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May 15, 2016 - DAY 29

Day 29 Late start today 9.50am this was becoming a boring trip until we hit fatigue zone, the sign said that trivia questions keep you alert, Q: Floral emblem of Qld. A: Cooktown orchid. Then more signs appeared. Still a long way to go Kids, How log dad, Are we there yet. How long to go mum. Some of the other signs 100ks End 1k. Mobil radar ahead and then you would see a highly coloured car on the side of the road. Drove down to Camila beach through Libilbie Into Sarina at MacKay we bought a fan to help keep the Engel cool. Camped behind a...

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Jan 5, 2007 - Fraser Island = Aventura!

Imaginem o que pode acontecer numa ilha de areia, 11 mochileiros, um jipe 4x4 carregado de caixas de comida e bebida, cachorros selvagens, mares infestados de águas-vivas assassinas e tubarðes.... Foi muito legal! Chegamos atrasados para as instruções do tour para Fraser Island. Tomamos uma bronca do grosso dono do albergue e entramos na sala. Lá tinham 9 crianças entre 19 e 24 anos... meu Deus, já somos um tiozinhos. Rs...., na reunião nos alertaram dos perigos da ilha. Lá é a casa de centenas de Dingos, o cachorro do mato da Australia,...

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Aug 14, 2006 - AUSSIE - Magnetic Island

Hi All, I eventually arrived in Sydney which was great, it felt very strange being in a western country again though......the first thing I did was to have a good glass of Shiraz, as this is one of the things I missed most whilst being in China along with cheese!!!!!!!!! I hung out in Sydney for a few days then moved to Bondi, which is where I originally planned to live & work for a few months but soon decided otherwise as it was so cold!!!!!!!! I thought it would be good to go as far north as quickly as possible to follow the sun, so I...

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Jan 14, 2005 - Eungella National Park

Drove to Eungella national park to spot some very rare Platypus. I saw two, much smaller then expected but very cute. Lovely swim in lagoon, cold but very clear! TS: Really pleased to see 4 platypus. They are really difficult to find because they avoid humans, and tend to only come out at dusk and dawn. Much smaller than I thought (unless they were all babies ?). Nice views from the top of the hills there. Didn't like the drive in the dark afterwards up north. Terrified of hitting a kangaroo which could wreck the car. Drove fairly slowly...

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