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Sep 17, 2006 - Bottom of the World!!!! Ushuaia, Argentina

If Patagonia is the place of dreams, then Ushuaia is the best part of the REM sleep. Patagonia has mountains, steppe, plains, valleys, skiing, snow shoeing, fishing, pretty much anything you could ever want on an outdoor vacation. Ushuaia is the heart of this. We spent a day in beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park. Snow covered pristine, crystal lakes are just shedding their winter ice. Streams roar through the woods with the spring melt. Rabbits and other little mammals are out hoping around, looking at what the spring has started to...

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Dec 16, 2005 - Antarctica - Spirit of Shackleton, The Beginning

"MEN WANTED FOR HAZARDOUS JOURNEY. SMALL WAGES, BITTER COLD, LONG MONTHS OF COMPLETE DARKNESS, CONSTANT DANGER, SAFE RETURN DOUBTFUL. HONOUR AND RECOGNITION IN CASE OF SUCCESS." In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton was looking for crew for his upcoming Trans-Antarctica Expedition. His intention was to cross the Antarctic continent from one coast to the other via the South Pole, a journey of 1,500 miles in an estimated 100 days. Shackleton received over 5,000 responses to the above advertisement (which nicely confirms my theory that most men are...

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