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Sep 21, 2010 - Nimbin

Not such a great start to the day. Ken woke at 4am and even though he didn’t need to go to the loo he thought he would go anyway since he was awake. Then, when he came back from the loo he didn’t really feel like a cup of tea, but he thought given he was awake anyway he might as well make one while he was up. Now let me tell you Ken has absolutely no idea how to be quiet – not even at 4am when I am trying to sleep. By the time he climbed back into bed (after having only one mouthful of his tea because, as he told me later, he hadn’t really...

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Feb 11, 2010 - Nimbin

Vandaag naar Nimbin geweest met een tourbus. Nimbin ligt zo'n 70 km van Byron bay maar dan landinwaarts. Nimbin is bekend omdat het eind jaren 60 en begin jaren 70 het centrum was van de protestbeweging tegen de ontgining van het oudste stuk regenwoud dat Australië rijk was en dat dateert vanuit de tijd dat Australië nog deel uitmaakte van Gondwana, een 300miljoen jaar geleden. Het was dan ook het centrum van de hippie beweging en ook vandaag nog lopen er heel wat alternatievelingen en overjaarse hippies rond. Het is ook een plaats waarvan...

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Nov 5, 2007 - Nimbin

Today we went to Nimbin. This small mountain town is dead set on legalizing the left handed cigs... It was about one block long, with dreads everywhere. It was unreal!! Our guide (crazy man driving 90 up a mountain in the rain) said that people go to Nimbin and never leave. It was a cool "free love" vibe- that honestly freaks me out a little bit;) I'm sure some of you would have gotten a kick out of the "good bush, bad Bush" signs... Next we go to Brisbane- enjoying the last few days here in Byron.....hope all is well back home! S

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Jul 25, 2007 - Nimbin New South Wales 10 to 13 July 2007.

Jeff Despite only having had a previous brief acquaintance with John, it was good to see him, and as night had fallen, and we would never have found his home, it was good that he came to meet us. There had been enough light when we passed through Nimbin for us to realise the town was different to any we had travelled through before. We would explore the town tomorrow; John was unavailable as he had to business at Lismore which he could not avoid. After parking the van on a 30 degree slope at the best angle we could achieve in the dark,...

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Apr 4, 2007 - Sydney Baby!!! And other random Pics!

Hey Hey Hey, Wow so I'm sorry if it's taking some of you actual dedicated reading sessions to read some of my ridiculously long emails....especially the last one! I hope they are entertaining at least, as I seem to write them as if I was actually talking and telling you the story myself. Well I guess I kind of am. Anyway, these newest pics are very random and in no particular order, but I hope you enjoy them and grow more and more jealous as you see what I am experiencing! Haha! As you all know by now I'm sure, we've left beautiful Byron...

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Ang's Australia Trp

Mar 13, 2007 - To the left to the left, because I was high, dancing along the table tops!

Yesterday, a group of us decided to head towards Nimbin. This is quite a famous place within Australia since this is the only place in Australia that you are able to get marijuana or pot (or whatever else you may call it) legally. This can come in a variety of different forms, either straight so that you can smoke it, in cookies or you also have a wide variety of pills. In order to get there, we decided to rent a car, but since so many were going, we had to get two. I personally am not into this, so decided that I would volunteer myself as...

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Mar 11, 2007 - Byron Bay and Nimbin!

We left Yamba early (unfortunately not only leaving the Kangaroos! Simon forgot his fishing rod too!) and headed for Byron Bay. We planned to stay one night there but we loved Byron so much we ended up staying a week! Nimbin was interesting too although those stories can wait until we get home...

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Mar 4, 2007 - Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

It's been a whirlwind of activity since we left Port Douglas 4 days ago. The kids and I flew down to Brisbane on Saturday after spending just two days in Cairns. We checked into a hotel near South Bank late Saturday night, and spent Sunday walking around town. There was a great little outdoor market going on near Eagle Street Pier that we visited in the morning, and after lunch we rode the City Cat ferry over to the museum. The kids really enjoyed most of the exhibits at the museum, but Trout was once again mystified by the modern art....

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Mar 3, 2007 - Nerang/Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

It's amazing how some things turn out. Even before we had left home, Mom had been trying to get in touch with her friend Pam, who lives with her husband Darrell "somewhere near Brisbane." For one reason or another, Mom and Pam were not able to connect until the day we left for our timeshare near Nerang. When Mom finally connected by phone, Pam exclaimed "Oh, we live only five minutes from where you'll be. Give us a call when you get here!" So, with no planning on their part, Mom and Pam had a week together to catch up on each other's lives....

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Jan 19, 2007 - It's like totally radical man!!

Hi All, After 2 days of visiting 'Dr Pain' (my friendly dentist) I am pleased to report that Brisbane is behind us (at least for the next few weeks) and we are now in Byron Bay. In stark contrast to our first month in Australia (which was spent in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd biggest cities in Oz) we are now approaching something towards a hippy lifestyle!! Our hostel (or should I say commune?) consists of teepees, tents and a double-decker bus all converted into bedrooms!! Our double room (that's what they call it!) is basically a fixed box tent...

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Dec 18, 2006 - Nimbin

We took this day to do a day trip to the hippie town of Nimbin. This place was absolutely crazy!! It's one of those towns where you just HAVE to go just to see it but then leave as soon as you can. It held the Aquarius festival back in the 70's and the town has never changed. Every single person you walk past asks you if you want to buy some weed. Our bus driver told us if a local says something that we can't understand they are always trying to sell drugs. It was crazy!! He pointed out the cafes where pot smoking is allowed and where it is...

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Dec 16, 2005 - Byron Bay here we come!

Today we went to the airport to catch a flight to Byron Bay. This was probably when my airline fever really starting to kick in. Arriving into Ballina (airport near byron) and it was pissing down, this seemed to make my airline fever even worse. Got checked into hostel, and did some shopping in the rain! Had dominos for lunch in the rain and chilled out.

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