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Nov 15, 2007 - Were in Australia

HI!!!! the flight was... lets say interesting!! lackage of sleep n we met our new gay bestfriend!! but we finally got here ok! you should have seen us both before and during the flight... wondering whether it was the right thing to do n missing people back home!! but once we were flying there wasnt really alot we could do about it!! our friend (the gay guy) helped us as he was good fun to sit next to!! his name is Matt. we eventually got through a load more security checks and found the train station to take us to city central.... another...

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Nov 4, 2007 - Quick Update

Hello, well we have been to the pub which was a nice experience, very friendly people. Jonjo even went up to the bar to buy a round and got them for free!!! Second day in Oz and he's getting free drinks!!! Just thought you lot at home would like that one, very proud using his pommie charm. Anyway off to bed now. We did see some pelicans today so posted some photos. xxx

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Mar 24, 2007 - Off to Sydney via Newcastle

We had probably the worst weather ever in Newcastle. It rained and rained and rained some more. It was windy and miserable and Newcastle is an ugly industrial town. So there. Anyway, we ended up free camping outside some guys house, who we were sure was a drug dealer. Trust us he he! Nice enough guy though cos he said we could use his water from the outside tap if we wanted. hmmm. So next day off to Sydney and time to say bye to Nat.

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Feb 16, 2007 - National Motorcycle Museum - SWEET! (all motorcycles, all the time)

Ben: Picture this, we are making our way back along the Pacific HIghway on our way back to Sydney when a sign appears on the side of the road "National Motorcycle Museum, turn left." It didn't have to ask me twice. The turn was literally a few feet later so I slammed on the brakes and railed our campervan into a tight left corner with the tyres squealing, much to Mel's surprise. Mel: Why did you do that? Ben: Because there was a sign for the National Motorcycle Museum. Mel: Seriously? Ben: (with gusto) You got it, mate! Mel: Sigh. What are...

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Jan 17, 2007 - Newcastle

Our final stop on our way back to Sydney was Newcastle. We arrived around 10ish at night and had to leave around 10ish the next morning, so it was only really a place to sleep. However the hostel was really nice and the town had a good feel to it, so it would have been good to check it out properley, but we had to get back for the flight to New Zealand the next day. So we jumped back on teh greyhound for the final time, with nightmares of films played by the drivers such as Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights still keeping me awake at night...

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Sep 23, 2006 - Mooloolaba to Home

While waiting for the weather at Mooloolaba, we met some interesting men on the little catamaran Luma Luma. It was a makeshift thing, totally exposed to the elements as it was. They had sailed her all the way from Coffs Harbour. It was such a wet ride, they wore wetsuits! They certainly had the pioneering spirit, and John and I will never forget them. When we eventually left Mooloolaba, heading for Yamba Iluka, we had been through that many rain squalls during the night that we'd lost count. We'd also been dodging container ships and had...

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Jul 14, 2006 - Terrigal

We drove for a short while and got to a picturesque little town called Terrigal. Once again we could park up right on the beach front. That night there was a wedding nearby so we were treated to fireworks whilst eating spag bol in the back of our van, eventhough it did pour down all night! We also learnt never to park on a hill again, as it doesnt bide well with slippery sleeping bags!!

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May 3, 2006 - New Zealand to Sydney Airport

What a long day that was !!! After having dinner and drinks with my friend Mike, I managed to get only 4 hours asleep before I had to be up at 2:30am to catch the 3am shuttle to the Auckland airport. My flight was at 5:25am and was 3 hours 40 minutes to Sydney. I actually didnt sleep at all, I watched a movie! I got into Sydney at 7am Sydney time (they are 2 hours behind NZ) and had to wait until 3:45 for my flight to Singapore!!! I had my bags so I couldnt even sleep. Then it was time for the flight to Singapore. I will write about that in...

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Apr 11, 2006 - Sydney Manly

hallo zusammen ich verbrachte mit sandra, thomas, helmut und shine fast eine woche in manly. es war fast wie zu hause. wir fuehlten uns alle puddelwohl und hatten eine gute zeit zusammen. dann mussten wir uns leider von sandra und helmut verabschieden, die beiden flogen am selben tag nach hause. sandra flog dann direkt in die schweiz und helmut bliebt noch 3 tage in kuala lumpur. der abschied fiel uns allen ein wenig schwer. so blieben noch thomas, shine und ich uebrig. 2 tage spaeter hiess es auch fuer mich abschied nehmen, denn ich flog...

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Feb 10, 2006 - The Toon!!! (Newcastle!!)

Caught my first Greyhound bus service, pretty efficient: - have to be there 30 mins before departure, you are given a boarding card, luggage label and seat number! Arrived in Newcastle 5pm ...first impressions pretty small and v industrial from a distance. Got to my hostel where i quickly realised 90% of the people staying there were 18 year old American students going to Newcastle Uni!! I walked down to the front...the beaches were pretty amazing - full of surfers, and boy racers who felt obligated to whistle and beep their horn from their...

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Jan 13, 2006 - Sydney Take 4 - Jan 13th - February 18th

First thing to note is that I've added pictures to the last 3 entries so sorry guys but you'll have to go back into them if you want to see some embarassing pics of all of us. Ta & have fab weekends, Lou xxxx Our last month in Sydney without the boys was spent with me working and T-bag playing playstation which he will admit that he enjoyed just a fraction:) We managed during this time to take full advantage of every free Sydney Festival event over this period! We went to the outdoor cinema showing of Madagascar (i know were big kids) in...

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Dec 27, 2005 - OZ - Making our way north to Merimbula

Jonas' Log: Merimbula was about a 5 hour drive from Melbourne and turned out to be a really nice place to stop. First of all, we found "the best donuts in OZ" on the way up the coast. Nevermind the fact it was like 102 degrees, there's always room for piping hot donuts and a cup of coffee (: After arriving in Merimbula we were given the location of where the "locals" hang out, besides bouncing all over the local golf course, they like to hang out at the park next to the beach! We were a little timid at first, not getting too close. I...

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