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Aug 29, 2012 - Goulburn to Windsor

DAY 6 GOULBURN TO WINDSOR 14C 9:30 -> 21C by 12:53 Weather finally heating up; returned to our caravan park out by the Hawkesbury river, view still amazing however caravan park is very run down; waterfront cabin still worth staying in oh well at least the washing machine is free :) As we start to set up we get Joshie out of the car in barefeet, he starts to whine a little and it is a few minutes before we realise why.....it turns out he's not use to the feel of walking on green grass, we empathise and look at each other with a smile, oh we...

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May 1, 2012 - Day 55 UPDATE NOTES

Hi All, Well the Murray River has been followed as far as we can so we have seen her from near the mouth to the headwaters. As we travelled we saw her get smaller in both depth and width but we have seen her flowing which in itself is a thrill as quite often in times of drought she does not flow and the tourist paddle steamers just cannot get through. We saw her with full flow and no floods apart from floodplains being wet. She is a mighty river and provides irrigation water for huge tracts of land otherwise probably now very...

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Jan 17, 2011 - Goulburn cont.

14TH January. There isn’t a lot in Goulburn (it is very spread out ) considering it is Australia’s first inland city, there are old buildings but most look like a coat of paint and a reno job would be in order. The central park is nice with a big rotunda beautiful trees and flower beds, but there isn’t much in the way of Tourist sites, apart from the War museum and lookout which is very impressive, I actually (with Wayne of course) climbed to the top of the lookout memorial, we drove out of town to see the big marino, it truly is huge, we...

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Jan 13, 2011 - Goulburn NSW

Entries from Batemans Bay to Nowra will be entered at a later date. Unfortunately my laptop has shat itself and is away being repaired, this could take up to a months, so I am having to use the old laptop, which is Vista and isn’t compatible with Windows 7 so all the entries I was about to put in my Trip Journal, are in the other format. 13th January. We left Nowra this morning, it was really weird, after paying for a week we extended for another three days, but when we checked out we weren’t charged for the last three days, we don’t know...

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Mar 25, 2010 - Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves (Mar. 6 & 7)

March 7 Marianne: After hanging around Sydney for 2 extra days, we finally took off in our new vehicle. It was a long slow exit from town. First the car was not ready when promised (natch), and then we had to brave the urban traffic gauntlet. For miles and hours we crept thru clogged streets, before finally gaining the highway. If you are not rich enough to live in one of those swanky houses on the harbor in the city, Sydney may not be such a pleasant place to deal with. Steve: I know that endless suburban freeways are supposed to be...

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Nov 27, 2005 - Sydney to Goulburn

An early start this morning! We had to meet the group at the Oz Experience office at 7am. Our group only had eleven in it - a couple from Ireland, a couple from the states, a girl from Holland and two girls from England. We got on the bus and our guide Phil told us a bit about what we would be doing over the next 4 days and explained that the rain on the first day was a good thing as we spent most of it travelling!! Our first stop was in a little town called Goulburn for pure comedy value. In the town the sheep is the main source of income...

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Mar 7, 2004 - Outback roadtrip

On the way back to Sydney we picked up Denis' mum (Olga) from her friend's (Sally) near Yass. Sally lives well off the main road down dirt tracks, over small bridges and up a hill past a termite mound in a eucalypt glade. We were treated to dinner and a tour of her 300 acre farm before setting off back. Denis got caught in a thunder storm whilst opening a gate and got soaked. We stay back at Uncle Dave's tonight and head up to wine country tomorrow. Soaked solid.

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