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May 5, 2006 - Rosario

Departed BA for Rosario yesterday morning and mnuch relieved to be out of the polution that was the biggest downfall of BA. Fantastic place to visit but gas mask would not have been out of place. In contrast Rosario is delightful ....much less traffic and the same quality of architecture of years gone by. The drive was spectacular and very exciting with the idea of whats yet to come. The Hilux performs well and the wide open roads are great apart from the local road users ...enough said! Welcome dinner last night and about to be...

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Apr 21, 2006 - Rosario, Argentina

Carmin and I left Buenos Aires Friday evening and got into Rosario around midnight. We went straight to Flaco's apartment, who is one of the Argentine guys we met while camping in El Bolson way back in January. Remember that story? Well this whole visit to Rosario in general was a way to visit with this awesome crew of friends again and see a more personal side of things down here after a very long stretch of the backpacker lifestyle. Carmin and I had gotten back in touch with these guys, and since we were so close to Rosario and heading...

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Oct 24, 2005 - Rosario

Rosario was my first dabble in solo travel in South America. When I arrived on Sunday I was the only one in the hostel and it was raining so hard that it made it impossible to leave the room. The following day was more of the same, cold and wet. Considering how borderline sick I am most of the time, I decided to take it easy and see and movie, especially because museums are closed on Mondays. My time alone inevitably led me to a lot of thinking and I felt a bit awkward and self conscious at times. The next day I quickly got over the...

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Sam Guevara '05-'06

Aug 20, 2005 - Resistencia & Rosario 27.-29.7.2005

Argentiinaan saapuessamme ajankohta valaiden bongailuun oli liian aikainen, joten Paraguaysta halusimme palata Patagoniaan sita varten. Koska matka oli niin pitka, paatimme pysahtya matkan varrella pikavisiiteille Resistencian ja Rosarion kaupunkeihin. Resistencia on patsaiden kaupunki. Sen kaduilta loytyy yli 400 kpl mita erilaisinta patsasta, joista kaikkein legendaarisin kuvaa koiraa. Kulkukoira "Fernando" oli kokonaisen korttelin tuntema ja rakastama koira, josta pidettiin yhdessa huolta. Talla tavoin siita muodostui kaupungin...

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May 17, 2005 - Rosario

ENGLISH TEXT BELOW Rosario, 3e ville du pays de plus ou moins 1 million d'habitants, est une ville balneaire pour ses plages le long du fleuve et il y fait un climat subtropical en ete. Ce n'est plus tres balneaire en ce moment etant donne qu'il y fait 16 degres... Comme j`avais de nouveau pris des contacts tres tardifs avec des membres locaux d'Hospitality Club, j`ai loge la nuit passee dans le plus vieil hotel de la ville, le Savoy. Apres le Reina Victoria de Valparaiso et celui-ci, je vais arreter avec les hotels de caractere car je...

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Feb 28, 2005 - Rosario

Wow! So another overnight bus journey (which, incidentally, was wholly unpleasant as i was sitting beside a small but rather smelly child who coughed constantly and fell asleep on me repeatedly) and we arrived in Rosario. This is probably the nicest place we've been to. There's an extremely impressive statue here which is on the back of all the 10 Argentinian peso bank notes. There seems to be some opinion that this statue is unnecessary and overzealous nationalism but I thought it was really good! Its a bit like the big pillar that...

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