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Apr 30, 2016 - Day 13/14

Day 13 Took photo of the car in N.S.W and the camper in Vic. into Eden and at Merimbula oysters were $6 for 1 dozen. Tathra is on the coast, and then we stopped at Bega Cheese. The tourist building was great to look around as it had all the old machinery, carts, and milk separators and a co-op section with items made by the locals, Getting sick of forests or rolling hills with just grass. All the towns along the way have been interesting , clean and pretty. Had a rest stop at Quaama on the freeway up and all these have toilets and tables...

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Dec 27, 2008 - Another chance to head to the beach

Andrew and i headed off on the bikes in hte hope of being able to snorkel. We tried Blenheim beach which was too windy so we headed for Greenfields beach. Unfortunately we cfound the sea was also being chopped upp byy the sea so we just did plan B and chilled on the beach. Not for long though as big dark clouds gathered behing us so it was time to make an executive decision and leg it back to the house. Thankfully we did as what seemed like a bit of a monsoonal rainfall hit along with the unwelcome addition of thunder and lightning....

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Dec 26, 2008 - Boxing Day Delights

The morning after the night before began with a brusque walk down on the beaches early in the morning. What a great way to start the day:) Feeling good, I headed back to house to eat some more of the magnificent food which had been served up all the time since arriving at my friend Shona's in-laws.Shona and her Mother-in-law, Margaret, are absolute demons in the kitchen much to the delight of yours truly. Not keeping still for a minute, Steve and I headed to the table tennis table after lunch. There he treated me to a real lesson. Never...

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Dec 25, 2008 - Christmas Day Aussie style

Was greeted with sunshine on Christmas morning so it was straight out on the balcony for BTT. A nice touch was to be served some champers while I lay sunbathing. Christmas in Oz was certainly living up to the vision I had of it when I booked up my flights to come back. After the presents had been opened it was time for Christmas lunch and yes the Aussies do have turkey except of course it is cooked on the barbie:) Suitably stuffed (oh dear!) we all headed for the beach for a relaxing walk in the afternoon sunshine. Doesn't get much...

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Oct 23, 2008 - Cold weather and then south!

Tuesday 21st Oct – should never have mentioned the weather in my last entry and the fact I was only wearing shorts and t-shirt. To go into town (Katoomba) this morning I was wearing 4 layers of clothes and a hat!! Not only that, we had the headlights on so as to drive through the thick low lying clouds. Talk about an abrupt weather change!! Spent most of the day either reading or watching duck families walk across the lawn in front of the cottage we are staying in. According to which news channel we watched it was the coldest October day in...

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Mar 6, 2008 - The Discovery Trail in Durras North and the famous Jervis Bay

טוב, מי שהולך לישון עם קנגרואים לא מתפלא כשהוא מתעורר איתם...וממש לא רחוק מהקרוואן שלנו משפחה של קנגרואים התעוררה גם היא והייתה שקועה בעיסוקי הבוקר שלה. מה שנחמד הוא שניתן לעבור או לעמוד ממש קרוב אליהם והם ממש לא מתרגשים מהעניין. ובכן לאחר התארגנות הבוקר הרגילה, החלטנו לאמץ את הצעת בעלי הפארק ולצאת לטיול קצר ביער הגשם שגם פוגש את אגם דוראס שהם מאוד גאים בו. למסלול קוראים "מסלול הגילוי" ומה שמאפיין אותו הוא מעבר בין שלושה סוגי יערות, יער גשם רטוב, יער גשם יבש ויער סוב טרופי. בין היבש לרטוב ראינו את ההבדל, בשלישי כבר לא הרגשנו בהבדל. בכל אופן...

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