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May 24, 2006 - Cairns Part 1 - The Great Barrier Reef

K: It was great to be back in Oz and finally getting to the place that we didn't have time to go to in our 2003 trip. We definitely wanted to book our trip out to the great barrier reef as soon as possible as that was why we were here. We were not that fussed about diving, I thought Ben should try it as I had had a go in Eygpt but that had a been painful experience - sinus squeeze, the name says it all. They night before our trip to the reef we went to a 2 hour lecture type presentation called reef teach by a diver/marine biologist. He was...

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Feb 10, 2006 - Diving the Great Barrier Reef - been there, done that, fed it

Well this has got to be a highlight. The photos speak for themselves, but it doesn't tell you about Andrea. Most of you know that Andrea doesn't travel that well. Unfortunately she had a bad day that day. She was sick 9 times in total, 6 on the boat on the way out and 3 in the water!! Not a great day. When we were learning to dive we were told never to take the regulator out of your mouth even if you are sick, don't worry you won't choke it will come out of the regulator. Well folks it works. Yep even under the water and in slow motion I...

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