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Sep 26, 2012 - Jabiru to Cooinda

Started day with a 4km "Illigadjarr" loop walk from Malabanjbanjdju through the flood plain and around two billabongs. Kilometres of flowering lillies over the drying river bed. The water looks so inviting but keeping a good 20 metre distance from the edge. This distance walk is max. for current temp. and finished well before 10am! Visited the Warradjan Cultural centre, excellent exhibit. Checked out another caravan park in Cooinda to possibly move to later in week but no shade over pool and happy to stay put where we are.

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Sep 25, 2012 - Weaving

Headed back up to Merl, 40km, for weaving activity organised via the rangers with two of the local Indigenous women, 'Susan' and 'Clara". Kids completely absorbed as they helped 'strip' the pandanus leaves. Then we made brown dye and yellow dye by crushing two different plant roots, black dye with leaves. The stripped leaves were dyed and we then made our own bracelets. Afternoon and evening by the pool

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Sep 22, 2012 - Kakadu National Park - World Heritage Site

Guy and Hayden started with an early morning fish. We all enjoyed another stroll along Mary River, spotted a couple of crocs. Stunning pink, plate sized, 'lotus lily' in flower on the river bank. Have found it is 'normal' to drive past recently burnt land and again today found ourselves driving past flames at the roadside. All part of the traditional land burning practices in the territory. Arrived at 'Kakadu", only 130km east of Darwin but is, itself, 140 km wide. Spent couple of hours at Bowali information centre. Some relief from the...

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Jul 28, 2011 - Aus - Day 86 - Million year old Rock Formations

Woke up after worst night so far on the trip (mosquitoes eating us alive with crazy heat). We had bought some wind screen fabric to use over a few of our windows when we required it and this was just the occasion so Jason put it on one window which ended up coming unsealed on three different times during the night. Waking up to a hum of ferocious mosquitoes eating us, turning on the head lamps and finding the leak, eventually using duck tape to seal the leaks. It must have been around 25 degrees as well so we sweat like crazy. Needless to...

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Jul 27, 2011 - Aus - Day 85 - Aboriginal Rock Art

Woke up early and went to Anbangbang Billabong a 2.5km walk with Nourlangie Rocks forming an impressive backdrop for the Gallery of Aboriginal artwork on the rocks found throughout the track. We listened to 2 ranger talks on aboriginal beliefs and history and the meaning behind some of the rock art. Mimi spirits were the first of the "Creation" ancestors to paint on rock. They taught some Bininj how to paint and other Bininj learned by copying Mimi art. All the original Mimi clans are deceased now, the Bininj are left to carry on the Mimi...

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Jul 26, 2011 - Aus - Day 84 - Kakadu Park: Aboriginal Basket Weaving

Woke up nice and early to make our way to go to ranger talk at Gunlom which is a popular camping spot located near a clear plunge pool and waterfall. Because the 36km dirt road was so corrugated we turned back around and never did get there. On our drive further into Kakadu Park we witnessed a snake on the road literally coiling it's body up to the sky and jumping across the road trying to avoid the attack of a Whistling Kite. All of a sudden we saw the kite swoop down grab the snake, the snake freaking out, the kite dropped it (because of...

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Jul 14, 2011 - Exploring Kakadu

Leisurely breakfast on the balcony this morning . Bit of a giggle when Maureen was retrieving her overnight dried washing outdoors and her small towel just happened to slip. Let’s say there are still a few tourists shaking their heads in disbelief! This morning was a drive into Jabiru where there is a renowned bakery. We stocked up on yummy bread rolls with meat and salad for a picnic later on somewhere along the way. Had our first taste of crocodile meat in an aussie style meat pie. Apparently, if they are fed chicken they taste like...

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Jul 10, 2011 - Kakadu

At Kakadu at the moment enjoying the beautiful warm weather while getting the domestic duties up to date, we have a day to relax while the Catos are 4wding in the troopie, we did it yesterday and checked out Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. You can only get to them in a 4wd and the road was only opened 2 days ago so we were lucky to see them! When we were here 2 years ago we couldn"t go because we only had the hire van, so it was good to go back, John and i did it 17 years ago but it has changed, you cant use the li-lows to swim up to Twin...

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Gormans Getaway

Apr 10, 2011 - Kakadu - Musical Beds

Up early again to go to Kakadu national Park for 2 days. We must take the long way, an extra 200 Km to the south entrance, as the road is closed due to water. We have to cover some of the same areas as to Sheldon is our bus driver and guide for the next 2 days. He is more informative than our “Steering Attendants” from yesterday. The park is 20,000 square Km; 65 % is owned by the Bininj Aborigines and leased to the government; the other 35% belongs to the Australian government. One of the towns in the area is Jabiru (a name I recognize from...

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