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Mar 8, 2013 - Adventurous drive to Los Antiguos

We have been in some very remote places. At last I have wifi. Sorry for the wait! Adventurous drive to Los Antiguos along Chacabuco Valley through Roballos international pass into Argentina. It was a desolate, rough and high ripio road .The frontier crossing was remote with only 4 cars per day going through. The uniformed and armed border police on the Chilean side were far more officious than the young Argentinian lads, one in track pants! In Los Antiguos we met up socially with Guido our guide from 2011. Being International women’s day we...

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Dec 11, 2010 - Los Antiguos via Comodo Rivadavia, Caleta Olivia, & Perito Moreno

Bus thru Caleta Olivia to Comodo Rivadavia left 45 min late at 9:45 but arr in C.R. on time at 3. We paid extra to go directo as we'd have a better chance at getting a bus out/onward to Perito Moreno today. Our timeframe is getting a little tight to accomplish our plan to enter Chile and circle around and back to Los Antiguos by eve of 15th to catch the every-other-day bus on to El Chalten. This part of Patagonia steppe/plateau is just windy/flat and full of sage brush-like low bushes...guanaco, rhea, mara, and queis (mouse-like lemming)...

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Dec 15, 2008 - Cueva de las Manos

En partant de El Chalten , tot le matin, nous ne savions pas à quoi nous attendre, car d'autres autostopeurs nous ont dit hier qu'ils avaient attendu une journée et plus sans etre pris. Biensur, nous n'avons pas l'intension d'attendre aussi longtemps. 2h10 aprés, c'est un couple d'allemands que nous avions déjà vu à Ushuaia qui nous emmènent jusqu'au croisement avec la mythique route 40. Et la c'est plus dur: très peu de voitures, genre une tout les 20-25 minutes et un vent continu à presque nous jeter par terre. 2h d'attente dans ce...

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Dec 17, 2007 - Los Antiguos

Da es wie mit dem Flug, wie schon geschrieben, nicht geklappt habt, fuhren wir die nächsten 12 Stunden mit dem Bus über die legendäre "Ruta 40". Genau, das ist die, auf welcher schon Ernesto "Che" Guevera mit dem Motorrad entlang fuhr (unbedingt den Film anschauen: "Diarios de motocicleta"). Auf diesen rund 700 km Schotterpiste begegneten wir vielleicht 10 Autos, gleich vielen Nandus, etwas mehr Guanakos und einem Gürteltier (was man nicht alles so so sieht aus einem Bus...). Ansonsten viele Hügel und ein paar vertrocknete Büsche ;-).

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Mar 22, 2006 - Capilla de Marmol and the end of the Carretara Austral (for us)

After leaving the big city of Coyaique, we stayed in two small villages, Villa Cerro Castillo and Puerto Rio Tranquilo, population 500 each. If we thought we were in small villages before, these towns redefine that premise. And the first thing you do upon arrival is make sure you know when the next bus out of town is, because it is likely there is only one per day at most! Villa Cerro Castillo is at the base of Cerro Castillo (as the name implies) and a day hike through the valley along the base afforded beautiful views of the mountain...

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