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Nov 14, 2006 - Finch Hatton & Eungella National Park

14th Nov - After checking e-mails and having some brekkie we headed off to Finch Hatton (the gateway to Eungella National Park) at about 10am. Found a cosy campsite to stay at, pitched our tent and spent the afternoon trying to drown each other in the pool. Iain tried his best to break his nose by headbutting the end of the swimming pool! Quiet night in at the campsite. 15th Nov - Had a late start this morning but finally headed off to Finch Haton Gorge to do the Araluen Falls walking track. Swimming hole under the falls was cold but very...

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Sep 20, 2006 - Eungella National Park (en fr maintenant!)

Version Francaise Le parc national d'Eungella est un petit detour sur notre route direction le sud. Le detour en valait la peine puisque nous arrivons dans une vallee luxouriante de verdure et d'eau fraiche (bon pour moi apres la fete de la veille!). Un petit dej' en nature avec une batailles de deux iguanes pour distraction. Le parc se trouve sur un plateau dominant la vallee. La vue panoramique sur la vallee depuis un jolie cafe est aussi un decollage pour parapente!!! malheureusement le vent un peu trop fort pour se mettre en l'air me...

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May 17, 2006 - Eungella National Park - Platypus; fire destoys part of camp

KM: 5400 A favourite stop. We all loved this trip up the mountain. The weather was much cooler especially at night and all the winter gear came out. We camped at Crediton Hall campground & spent our first night all by ourselves. It was also our first chance for a real campfire. Mia can toast a marshmellow to perfection. Soli masters the art of cooking porridge, which he makes for all the kids each morning with cinammon & brown sugar or honey. Mia learns to ride her bike without training wheels & is now never without her bike. She learns...

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Brown's Oz Trek

Jul 18, 2005 - Mackay

Hi, We stopped at Mackay on the way up on our 13 hr mammoth journey - but really, there was nothing to see here! Do you know what a Chav or a Pikey is? Well Mackay is full of them. Down to the luminous lights under their cars. McDonalds seemed to be the main hunting ground for them. Lots of love Gareth and Helen x x x

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May 31, 2005 - Eungella National Park

Eungella National Park is around 100ks in inland from Mackay and at 52,000 hectars it's the largest continous stretch of rainforest in Australia! It's a truely glorious place, beautifully lush and green with rainforest walks, forests and lots of lakes, rivers and watering holes. We staying a brilliant camp site in a place called Finch Hatton where there is a spectacular gorge and some waterfalls. After an evening in the local pub with the very friendly locals we headed into the park to try and spot a Platypus, which we did and it was a very...

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Feb 20, 2005 - platypus at Eungella National Park

On a tip from our friends we made a side trip to the rain forest of Eungella. The drive as described in the Lonely Planet is a bit steep and winding the last few km. That was an understatement. There was no gradually sloping up to this rainforest. You drive until you reach the end of a box canyon and then you drive straight up. Not one of Aussie's best engineered roads, but I don't see road building as one of their strong points. Eungella NP is unique as it has been detached from any other rainforest for at least 30 000 years, giving it...

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Aug 21, 2004 - Whale Watching. To Rockhampton.

We checked out of the hostel early and went on the 7.30am whale watching cruise. Hervey Bay is one of the best places in the world to watch humpback whales. The whales migrate north to the Queensland coast to give birth durind the southern hemisphere winter as the seas are warmer. They are now beginning to move back south, and because Fraser island sticks right out off of the mainland hundreds of the whales get drawn in to Hervey Bay throughout the end of August and September. We were out for five hours and saw 4-5 different pods of whales....

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