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Jul 29, 2009 - Monday 27th July

27th July, apologies dear readers, no phone signal for the next 3 days so now you get 3 blogs together. Have entered Hayes Creek for this one because it's the nearest place to Douglas River that the map man recognises. Something different this morning…..damp, a light dew and cool with it….nice for a change. I think we were surrounded by Europeans last night, lots of funny words in conversation. Terri had an early morning swim while I had a leisurely brekky, then pack up and head off. Had difficulty finding the exit…this place is huge…until...

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Jun 10, 2009 - Hayes Creek

HAYES CREEK: 10th June. Headed north again on the Stuart Highway. Just outside Katherine we saw some unusual rock formations of a dark grey colour on the land on each side of the road . They were rectangular in shape and stacked on top one another, the stacks being approximately one to 2 metres in height. These were seen for several km but unfortunately there were no signs to identify them. We only travelled about 150 km this day as our portable freezer stopped working on 12 volt current so we needed to make the trip short in order to...

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Jun 15, 2008 - Douglas Daly Hot Springs

We left Kakadu and headed to Douglas Daly Hot Springs. On the way out of the park we saw heaps of wildlife, including feral pigs, wallabies, brumbys and dingoes. We had heard all sorts of good things about the place and decided for the extra hundred kms, it would be worth a look. There was also a butterfly gorge about 17kms on from there which we thought would be great for the girls. We arrived at the Big 4 with a little trepidation. Big 4’s are (we thought) supposed to be of a certain standard, with specific amenities, but since crossing...

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Jul 25, 2006 - Douglas Daly Resort

We spent a bit of time this morning in town doing some errands. About half an hour south of the town of Katherine is Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park. This is a tropical woodland walk that takes 20 minutes return. These are rugged yet strangely sculptured rock features unique to weathered limestone, called Karst, and cave formations that were apparently formed during the Cambrian parcel of time, some 570 million years ago, when Australia was covered in shallow sea. Throughout time, this Karst environment has been special to plants, animals and...

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Nov 17, 2005 - Linchfield - National Park

Early start to the day - 6am and then we hit the road. Headed out to Linchfield on the Stuart Highway. Beautiful open road that goes on forever. Had a look at Termite Mounds that looked like graveyard headstones, Bulebey Rockholes and Florence Falls. In the latter we had a lovely swim with our own spar bit (water falls). From there we made our way to Wangi Falls, that were a bit busier and so we just had a look and off we went. Wanted to get on a bit further towards Alice Springs (only 1479km to go). On the way out the park we however had a...

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