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Dec 1, 2015 - New Year's Day

I feel I MUST grasp the day! Last night was an eight hour marathon of waiting for the big event- sitting, walking, eating standing up, and stretching, but we all survived! Today' s highlight is the night-time Sydney Bridge Climb- I can't wait, but spend the day walking and taking in the unique atmosphere of Sydney, then took a train and bus to Bondi Beach.

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Mar 5, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Pete checked in from Sydney and things were going well. He also sent several pictures and everyone in them seems to be having a great time, including Pete. He visited the port to do a little sightseeing and get something to eat. The weather in Sydney is nice right now, with temperatures in the 80's. As of today, Pete has traveled 44,136 miles since he left Indianapolis 15 weeks ago.

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Feb 22, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Pete checked in from Sydney, after a few days just cruising from Sydney back to Sydney. The Musical Director, David, left today for his 6 weeks of vacation so Pete is officially the Musical Director for now. He had already moved into his cabin and had met the new tenor sax player who came in David's place and moved into Pete's other room with Tiago. A new lead trumpet player was to arrive today, also, but Pete had not seen him yet. The new tenor player is from Russia and the new trumpet player is from the Ukraine, bringing the total number...

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Feb 19, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Pete checked in from Sydney, where it was a turnaround day on the ship. There was also some shuffling around of musicians as one band signed off the ship and their replacement band signed on. The new band is from Argentina. There is also a new production team of singers and dancers signing on to the ship so that makes for quite a bit of excitement in the entertainment division, for a little while anyway. The cruise which starts today is just a short one, with no stops until it returns to Sydney after three nights at sea. When they return to...

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Feb 5, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Pete called from Sydney and things were going just fine. He and his friend, Randy, had gone into the port to get free wifi and they also visited the Australian Museum, which is a natural history museum. Andy asked Pete if it was all kangaroos and emus and he said that, yes, it pretty much was! Randy plays trombone in the band. We had a long talk about Pete's upcoming plans on the ship but nothing is set in stone yet. As of today, Peter has traveled 35,923 miles since he left Indianapolis 11 weeks ago.

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Jan 27, 2015 - 2nd Sea Day

Tues 27th Jan 2015 Weather: -28 Degrees/Overcast/Rain 2nd Sea Day This morning we had our Cruise Critic ‘Meet and Greet’ party that the ship hosted for all of us Cruise Critic members who registered for this cruise. It is nice to meet people who you have corresponded with over the internet and also to exchange information and maybe join up to go on excursions etc. This trip we are just going to do our own thing though re-excursions, we will most probably just stay and look around the cities that we dock in but in Auckland we are being met...

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Jan 26, 2015 - Day 2--At Sea

Mon 26th Jan 2015 Weather: - 26 Degrees/Windy 1st Sea Day The cosmetic changes on board the Voyager are a pleasure on the eyes:-the carpets have been changed and furniture has either been changed or re-upholstered. We did get a little shock at the size of the Balcony Cabins on board as we have been spoilt after having been on the MSC Sinfonia, these cabins are only about 2/3rd of the size to the last one and we only have a shower, not a bath as on the Sinfonia but I am sure that we can get by. R.I.P. High Notes, the bar with dance floor...

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Jan 26, 2015 - The Sydney leg 17th - 22nd January

To continue our story; I'm aware I'm about 10 days behind in our diary, for two reasons; Hong Kong & Sydney were full on day and evenings and since being in New Zealand I have been increasingly unwell with throat & chest infection (which I realise now is a continuation from my illness over Christmas & New Year. Now on anti-biotics so hope to be feeling much better soon. We left HK on 17th but due to difficulties getting direct flights on that day, we had to fly to Aukland (NZ) to connect with flight back to Sydney. We calculated we...

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Jan 25, 2015 - Circular Quay and Day 1 on Board

Sun 25th Jan 2015 Weather: -Sunny/31 degrees 11:30 Board Voyager of the Seas We arrived by Manly ferry at Circular Quay by 10:15 am and are glad to say that we were on board the Voyager just before 11 am so we have to say that boarding all went smoothly for us but I have heard that later arrivals had a long wait at the dock before they were able to get on board. A quick look around showed what we already knew; - the lay out has not changed so basically we know how to get to places on board and as our cabin will not be ready until 1pm all...

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Jan 25, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Everything is going well for Pete. His roommate, Robert, has moved on to another ship and we haven't heard yet about his new one. His responsibilities on the ship remain about the same at this point, mostly involving scheduling the various music groups and communicating with the musicians. Today was a turnaround day, the 1st of an 11 night cruise around locations in New Zealand.

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Jan 22, 2015 - Sydney, Australia

Peter called from Sydney and things were going very well. This is a turn-around day, with the new cruise a short one - just 3 nights from Sydney to Sydney with no ports in between. He wasn't sure if there was a special theme or group of cruisers involved but he did hear that they had hired 30 extra casino employees for the cruise so it sounded as though it would be a party environment of some kind! He is feeling well and having a good time. As of today, Peter has traveled 32,732 miles since he left Indianapolis 9 weeks ago.

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Jan 21, 2015 - Bird life abounds in the Botantical Gardens of Sydney

One of the greatest treats of our time in Sydney has been the numerous walks through Hyde Park, the Domain, and the Botanical Gardens. The gardens are very large and have so many unique flora, fauna and birdlife. It is filled with the sounds of birds and some water ponds plus a secttion has a long walk way that hugs Sydney Harbor with the great harbor activity . On our last walk we came upon this quiet pond area with a bench and we saw this floating bird activity --- a nest they were building right then in the middle of a pond and away from...

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