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Jul 15, 2007 - Cania Gorge to Bundaberg Queensland 17 to 19 June 2007

Sylvia's Comments. While Jeff was looking at the old trains at Mount Morgan I went back to the van to make a hot cup of coffee to warm myself up. Unfortunately the gas would not come on, I was a bit surprised as we should not have run out of gas, but I would need to wait for Jeff to return to investigate. On Jeff's return we discovered we had a problem with the gas and it looked like the regulator had stopped working. So no hot coffee to warm me up today.. Leaving Mount Morgan on Highway 5 we drove to Dululu, then on to Highway 3 to...

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Mar 9, 2005 - digging and diving

Since our last entry we have been very busy and have done a fair amount of driving too. We drove from Mackie to Emerald and actually ended up staying nearby in Rubyvale. We went fossicking in nearby saphire and actually found a few gems. We fossicked rather than mined so were above land. It involved digging buckets of earth, sieving them then washing them. We found 12 saphires, 4 of gem quality and 2 star saphires also suitable for cutting. This is very sucessful as some people can dig for a week and find nothing and we found all that in 4...

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