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Jul 26, 2012 - Tennant Creek and Wycliffe Well Day Trip

We took a leisurely drive down to Tennant Creek and Wycliffe Well. Tennant Creek is a small town, reknown for Battery Hill and mining. It also has a high population of indigenous people. To be honest it was a bit of spot the white guy... Wycliffe Well is the UFO centre of Austrlalia - only a roadhouse and caravan park but it is listed as having the highest ufo sightings in Oz.....I enjoyed my X Files moment. On the way back to Three Ways Roadhouse, we stopped by and viewed the Devils Marbles - as the aboriginal myth goes they are the...

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Jul 18, 2012 - Night 11 - Wycliffe Well

Car problems forced an early stop to the days travel today. After 200klms in limp mode (max 90k/hr), I decided to call it quits and phoned Volvo roadside assist.......more to come. Before we left for Tenant Creek, took a couple of photos. The one with me in it was taken by a bike rider. After he offered to take the photo, we got chatting. He was from Cairns and was riding from Cairns to Alice, up to Darwin and then down the West coast to finish in Perth. What and amazing ride and what a way to see our beautiful country. Last year he did the...

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Nov 8, 2011 - Wycliffe Well - Nov 8

We left Tennant Creek with an infestation of tiny sugar ants through both car and van - even had them coming out from behind the buttons on the car radio, so plenty of spray and Antex put about!! Our cd player in car not working, so that is unfortunate, as we can't listen to our audio books or music when there is no radio available - and that is quite often out here!! Oh well, will get it seen to in Alice and repaired at home if necessary. Wycliffe Well was a very pleasant experience - is the one place in Aus where frequent UFO sightings...

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Around Aus in 2011

Jun 18, 2011 - Wycliffe Well

14th June. Left Gem Tree, on our way to Wycliffe Well, what a disaster, as usual we hadn’t booked ahead and when we arrived the only accommodation available was a cabin, well we have been in some yuk places on this trip but this nearly took the cake. The room consisted of a set of bunk beds, a shelf and that was it, the top bunk had sheets and only one thin grubby blanket, and the bottom bunk did have a doona and blanket, the ceiling had large water stains all over it as did the walls, it was musty and dusty. I ended up pulling the top...

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Aug 30, 2009 - Day 40 – Barkley Homestead to Wycliffe Well – Build it and they will come!!

We left Barkley homestead $92 poorer after filling up Mater’s tank this morning. 47 kilometers into the trip we celebrated the first bend in the road. Seriously. Useless trivia – the world’s longest straight stretch of road is 146.6kms. Yes, part of the Nullabour crossing so come November we will be doing it. After 185 kilometers we actually had to turn left, indicators and all, as the Barkly Highway ran out and we turned south to Alice Springs. Left Alice, right Darwin. Tough call. Rest assured it was our first and last turn of the day....

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Jul 13, 2009 - Day 6

Day 6~ Another 6/7/8 Pancakes for brekky. Yumyumyum. There was a (not so) epic pancake battle. First person to eat four of the huge pancakes won. The highest score was 3. By 8am we were on the bus. We have a system where every day you move up by 3 seats. Thats so everyone gets a chance to sit at the front and the back. It also lets you sit next to new people everyday. It confused a lot of people the first time we did it, but were getting used to it. We went to a thermal spring. It was about 23degrees. It was first used as a bath for the...

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May 25, 2009 - Wycliffe Well

WYCLIFFE WELL: 25th May. An early start on the Monday morning as we said “good-bye” to the gracious folks at Wintersun Tourist Park. After a stop at the car wash to wash our desert dust covered caravan we headed north on the Stuart Highway, the main and only sealed route through the centre of the country from south (Adelaide) to north (Darwin). We crossed over the Todd and Charles Rivers, both completely dry. 20kms north of Alice Springs we stopped at the highest point between Adelaide and Darwin, its height being 727.2 metres. As we...

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Aug 9, 2008 - Leaving Alice Springs

JOSH: Yesterday we left Alice Springs and went to Wycliffe Well.There was pretend Aliens(two),Hulks(two),Elvis(one),Guards(two).We fed one donkey[thought it was Nonno(there was actually three)].But Nonno was no smarter then that one that ate from our hands!!!!!!!!!!!And there were two emus(reminded me of Nonna!!!!!!!!!!!).There was even a book about(alien)U.F.O sightings.

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Jul 28, 2006 - Continuing the long journey North.

Next we headed North, our ultimate destination at this point was Broome on the North West Coast of Australia, but there were a few things that we wanted to see on the way. One of the things that did strike us, especially when we were travelling through the outback, was the distance between 'towns'. Some days we could drive for three or four hours before we came to any kind of civilisation, and more often than not all this civilisation was was a petrol pump with a small shop attached to it. Quite often this shop would be manned by a European...

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