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Mar 12, 2020 - at Evans Head

Thu Mar 12 - Day 18 Jan wants to re-cook the lemon butter a bit more to try to get it to thicken more - and then she’s put on a piece of silverside to cook (in the Dreampot during the day) so that’s what we’ll have for dinner tonight. All morning it has rained on and off - no incentive to get to the beach. Late morning we went for a drive to go to Razorback Lookout which is high above the south breakwater wall. Didn’t spend much time there as the squalls chased us back inside the car. On to the carpark at Shark Bay and then the carpark...

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Mar 11, 2020 - at Evans Head

Wed Mar 11 - Day 17 First up today Jan put a load of washing on - and as soon as it was under way we had a rain shower come over. Never mind, it will dry eventually under the awning. Which it did, because a strong wind blew up after the shower and kept up all day - so we did another load and got all the washing up to date. After lunch it was time to walk the entire Evans Head shopping centre - 20mins later it was all done and time to head home. Exciting!!!! Actually what was even more exciting was when Ron tipped over a cup of coffee into...

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Mar 10, 2020 - Grafton to Evans Head

Tue Mar 10 - Day 16 On the move again for a 1hr 45min drive. But why does the GPS on my iPhone want me to go via Casino for 2 and qtr hrs? I ignored it initially until we were on the Highway again when I pulled over and tried again unsuccessfully to get it to give me a route straight up the highway. I can only assume that it (Apple Maps) considered the road cut and impassable because of all the work being done on the highway in bits and pieces. We arrived at Evans Head ‘Reflections’ park at about 12:10 and took our time settling in before...

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Apr 9, 2013 - Evans Head

April 9 - 10 Arrived at Evans Head around 2pm, and set up in the Silver Sands Caravan Park beside Evans Head River. The river was quite brown due to all the rain they have been having of late. The surf beach was just a 5 min walk from our van, to the north of the break wall at the river mouth. We had a couple of nice paddles up the river and Davo had a couple of surfs. We caught a few fish but all a bit small to keep. The town was bigger than we expected and quite modern. Not a sleepy fishing village. The view from the lookout was superb....

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Davo and Cazza 2013

Jul 25, 2009 - Day 5 - Dorrigo to Evans Head – “A few scratches”

Hi everyone, it’s me, Aaron. In honour of my first birthday Daddy has let me write today’s update. As you can see my typing skills are better developed than my vocal skills. The day started as normal. I woke everyone up before the sun came up. Boy they must love me for how reliably I can do that. They zip me in a cage, they call a ‘port-a-cot’ each night so this is some kind of revenge. Mummy and Daddy had something called bacon and eggs for breakfast. Me, the same old weet-bix and toast….some birthday so far. Daddy started the driving but...

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