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Oct 14, 2020 - Rockhampton to Barcaldine

WED - 14th Oct - enroute Rockhampton to Barcaldine At various places there are signs of recent rain in the last few days. Also saw a couple of brolgas moving away from near the train line. There were several long stretches of slow travel - one of the staff had indicated that prolonged heat causes buckling of rails requiring a slower speed to navigate those areas. Also came across a couple of large work gangs working on the rails requiring a slower speed. Crossing the Drummond Range after we passed through Anakie was a long very slow climb....

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Jul 5, 2018 - Barcaldine - Showgrounds & Campgrounds

Arrived in Barcaldine mid morning on the Thursday and we are staying at the football oval which is managed by the local council. Good sites backing up around the oval with power and water for $26 per night (limited three nights only). We ended up picking two site areas right near the main facilities. Most of Friday was spent messing around in the town and at our camp site. We have picked the right time to be in Barcaldine as on Saturday they have their Race Day followed by NRL football. Friday night; We all head over to the main street...

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Aug 28, 2016 - Winton to Barcaldine

Up the Centre 28.8.16 Winton to Barcaldine We stayed at a caravan park called, Roses n' Things. It only held 12 vans, had a nice cafe, and a Shabby Chic gift shop. Everything was pink and white, including the pretty dresses the waitresses were wearing. Our vans backed onto a horse paddock with six horses wandering around. Different to most caravan parks. Well we have well and truly finished the Up the Centre, part of our trip. The rest of our trip is about spending time with family and friends which we are really looking forward to....

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Jul 2, 2015 - Day 158 UPDATE NOTES

Hi All, Homeward bound is a long way with a lot of driving but still some great scenery. We took the opportunity to do some free camping on the way as the weather is being a lot kinder to us with the early morning in the 12 – 15 range and the day a lovely 25. The 1st night and the 1st free camp was at the beautiful Devils Marbles, an incredible piece of geology and lovely to see. When we arrived in the camp area there were 11 vans, in the end there were 42 and others had to drive out as there as was no space for them. You need to get in...

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Oct 29, 2014 - Lara Wetlands last day

Hello All. Left Lara Wetlands this morning at about 9am after filling my water tanks. You will see that I have some more videos of the place today, there was supposed to be sound in the form of a commentary, don't know what happened, might have to RTFM. Will let you know... I loved the place but the heat was just unbelievable. It would be nice between say April and September, and I hope to go back there sometime at that time of year. Turns out that the leak has not been fixed, found out this afternoon when I arrived at Mitchell at a place...

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Oct 27, 2014 - Lara Wetlands, day 4

Extremely hot today. At noon it as 52 degrees in the sun. Baby Girl will be glad when we leave tomorrow. It has been a bit distressing for her. She gets a couple of dunkings a day, she's very tolerant, and I keep her outside in the afternoon where at least there is a breeze. I too keep wet with a spray bottle and a fan. There are supposed to be 80 species of birds here, so far I have seen red-winged parrots, black-winged stilts, pelicans, spoonbills, galahs, glossy ibis, magpie-larks. kookaburras, ducks (not close enough to see what kind)...

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Oct 26, 2014 - Lara Wetlands near Barcaldine (still!)

Very hot again today. At the moment it's 45 outside and 37.7 inside at 16% humidity. Baby Girl has just had her daily dunking, might do it again in a couple of hours' time. I rearranged all the gear in the car this morning, much more efficient and easier to get at stuff now. Also finally sorted out the weight distribution hitch with some help from Bill, the caretaker. Really useful bloke. Had another go uploading a video and was successful this time. Let me know how well you can see things. I have two more nights here then I will be off to...

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Oct 26, 2014 - Lara Wetlands (near Barcaldine)

Took a short movie clip of the wetlands today, but unfortunately did not read the instructions for uploading movie clips to the blog, and it's the wrong size so will have another go tomorrow. On the way here from Longreach I saw lots of dead kangaroos and wallabies on the side of the road, but at one time there were lots of dead sheep, so there must be a hole in a fence somewhere i guess. Also so emus lined up against the fence looking like triffids. Got the generator going this afternoon as the batteries were getting a bit low on charge....

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Oct 24, 2014 - Barcaldine

Well it was too hot for Baby Girl at Longreach, she was suffering a bit of heat stress, had to put her in the sink and get her wet, which she liked so much I nearly ran out of water, too hot for me too so I packed up this morning and set off for this place, which is not in the Camps 6 book, I found it on the phone app Wikicamps. Now this is what i call a camping spot, absolutely gorgeous!!! Water, trees, shade, breeze, water birds, quiet, peaceful. As I am about 7 days ahead of schedule I am going to stay here for at least 4 days. Baby...

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Jun 16, 2014 - Friday 13th. What a wasted day!!

We booked in at the observatory in Charleville to watch the Sun at 10.30am. The cloud came over and it was cancelled. Booked in for the Bilby Tour at 6.00pm, but it started to rain at 4.30pm and rained and rained, for just over 10hrs. From a lake at 9.30pm to just being damp at 8.00am. Remarkable! Moved on to Blackall Saturday morning and camped behind the motel. $5 a night per 'van. No power or water, but nice HOT showers. Straight out of the ground from the artesian bore. We are now at a place called Lloyd Jones Weir. Turn in to the left...

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Aug 25, 2013 - Barcaldine rest stop

25th August After an overnight stop in the free camp near the cemetery, 2km east of Balcaldine, we are now heading to Emerald. We have come across lots of roadwork and one very lucky kangaroo. He leapt out of the bush in front of us. Greg thought he might have clipped his tail as he bounded over the road. One very lucky roo, a sedan driver that was sitting on our tail was very lucky not to run into us. It is very hot travelling today but I am enjoying seeing the wattle and native grasses in flower.

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May 28, 2013 - Barcaldine to Bogantungan

28th May Leaving Barcaldine this morning after spending two nights. The Barcaldine tourist park at $28 a night was good value. Sunday night we had damper and billy tea and a chat with one of the locals. Monday was a campfire dinner, two courses, a stew with mashed potato and toast followed by caramel dumplings,ice cream and cream. Very indulgent but very nice. Barcaldine has a colourful past which centered around the Great Shearers Strike of 1891.Home to the tree of knowledge. The historic tree was a ghost gum which grew outside the...

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