin Bay is the ideal spot for oysters, plus it seems fishermen and holiday makers. We stopped at the general store for coffee and chips and...

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Dec 7, 2012 - Overnight stop to Coffin Bay (Yangie Beach Camp)

Day 13 Wk 2. Fuel 16.3 lts/100kms. ODO: 9426 - 9589 We were on the road bright and early after a warm night. Again some very nice views from cliff tops and look outs. Best one for me today was Lake Hamilton Rest Area (Cummings Lookout) which is SE of Elliston. We arrived at Yangie Beach Camp about 10:30 and got the pick of the sites.. all shaded, but at 38○ and no breeze was a warm day, so we headed off to check out the rest of the beaches in the area and then into Coffin Bay for fuel up and a look around, where we enjoyed a quiet sit...

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Mar 19, 2012 - road trip home for x mas with mumishka!!

After what i can only describe as an amazing start to my WaLkAbouT journey... i headed home just in time for x mas! Accompanied by the tree that this apple didnt fall far from... my beautiful mum Terri :) And of course it was an adventure in it self! xxx

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Feb 21, 2010 - Coffin Bay 4WD style

Right from the outset, Steve had been intrigued by the Eyre Peninsula and was determined to explore it. We had done our best to read up on all there was to see on this funny pointy outcrop of the country, and had heard of the amazing differences between the east side and the west side. Having thoroughly enjoyed the east side at Memory Cove and Port Lincoln, we continued our wanderings around the tip and onto the west side of the peninsula. We had been spoilt for weather, each day warm and ‘beach perfect’. We had a box on the roof racks that...

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Apr 21, 2007 - Coffin Bay

From Port Augusta it really started to feel like a road trip. We now started to head down into the Eyre Peninsula (pronounced "Air" peninsula as we found out after some debate) along the coast. It was not the most direct route but it was defintely the best with lots of stuff to see along the way. It was also the place of bizarre names. The early explorers must have had sexual frustration or depression or both because just some of the names in the area are as follows: "Point Avoid" (actually really nice but more later), "Cape Catasthrophe",...

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Mar 18, 2007 - The Eyre Peninsula

18th March - Got up early to watch the sunrise over the outback before breakfasting, showering and heading off on a long trip to Port Augusta - approx 700kms. Stopped in Port Augusta for just one night in a caravan park with high fences and barbed wire around the top, felt a bit like we were in a prison camp. 19th March - Set off on our way to the Eyre Peninsula and encountered some seriously long (24kms!) straight roads and some really heavy rain on the way. Took a look around Port Lincoln and decided to head out a bit further to Coffin...

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Jan 26, 2007 - Coffin Bay

What a peaceful place... Coffin Bay is a string of bays 24 km away from the main "entrance" to the ocean. It managed to maintain a bit of its fishing village character and offers excellent views. It is still known for its quality oisters and the village's population of 500 raises to 3000 in summer. We decided to stay an extra day to enjoy from this peaceful place and to relax. Hence we spent the day sleeping in, walking around and driving through Coffin Bay National Park. Coffin Bay National Park is just beautiful. A scenic drive through...

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