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Dec 7, 2008 - une nouvelle halte a Tolhuin

Desolé d'avoir tenu un silence si long...voici la suite: Nous partons d'Ushuaia sous la pluie. Nous arrivons a Tolhuin dans le meme camping ou l'on s'était arretés en venant. Nous pensions partir et continuer la route le lendemain mais finalement nous passons une deuxieme nuit. C'est que dans ce camping, on s'y plait. Il y a nous et un autre couple Basque. Et Roberto. Roberto c'est le proprietaire du camping. Il l'a construit de ses propres mains. C'est un grand homme parmi les Hommes. Avec lui on ne s'ennuie jamais; toujours une histoire,...

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Nov 29, 2008 - 700Km de stop

Nous partons ce matin de Piedrabuena. Le 1er camion qui passe nous emmene.Par chance, il n'a pas de remorque et en plus il est pressé, ce qui fait que la route est plus rapide que d'habitude. Nous restons avec lui 12h, sur plus de 700km en passant par le morceau du Chili qui nous sépare de la Terre de Feu. Jusqu'a arrivés dans cette derniere, tout le paysage n'est que steppes derestes et sec, exposé au vent continu et parsemé de nombreux guanacos dont on se demande ce qu'ils mangent...! Andrés, le chauffeur, nous laisse à la ville de Rio...

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Dec 4, 2007 - Tolhuin: Tranquil times in Tolhuin

It's quiet, it's calm and there's no tourists, now we can relax the Tolhuin way Now that our destinies are fixed we decide to escape from Ushuaia for a few days mainly as a change of scenery and to spend our last few days together somewhere nice. We seemed to have timed our exit correctly as it ended up raining the whole morning. Heading down the street to the bus station I had such great surprise to bump into Sarah and Leah, my Californian friends that I'd last seen when we spent 12 days cruising down the jungle rivers from Ecuador to...

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EZ Duz it!

Nov 29, 2007 - Chile (Torres del Paine), Argentina (Tolhuin ie just before Ushuaia)

Saw Torres del Paine in Chile (which is also the origin of the Globebusters logo), stayed at another estancia (more sheep to eat and celebrated 4 birthdays (a lovely presentation of naff gifts)), crossed into Terra del Fuego (Land of fire) and stopped short of Ushuaia for the triumphant entrance tomorrow. So, am I supposed to be happy because the journey is nearly complete or sad because it is nearly over? Anyway ...

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Feb 8, 2006 - Estancia Harberton & Laguna de Esmeralda

Today Danny got his first taste of driving on the wrong side of the road. With Jack Johnson pumping from the stereo we headed out of town on Route 3 through some pretty spectacular scenery. Snow capped peaks, sparkling lakes, dark forests. After 30ks or so we left the tarmac and put our two-month old Ford Ka through it's paces on the RCJ. A dirt track which would take us the 50ks to Estancia Harberton, the oldest homestead in the province. The low buildings hunker down on a sheltered spot on the peninsular of the Beagle Channel. Today we...

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Jan 3, 2006 - Argentina - Ushuaia - Fab 4 Breakup Blues

Our return to Ushuaia meant not only the end of the Antarctica trip, but also the break up of the "Fab 4" friendship. Each of us had different Ushuaia exit strategies, but before our respective departures we made the most of our remaining time together. On the day we got off the ship, we discovered some "Captain Beagle" paper masks in the tourist office. I'm sure they were meant as a freebie for kids, but we had a great time wearing them around town! Gordie, the first to leave Ushuaia, caught a plane further north to the Argentine Atlantic...

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Dec 2, 2004 - Estancia Rolito

Back through the road-works, over Paso Garibaldi, past Tolhuin and Lago Fagnano, soon we reached the side turning down another dust track heading for Estancia Rolito. We arrived around 4pm as planned. As we drove up the track to the main house, we were surrounded by open fields of lush green grass laid out over rolling hills, lenga trees dotted here and there, and a forest of lenga trees behind us, the sheep sheering shed off to our right and shepherds houses dotted about on our left. Ahead of us, the Estancia itself... We pulled up beside...

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Nov 28, 2004 - Tolhuin - Paradise found!

Day 1 From Porvenir, we continued along the west coast of Chilean Tierra Del Fuego, and around Bahia Inutil. The coastline was more rugged and lush than further north with estancias dotted sparingly around the countryside and flame red Chilean Firebushes punctuated the rolling hills either side of road and around field boundaries. Further on, the road seemed to pass through a military practise area with tanks on the hillside and personnel firing mortars. Quite bizarre! Eventually arrived at Onaisin and nosied around but nothing going on...

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