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Jan 15, 2014 - Etty Bay to Paronella perk

Wednesday 15th January After finally seeing a Cassowary in the Etty Bay Caravan park yesterday (and this morning) we left and headed for Paronella Park. Stopping and having a look at a few beaches and small towns along the way. Paronella Park is a tourist stop that was built by a Spanish immigrant in 1929, after coming to Australia in 1913 and making his fortune by buying and selling property and farms. He went back to Spain in 1928 and married, then returned in 1929 to build his dream. This is a long story but even though the property is...

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Jul 10, 2013 - Paronella Park

1Oth - 11th July Leaving Tully on a dismal day we are heading to Cairns but we will be having an overnight stop at Paronella Park. Not a long drive, 65kms. Arriving about 10am we first have to find a park so we can book in. It is raining but there is a lovely young lady handing out umbrellas. After booking in we then proceed to our site making sure it is vacant as there is not a lot of room. Very tight sites guess it will be drawing straws in the morning to see who can leave first. Jose' Paronella's dream was to build a castle. Arriving...

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Sep 12, 2012 - Atherton to Paronella Park

So it rained during the night, I think I jinxed it by saying I was grateful for no winter.....oh well we started the trip with it, we might as well finish it with rain! Only a short drive today to Paronella Park - A story of a spaniards dream. Jose Paronella's dream was to build a castle. He chose a special part of Australia and created the park on 13 acres besides Mena Creek Falls. He built his castle, picnic areas at the lakeside, tennis courts, tunnels, bridges and wrapped it up in an amazing range of 7000 plants and trees. Most...

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Sep 28, 2011 - Paronella Park - Sep 28

This park has been one of the highlights of this trip - an amazing place, built by one man and opened to the public 76 years ago, purely as a tourist destination. He never lived in his wonderful Castle, but he and his family lived in a very modest cottage that overlooked the Castle. He held banquets, movie nights, balls etc for the local people and travellers. He planted 7500 trees/plants in the park, and his vision was just incredible. We loved the night tour, when the buildings are lit up, with music playing, and the day tour was very...

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Oct 17, 2010 - 40km scrub park

17th October 40km scrub park Had my first lie in (until half 9) in weeks as it was eventually cool enough. Had an early morning tour of Paranella Park, which was very pretty so ended up staying longer than expected. Everything there was made by one Jose Paranella, all the steel was from stolen railway tracks and all the concrete was plastered on by hand with the finger marks preserved. They had giant eels and turtles because the're fed 5 times a day and we also saw the smallest cutest bats, minutire bent wing bats in the delapitated 'lovers...

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Oct 16, 2010 - Paranella park

16th October Paranella Park, Japoonvale Rd, Mena creek Up nice and early for a pommy wash (aparently that means just face and armpits) and then to a petrol station for fuel and to ask them to put my amera battery on charge. We had breakfast there for something to do while it charged then headed to a nearby boulder gorge, it was actually pretty spectacular. We then headed to a canopy walk and up an un-nervingly swaying tower to watch the birds fly beneath. On the way back to our free camping spot we just called in at Paronella park, a...

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